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Have Fun on Your Bike With Exclusive Riding Jerseys From Carorbis

Motorcycle riding gear is important for bikers for reasons of safety, comfort and style. A riding jersey keeps you cool on the road and is essential if you need to wear a jacket, elbow protectors, and back/chest guards. A motorcycle riding jersey also wicks away sweat, and moisture and can protect you from cold winds while riding.

Riding jerseys for motorcycles are made from light, breathable fabrics which allow you to move freely while riding your bike. Protective gear can be hard and stiff, so a thin bike jersey provides a cool layer between your skin and rubber or plastic pads. These garments can provide a certain degree of protection from minor injuries as they have a bit of extra padding on the shoulders, chest and elbows.

Find the Best Bike Jerseys on Carorbis

A riding jersey for motorcycles is one of the first selections of gear you should wear while riding. Most bikers prefer T-shirts or denim shirts, but these garments do not contribute to riding comfort or protection. Bike jerseys are available for men and women, in a range of colours, sizes, and designs with long or half sleeves.

Here are some benefits of wearing a bike riding jersey.

  1. Stay cool-

    Bike jerseys keep the rider cool in all types of weather due to their breathable, soft cotton fabric and ventilated slots. Wearing protective gear on the jersey is possible as you won’t have your skin chaffed or feel uncomfortable. At the same time, cold winds and rain at kept at bay with a good-quality motorcycle jersey. It offers all-season comfort and ease of riding.
  2. Stay Protected-

    Biker jerseys are resistant to wear and tear and can protect you from minor injuries in case of a fall. None of your skin is exposed which prevents cuts and scrapes on your hands or elbows. Although a bike jersey may not be as durable as rubber pads or plastic guards, they do offer a certain degree of protection while riding. If you wear a backpack, a bike jersey will prevent the bag straps from chaffing your skin.
  3. Free Movement While Riding-

    A motorcycle jersey is made from stretchable fabrics with elastic contours and spandex material which give you a close fit, yet they allow free movement while riding. Your upper body is free to handle motorcycle controls and shift about around corners. Having a restrictive garment can be very unpleasant on long rides. With a bike jersey, you will not find any resistance to movements in your hands, arms and torso. You can concentrate on riding without any distractions.

What Kind of Material Are Riding Jerseys Made From?

The most important function of a motorcycle jersey is to keep the rider cool. Manufacturers use light materials such as polyester, nylon, cotton blends and lycra (stretch fabric) around elbows and shoulders. Extra pockets are incorporated into fibres to add that extra cool feeling for riders. At the same time, the fabric is solid and durable to protect from wear and tear during falls. Ventilated slots at the sides ensure the rider stays cool and comfortable even in the summer heat. The motorcycle jersey material is breathable, quick drying and skin-friendly to prevent rashes, chaffing and discomfort.

Hop on to Carorbis for Stylish and Comfortable Riding Jerseys

Carorbis offers motorcycle riding jerseys from Tiivra with both long sleeves and half sleeves designs, from sizes small to 3XL. These riding jerseys keep you cool, comfortable and well-protected on long rides. Biker jerseys have a special throttle sleeve to allow free movement of the throttle hand. Tiivra bike jerseys are designed for those who require protective equipment, elbow pads, gloves and shoulder protection placed over the garment. The riding jerseys can also be worn without safety attire on short journeys.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What is a motorcycle riding jersey?

    Ans. Motorcycle jerseys are the number one choice of garments to wear while riding a bike. They are made from comfortable fabrics, on which you can fit riding gear like elbow pads, back protectors and other protective gear. Riders stay cool with highly absorbent and ventilated materials used in riding jerseys.

    Q 2. What are bike jersey benefits?

    Ans. Some of the important benefits of wearing a bike jersey while riding comprises of a feeling of comfort, weather protection, preventing of injuries and allowing for easy movement in the rider’s seat. The fabrics used in riding jerseys for motorcycles are soft, breathable and made from cotton or nylon for a cool feeling.

    Q 3. How do you choose the best bike riding jersey?

    Ans. The choice between a bike jersey long sleeve or short sleeve is one of many options you should consider. Look for a riding jersey that is cool and comfortable, which depends on the material used (thick or thin). The bike jersey should neither be too loose nor tight, it should fit just right. When buying a motorcycle jersey online, check the ratings or user reviews for the best products.

    Q 4. Why do bike riders prefer jerseys over motorcycle jackets?

    Ans. The lightweight material of a motorcycle jersey makes it more comfortable rather than a heavy jacket which is better suited for cold climates.

    Q 5. Who can use bike jerseys?

    Ans. Riding jerseys can be worn by motocross bikers, while skiing, on go-karts and even by skateboarders and bicyclists. It is a versatile riding gear which can serve varied sports.