Security Policy

In our bid to offer you a seamless and secure e-commerce ecosystem, Carorbis deploys state of the art security infrastructure at every step of the customer journey.

Here are the elaborated measures we undertake here at Carorbis for a hassle-free and safe online shopping experience:


SSL, as it is widely known is the ‘security perimeter’ that encloses our ecosystem for utmost protection from any kind of cyber threat. Here are the four fundamental parameters of SSL:


The SSL framework deployed runs down all the authentication checks before passing any information to a user.


Every data point is secured with end-to-end encryption that can only be accessed by authorized users.


Every piece of information remains intact and unaltered during the course of its transmission over a specific network.


This aspect of SSL is more about accountability. It ensures that if the sender/receiver has sent/received a message or a transaction, they cannot refrain from it in any case.

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