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Carorbis is an online shopping platform that caters to a range of brake system parts like brake discs, brake fluid and brake pads. If you need top-quality, reliable and affordable brake parts, Carorbis is where you will find them. Purchase brake parts for cars and bikes from popular brands such as Bosch, which are known to offer reliable and dependable performance on your vehicle.

Carorbis has 100% original parts so you can be assured of the best, most authentic and trusted products from distributors across the country. Customers have access to a large variety of car brake parts that make for a great purchase. All payment information is encrypted and secure so that your personal details are safe.

Carorbis also offers free shipping for purchases above Rs.500 and a cash-on-delivery service if you don’t prefer online payments. If you are unsatisfied with the product received, just apply for a refund within 10 days of product delivery.

What Kind of Brake Parts Are Used on Cars and Bikes?

The most important brake parts for cars and bikes are brake discs, brake fluid and brake pads. These components provide an efficient braking force that slows a car or bike down from high speed. Brake pads clamp over the brake disc and the friction between these surfaces resists the rotation of the wheel. The brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid that is used to pressurise the braking system. It transfers the force on the brake pedal and amplifies it at the brake pads.

Brake Pads

The brake pad is the part that makes contact with the brake disc when the brake pedal is applied. They should be constructed of high-quality material so that they don’t wear out with constant use. Substandard brake pads are a safety risk because they may fail when you need to slow the vehicle down. Carorbis offers the best quality brake pads from Bosch that are well known to provide years of reliable service.

The different kinds of brake pads available for vehicles are distinguished by the material used in them. High-performance cars require semi-metallic brake pads that can withstand high temperatures and pressure. Because of their maximum stopping power, they need to be replaced more often than other types of brake pads. Other metals used in brake pads include copper and steel which are good for dissipating heat. Metallic brakes tend to be noisy and produce a lot of brake dust, so they are not ideal for all car models.

Some drivers choose brake pads made of rubber, carbon fibre or Kevlar. These brake pads cost more because of the exotic materials used but they last longer and produce less noise. Brake pads can also be made from ceramic materials which have the advantage of having high braking performance while producing less brake dust.

When searching for brake pads on Carorbis online shopping platform, look for products that have high durability. The brake components should not suffer from wear and tear easily because brakes are an important safety feature of a car. Choose car brake parts that can perform in all weather conditions, without sacrificing performance.

Bike brake parts like brake pads tend to generate a lot of heat, so pick products that can bear high temperatures. Lastly, brake parts for bikes should produce low noise in all situations.

Brake Discs

Brake discs are the part that is attached to the wheel hub and rotates along with the tyres. The brake callipers clamp around the brake disc to slow it down by the force of friction.

There are different types of brake discs available such as flat discs, ventilated disc brakes, drilled discs, slotted discs, grooved discs, etc. Use the disc brake that best fits your vehicle as using a disc that has not been designed for the car may result in unstable or unreliable operation.

The brake disc is also known as the disc rotor. When the driver applies pressure on the brake pedal, a master cylinder in the brake system exerts pressure on the brake fluid which forces a slave piston to move. The slave piston works on the brake calliper and brake pad to make contact with the rotating disc brake. The friction between the brake pad and the disc rotor causes it to slow down and stop rotating. This is the basic principle of how a braking system works.

Braking components like brake pads and disc rotors need to be replaced depending on the driving conditions and quality of the components. Brake parts for bikes are usually smaller, lighter and less costly than brake parts for cars. If you have driven over 50,000 km, it is a good idea to check the condition of your brake discs to ensure they are in proper working order.

Signs that your disc brakes need a replacement include excessive noise, burning smell under heavy braking, vibrations in the brake pedal, poor braking performance and visible scratches on the disc surface. When discs wear out, you will have a difficult time stopping the vehicle and there is a high chance of an accident if you keep using worn-out brake parts of a car.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a hydraulic liquid that transfers pressure through the braking system. It transmits the force of the brake pedal so that the brake callipers and brake pads can grip the disc rotor to stop it from rotating.

The brake fluid can withstand high temperatures and pressure from constant brake application. Brake parts for bikes are operated with a hand lever or foot lever and have a reservoir on the handlebar to inspect the level of brake fluid. Some popular brands of brake fluid include Bosch, Shell and Gulfstar. Brake fluid is used in both cars and bikes with hydraulic braking systems. Typically, a can of brake fluid holds 350-500 ml which is sufficient for a replacement. The hydraulic fluid also lubricates moving brake components and protects against rust and corrosion in brake lines.

Brake fluid can easily absorb moisture, so it is important to keep the braking system airtight. Any leaks should be inspected and repaired as soon as they occur to prevent damage to the system and ensure that you always have braking power in your vehicle.

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