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Are the tyres of your motorbike always dirty with debris, and mud, especially in the rainy season? Do your shocks look dull and worn out? Maybe all your rear tyres need is a hug. Purchase 100% original and durable tyre hugger at the best price from


While it is one of the most popular bike accessories , a lot of people still don’t know what is a tyre hugger. A tyre hugger is a metal or metal plastic structure that is fitted on the rear side of your bike. As the name suggests, it hugs the tyre nicely, taking all the dirt and stone attacks on itself and saving the tyres.


A tyre hugger is installed on the rear tyre of your motorbike and serves many purposes:

  1. To Keep Debris Off -

    The primary purpose of a tyre hugger is to provide protection from dust, dirt, mud, stones, gravel, and other debris that the tyre can catch on the roads. Such particles and debris constantly hit the rear of your back, scratching and damaging it, eventually resulting in the premature failure of the seal of the rear shock. A tyre hugger acts like a shield that blocks any harmful materials from hitting your bike tyres.
  2. To Enhance The Appearance -

    Tyre hugger is a great addition if you are looking for bike accessories to enhance the appearance of your bike. Fixing a tyre hugger on the rear of your bike adds an element of elegance to the automobile while also hiding the tyres underneath.
  3. For Easier Cleaning -

    It can be very tricky to clean dirt and mud stuck in the corners of the rear shock. Covering it up with a tyre hugger prevents it from getting dirty. Also, the surface of a tyre hugger is comparatively much easier to clean.

How To Find The Right Tyre Hugger?

With the overwhelming variety of tyre huggers available on the internet, it can be quite confusing to choose the one most fitting and suitable for your motorbike model. Here are a few things you can consider before purchasing a bike tyre hugger in India:

  1. The Right Fit -

    It is important for the tyre hugger to be of the right fit. If not, then the tyre hugger will be as good as useless. This is because instead of keeping mud and stones off from the underside of the tyres, it actually traps them, making the rear more vulnerable to damage. If you are doubtful about the fit of the tyre hugger, you can look for a universal tyre hugger.
  2. The Price -

    Tyre hugger price varies according to the manufacturing brand and the bike model for which it is manufactured. Shelling out more money will definitely allow you to purchase a better quality product. However, with regular cleaning, maintenance, and precautions, a tyre hugger can serve to protect your bike for a very long time.
  3. Durable Material -

    You don’t want to worry about changing a damaged tyre hugger after every few months. Look for a tyre hugger that is made out of better materials like metal or metal plastic composite as the cheaper ones can crack or break with just one or two smashes on the road.
  4. Ease Of Installation -

    If you are a DIY person, then you must also consider the ease of installation while looking for a tyre hugger. A tyre hugger is generally easy to install at home.
  5. In-built License Plate Holder -

    A lot of tyre huggers come with a number plate holder. This lifts the number plate up and makes it more visible. So, if that is your concern, you can look for a tyre hugger with number plate holder.


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Q 1.What is the best rear tyre hugger?

Ans.The best rear tyre hugger fits perfectly to the contours of your bike and provides maximum protection from dust and debris for a very long time.

Q 2. What is tyre hugger price in India?

Ans. Tyre hugger price in India can generally range anywhere between INR 1,000 to 10,000.

Q 3. Where can I find rear tyre hugger in India?

Ans. If you are looking for a rear tyre hugger online in India, you can check Carobis’s variety of top-notch tyre huggers from the most trusted automotive brands and certified dealers. Carorbis provides premium, authentic, and best-fitting products at the lowest possible price on the internet.

Q 4. Is tyre hugger durable?

Ans. Tyre huggers from renowned manufacturers are mostly durable due to the premium quality of raw materials and advanced technology used in building these tyre huggers.

Q 5.Where can I get tyre hugger with number plate?

Ans. Many tyre hugger models come with a holder for the license plate. This uplifts the number plate and makes it more visible. You can find tyre hugger with number plate on

Q 6. What is a universal tyre hugger?

Ans. A universal tyre hugger is designed to fit not just one, but most bike models available in the market. So, if you are not sure which tyre hugger you should buy, you can go for a universal tyre hugger.