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Revamp Your Ride on a Budget – Discover Top Car Accessories Under 500 at Carorbis

At Carorbis, we believe that affordability and high quality go hand in hand. That is why we have curated the best car accessories under 500, handpicked products that offer exceptional value for money.

From car headlights and lubricants to air fresheners and interior accessories, Carorbis offers a wide range of economical accessories that are sure to give you the ultimate driving pleasure.

Start browsing Carorbis today, and find out how you can enhance your drive at unbeatable prices!

Top 10 Car Accessories Under 500 in India

Carorbis offers some of the best value-for-money car accessories on the market, products that will improve your comfort, add convenience and provide a smooth driving experience. Here are some of the Top 10 car accessories under Rs.500 that you should have in your car.

  1. Potauto Headlight

    These affordable and wallet-friendly headlight bulbs provide exceptional visibility in low light conditions and are durable when it comes to withstanding pressure and thermal shocks. Potauto is known for reliable, high-quality automotive products, with prices that ensure you get the best value for your money. These universal-fit headlight bulbs cost just Rs.189 and are suitable for various vehicle models.
  2. Bosch Gear Oil

    An effective lubrication product for your vehicle which will maximise engine protection and save you from expensive repairs. This pocket-friendly product is priced at Rs.249 and is designed for heavy-duty usage, prolonging the lifespan of your vehicle. Bosch gear oil prevents wear and tear in gear systems due to special additives that enhance film lubrication and enable easy distribution on the gear surface. Enhance your vehicle's performance on a budget.
  3. Bosch High-Performance Wiper Blade

    Enjoy clean and clear visibility with Bosch Wiper Blades at discount prices. When you are looking for the best car accessories below 500, choose Bosch Wiper blades which offer world-class technology and exceptional performance. These blades feature a graphite coating for smooth wiping action and a quick-clip adapter for convenient installation. Bosh Wiper blades are priced at only Rs.360 and are suitable for a wide range of vehicles in the Indian market.
  4. Michelin Organic Vanilla Air Freshener

    Refresh your interiors with cheap yet high-quality car accessories below 500 in India. Michelin Air Fresheners offer effective fragrance control in a unique sports tyre design to match your cabin. Costing just Rs.375, this is an economical addition to your car. Now you can enjoy a stress-free drive with a refreshing vanilla scent.
  5. Michelin Shampoo and Wax

    Offering a range of benefits to enhance your auto detailing and car care routine in a cost-effective way. Michelin car wash shampoo and wax removes dirt and residue, restoring the finish of your paint. It leaves a long-lasting shine with wax protection for that showroom finish. This value-for-money product is priced at Rs.400 making it one of the best budget car accessories under 500 in India. The shampoo also has a refreshing orange scent which leaves you with a pleasant feeling after a good car wash.
  6. Jelly Belly Bubble Gum Air Freshener

    A unique interior car accessory which gives your cabin a delightful fruity fragrance, guaranteed to uplift your mood. These cute car accessories under 500 in India let you enjoy candy-scented fragrances while you are navigating crowded traffic or maybe cruising down the highway. Who says that a pleasant and soothing atmosphere should cost you big bucks? Jelly Belly Air Fresheners are priced at only Rs.250 and are ideal for all types of cars, SUVs, commercial vehicles, homes and offices. Experience the freshness and eliminate odours at a pocket-friendly price tag.
  7. Involve Car Dustbin

    Are you looking for a clutter-free interior? Buy this affordable car trash can from Involve at an economical price of Rs.179. This versatile car accessory under Rs.500 is designed to collect trash, paper, wrappers, empty bottles, tissues, and any unwanted items in your car. It is a practical and reasonably priced product that every car should have. The perfect solution to keep your interiors neat and tidy. Order this affordable interior car accessory and experience cleanliness and convenience like never before.
  8. Involve Tyre Repair Kit

    Getting a flat tyre can be really frustrating, especially when you don’t have a spare on board. Lucky for you, there is an economical solution that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Get this tyre puncture repair kit for only Rs.449, one of the best budget car accessories under 500. This kit contains everything you need to fix a puncture and get on the road as fast as possible. No need to call for professional help when you have a convenient and affordable product to get the job done. It kit includes self-vulcanization plugs, rubber tube solution, pliers and T-handle tools, as well as a compact storage pouch.
  9. Wavex Dashboard Shiner and Polisher

    Bring your interiors back to their original condition with this amazing dashboard cleaner. The package includes a foam applicator to apply the solution on varied surfaces, along with a microfibre cloth to wipe excess residue. Restore your dashboard, centre console, plastic trim, doors and vinyl materials to brand new condition with Wavex Dashboard Polisher. Priced at Rs.354, this handy car care accessory under Rs.500 has special formulations and compounds that protect against all weather conditions, keeping your cabin clean and neat.
  10. Elegant Travel Pillow

    This super comfortable car accessory is available at a super low price of Rs.415, giving you the best neck and back support while you drive. It is made from premium velvet material to give you a relaxing feeling in the driver’s seat. The ergonomic construction provides a cosy and gentle feel so you can maintain proper posture and enjoy optimal support and comfort. This ultra-soft and luxurious neck pillow is one of the bestselling car accessories under 500.

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