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Carorbis is your ultimate source for high-quality car and bike products from premium automotive brands. And when it comes to engine oil, Carorbis is committed to offering the best products at affordable prices so that you can enjoy high performance from your vehicle while caring and protecting for it. If you are shopping for 20W 50 engine, then you are at the right place. You can buy high-performance 20W 50 engine oil that is suitable for a wide range of cars, motorcycles, SUVs and heavy vehicles. Choose Carorbis for excellence in automotive care, repair and maintenance and start your journey towards a smoother ride.

What is 20w 50 Engine Oil?

20W 50 engine oil is a viscosity grade that is used in cars, SUVs, two-wheelers and light trucks. 20W indicates the engine oil viscosity in low temperatures, providing good lubrication during a cold start-up, while 50 represents the high-temperature viscosity when the engine is running under normal conditions. It is a multi-grade oil that adapts to varying driving and climate conditions, having high lubrication, optimal flow and superior protection for moving components within the engine. Whether you are riding a motorcycle or driving a car, understanding the key features and benefits of 20W 50 engine oil will help you decide if it is the right product for your vehicle.

  1. Multigrade Formula:

    20w50 engine oil specification is suitable for a wide range of operating temperatures. It can be used in cars and bikes that are driven in diverse climates and operating conditions.
  2. Temperature Stability:

    This grade of engine oil provides effective lubrication at both high and low temperatures due to its good thermal stability. This adds to its protective properties and efficient characteristics.
  3. Versatile:

    You can use 20w 50 engine oil for bikes and cars making it a convenient choice for a variety of engine types.
  4. Anti-Wear:

    The best 20W 50 engine oil brands have advanced additives to safeguard against wear and tear, promoting long engine life and high reliability.
  5. Cleans the Engine:

    The oil contains special detergents that remove carbon deposits in combustion chambers and prevent the buildup of sludge in oil galleries. The result is smooth engine operation with high efficiency.
  6. Consistent Performance:

    You can rely on 20w 50 engine oil for cars and bikes for high performance even under stressful conditions, heavy loads and extreme stress. The high shear stability is critical for consistent engine performance.
  7. Affordability:

    20w 50 engine oil price starts from Rs.320 for 1 Litre, making it a cost-effective choice for engine maintenance, superior protection of mechanical components and improved fuel economy.
  8. Improved Mileage:

    You can expect high fuel economy due to the efficient lubrication and heat dissipation properties of 20W 50 engine oil. This leads to high gains in efficiency and prevents the engine from overheating and consuming too much fuel.

When Do I Change My Engine Oil?

Knowing when to change your vehicle’s engine oil is crucial for maintaining peak performance and ensuring long life for engine components. Look for these indicators that could mean an oil change is due.

  1. Check Oil Level:

    Modern cars have an instrument cluster warning that tells you when your engine oil is low or if a service is due. But you can check the dipstick to determine if your oil is at the optimum level. If the engine oil level is too low, it may be a sign of an oil leak or excessive oil consumption. In both cases, the engine can undergo damage if the oil is not topped up on time.
  2. Inspect Oil Colour:

    Fresh oil is usually golden or amber in colour. As oil undergoes oxidation over time, it will turn darker and have suspended particles in it. If you notice a change in the engine oil colour or viscosity, it could be time for an oil change.
  3. Follow Service Manual Instructions:

    Refer to your vehicle service manual for the recommended oil change schedule. It will give you an approximate idea of when an oil change is due.
  4. Excessive Noise:

    If your engine is knocking heavily and vibrating while you drive, it could be an indicator that engine oil is not lubricating the moving parts efficiently. Fresh engine oil will help reduce friction, noise and vibrations.
  5. Drop in Fuel Economy:

    A decrease in mileage could be related to your engine oil needing a change. Clean oil can reduce the load on the engine and consume less fuel in the process.
  6. Inspect the Vehicle for Oil Leaks:

    Check the area under a parked car for signs of oil leaks, puddles or spots under the engine area. If you notice a leak, have it repaired immediately and change the engine oil as it could have been exposed to the elements.

Most modern cars can run around 10,000 km before they need an oil change. Some cars have shorter service intervals of around 6,000 km, but it is always a good idea to take advice from a certified service centre on your vehicle engine oil change interval. Using synthetic engine oil can increase the lifespan of engine oil, but it also depends on driving conditions, the state of the engine and the operating environment. It is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as a reliable guideline. If you are having engine trouble, park the car in a safe spot and call your service centre for help. Avoid driving a car which you suspect needs an oil change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many km is 20W50?

Ans. Typically engine oil should be changed every 10,000 km. However, specific oil change intervals depend on whether it is synthetic or mineral oil.

Q2. What is 20W50 oil used for?

Ans. 20W50 engine oil is a specific viscosity grade which is suited for a vehicle driven in a wide range of climates from cold weather to hot summers.

Q3. Is 20w50 good for petrol engine?

Ans. Yes, 20W 50 can be used on both petrol and diesel engines. However, check individual product descriptions for your engine compatibility.

Q4. Is 20w50 oil good for high mileage?

Ans. Yes, 20W 50 oil delivers high fuel economy due to its good lubrication properties at a wide operating temperature range.

Q5. Is 20W-50 oil OK for my car?

Ans. Each engine has a specific type of engine oil that is best suited as per the manufacturers' recommendations. Refer to your vehicle service manual to find the correct grade of engine oil to use.

Q6. Is 20W50 oil petrol or diesel?

Ans. 20W50 indicates the temperature range viscosity grade of the engine oil. Although modern engine oil products are suitable for both petrol and diesel engines, check the specific product description for compatibility with your vehicle.