About Us

Carorbis is an Indian start-up which is born to bring justice to the Indian automobile marketplace by making premium auto parts and accessories more accessible to the Indians. With the widest and finest range of automotive products from around the world, Carobis is your one-stop destination for all car and bike needs.

Established in 2019, Carorbis has a quickly growing and ever-expanding national customer fanbase that enjoys doorstep delivery of authentic auto products at the most budget-friendly price range. No matter if you’re a petrolhead, a detailing enthusiast, or just someone who loves to adore his vehicle with the latest accessories, the comprehensive collection at Carorbis.com has something to offer to everyone

We share the same passion for vehicles as you do. Our aim is to provide you with the best products alongwith exceptional service.

Our Story

Transforming the Indian Automobile Marketplace

According to Amitabh Kant, the chief executive of Niti Ayog, India has about 22 cars per 1000 individuals while this number is 980 and 850 per 1000 individuals in the US and UK, respectively. While there are numerous reasons for this, the inaccessibility of authentic and premium automobile aftermarket products for a large part of the Indian population is a significant part of the problem. Carorbis acknowledges this gap and strives to fill it by putting together a comprehensive and as vast as possible collection of high-quality automobile products, all at one place.

Why we do what we do

At Carorbis, we believe that our cars and bikes deserve better than what the current Indian automobile marketplace has to offer. A more accessible way where customers receive products that add value to their lives. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help make premium auto products accessible to each and everyone around the Indian nation.

Get to know our founder, Rishab

During his graduation in England, Rishab Jain, our founder, realised that the automotive aftermarket ecosystem in England was far more mature than that here in India. With his ardent love for automobiles and a strong desire for bringing a change, Rishab built on the idea of creating a platform that simplifies shopping for authentic auto parts and accessories online and his brainchild was Carobis.com. Since then, Carorbis has only expanded its diverse collection of top-notch products from the best global brands around the world.

A few reasons to count on us

Affordable Prices

We aim to provide you the highest quality products at the lowest prices available.

Extensive Selection

We offer over 10,000 parts and accessories from hundreds of trusted brands.

100% Genuine

All sellers are certified distributors, importers of the brands. So you are guaranteed to always receive a genuine product.

Superior Support

We try to make sure your purchase is seamless & incase you face any issues, our support experts will be there to assist you, always.