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SPORTSTER Coil and Ignition Relocation Kit, This kit contains everything you need to relocate your ignition and coil on a Sportster. It's the complete package that takes care of all mounting, routing, and length-adjusting needs. This kit will enable you to run forward controls or low drag bars with ease. Most importantly, it offers increased clearance for those tall overbore cylinders such as our 96 inches (Turbo) kits without any modifications or hassle! Plus it's manufactured from Chromoly steel which is known for its toughness and ability to take abuse.

The existing location of ignition coils and spark plug wires in Harley Davidson motorcycles like Sportster placed under the fuel tank severely limits the amount of airflow over them for efficient cooling. By moving these parts more freely exposed, they can be kept cooler by improved airflow reducing chances for detonation (knock) and pre-ignition both of which can be damaging to your engine. We also provide a Hi-Performance Coil Upgrade for better performance, long life, and more power. SPORTSTER COIL AND IGNITION RELOCATION KIT is designed with high-quality materials and comes complete with easy-to-following instructions for use.

SPORTSTER COIL AND IGNITION RELOCATION KIT consists of a bracket to relocate the ignition coil and spark plug wires from the front cylinder's position to the rear cylinder's position. This helps in cooling down your Sportster motorcycle engine

By relocating the coil and ignition wires to the rear cylinder position, your Sportster motorcycle engine is subject to increased airflow cooling which will help in increasing its life.


  • Allows for easy forward control installation
  • Ignition relocation kit to work with 96in. Big Bore Cylinders
  • Eliminates poor low speed running on Sportsters (not needed with pivot pegs)
  • Moves coils back and inside fender to allow more room for exhaust pipes
  • Eases installation of all forward controls kits
  • Relocates ignition coil up and away from the rear cylinder jug to reduce heat transfer into the oil tank (shown above)
  • Designed to clear up space to allow installation of pivot pegs for highway use

Why buy SPORTSTER COIL AND IGNITION RELOCATION KIT for motorcycles from Carorbis? You can be assured that you are getting genuine Full Throttle brand products. We are Full Throttle Inc.'s exclusive United States distributor. Every part is tested before it leaves the manufacturer to ensure top-notch quality and performance.

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SPORTSTER Coil and Ignition Relocation Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is Included in the kit?

Ans. The kit contains one left and right bracket, 10 screws, two red coils with pigtails attached to both coils, two rubber grommets, one black ground wire for the coil, eight coil mounts (installation hardware), three zip ties.

Q 2. What do I need to know when buying the kit?

Ans. When installing this kit you will need approximately 3/4 inches of space in-between the gas tank and engine case. This space is needed in order to properly route all wiring inside of the frame rails. Also, it's very important that your battery must sit on its side (on top of the battery box). All relocation kits come with a standard wire which should work for most bikes. If you are calling or emailing us regarding this kit, please make sure that you specify your bike's details (year/make/model) so that we may check if everything will work for your bike.

Q 3. What is the best way to mount my coils?

Ans. We recommend using our rubber grommets for mounting all of our coils onto any bracket. This part reduces vibration giving them a longer life span. It also protects the coil from coming into contact with the frame which can potentially cause a short in-circuit to occur. When installing these grommets, you need to install one on each side of the rubber grommet. There are different types of clips that hold coils together, but if your kit didn't come with any you can purchase some on our website.