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We all love spring season- the blossoming and blooming roadside trees, pink bougenville trails, butterflies, and everything lovable, except the pollen grains. If you are allergic to pollen grains, you have to look for things to manage this love and hate relationship that you share with the spring season.

While there’s no way to enjoy spring without having to deal with the pollen, you can surely have some peace time inside your car as your cabin air filter removes all pollen grains from the air for you. Not just that, good quality car cabin filters can trap all dust, dirt, debris, harmful gases, fumes, smoke, and even microorganisms.

Replacing your cabin air filters on time also improves the efficiency of the entire HVAC that is the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning component of your automobile.


The cabin air filter is a modern machine that helps in removing pollutants and contaminants present in the air like pollen, spores, dust, dirt, debris, fumes, odors, microorganisms, and pollutant gases like carbon monoxide. Cabin filters in cars are located behind the glovebox. Air is cleaned as it passes through the HVAC of your automobile.


Here are the basic cabin air filters types available in the Indian automobile market:

  1. Electrostatic Cabin Air Filters -

    Electrostatic cabin filters utilise static charge to trap contaminants. The air filter is made of layers of electrostatically charged fibers that attract pollutants. An electrostatic cabin air filter can effectively clean the air of pollen, spores, dust, smoke, fumes, odors, and bacteria.
  2. Particulate Cabin Air Filter -

    Particulate cabin air filter is a very basic type of car filter that is made up of a porous fibrous material that traps particles equal to or larger than 0.3 microns such as pollen, dust, and other debris. However, particulate cabin air filters are incapable of removing ultra-fine particles, odors, and polluting gases like carbon monoxide.
  3. Activated Carbon Cabin Air Filter -

    An activated carbon filter comes with a regular medium of filtration with a layer of activated carbon. Activated carbon is made by heating charcoal and infusing it with certain chemicals that increase its ability to absorb gases through a process called adsorption. Activated carbon air filters can trap fumes, odors, polluting gases like carbon monoxide, bacteria, and other microorganisms.
  4. Charcoal Cabin Air Filter -

    Charcoal cabin air filter comprises a regular filtration medium like that in particulate cabin air filters with a layer of charcoal that enhances its ability to absorb gases and microorganisms. Along with this, it also removes smoke, odors, and exhaust fumes.

    While shopping for cabin air filter online is super easy at, there are a few things you want to consider before making the final purchase:

    1. The Right Cabin Filter Type -

      Out of the four cabin filter types, activated charcoal filter works best for urban areas where there is more chemical pollution and harmful gases. On the other hand, particulate cabin filters are more suitable for rural areas where you find more dust, dirt, pollen, and spores.
    2. The Right Filter Material -

      You can find paper, cotton-paper blend, and other engineered clothes. While paper filters are inexpensive, they demand to be changed frequently. There are special materials that are washable and hence, you can use them for a very, very long time, and even forever.
    3. A Good Brand -

      It’s always recommended to get a cabin air filter from a trusted brand as poor quality car cabin filters will not be very effective and will also require frequent repair and replacements. At Carorbis, you will find authentic products from only 100% verified and certified sellers.


    You can easily replace cabin air filters for cars at home all by yourself as doing so does not require some special mechanic tools or expertise. It takes less than 20 minutes to completely change the cabin filter located behind the glove box. Just follow these steps:

    • Open the glove box of your car and empty all the contents.
    • Remove the limiting stop arm that is located on the right side of the glove box.
    • Now, hold the glove box from its front and back, squeeze both of them towards each other until you pop free the side clamps.
    • Remove the entire glovebox and keep it aside to expose the faceplate of the cabin air filter channel.
    • Now, slide the faceplate out by lifting it up from its latches.
    • Carefully pull out the old cabin filter so that you don’t scatter any dust or debris in your car while removing it. Also, notice the direction of the arrows. These arrows indicate the direction of airflow.
    • You must also assess the seals and chambers to check if they too need to be replaced.
    • Now, slide the new filter in. Make sure that the arrows for the direction of airflow point in the same direction as they were in the old cabin filter.
    • Now, put the faceplate back, snap in the glove box, and you are done.


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    Installing your car with the best quality cabin air filter should not burn a hole in your pocket. At, you can purchase premium cabin filters for cars at the lowest price possible. Couple this with our perennial sales, discounts, and coupons and shopping for cabin air filters online can’t be more economical.


    Q 1. Why are cabin air filters so expensive?

    Ans. Cabin air filters are advanced technology machines that clean your car air upto 99.8% efficiency without stopping the air. Hence, they are quite expensive.

    Q 2. What are cabin air filters made of?

    Ans. Cabin Filters are generally made of a paper-based cotton microfiber or some other engineered material that traps pollutants when contaminated air is passed through it.

    Q 3. What is a cabin air filter used for?

    Ans. A cabin air filter is used to trap contaminants like dirt, dust, pollen, chemicals from the car’s engine, germs, and sometimes odors present in the car air.

    Q 4. How many cabin air filters are in a car?

    Ans. Most modern models of cars come with two cabin air filters - one is for the car and the other one is for the engine.

    Q 5. How often should cabin filters be changed?

    Ans. It is recommended to replace your car cabin filter after every 12,000 miles. However, if you oftenly drive your automobile in heavily polluted areas like most of the Indian metro cities, then you must get your cabin air filter replaced after every 5,000 miles.

    Q 6. Are all cabin filters the same?

    No. Cabin air filters are especially designed according to the vehicle type.

    Q 7. Do all cars have cabin air filters?

    Ans. Yes. More than 90% of all modern cars and heavy automobiles come with cabin air filters fitted inside them.

    Q 8. Where can I buy a cabin air filter?

    Ans. You can find an impressive variety of premium cabin air filters from the most trusted brands all at one place at

    Q 9. Are all cabin filters the same size?

    Ans. No. Different vehicles install cabin air filters with different shape, size, and composition.

    Q 10. Do cabin air filters make a difference?

    Ans. Changing your cabin filter regularly not only keeps your car’s interior air clean and odor-free, but it also enhances the efficiency of your heating, cooling, and defrosting systems. Air inside cars with cabin air filters is more breathable, clean, and serene.

    Q 11. What happens if you don't replace the cabin filter?

    Ans. If you don’t replace your car cabin filters, it will get clogged with all the dirt and other pollutants that it traps. Overtime, it will affect the efficiency of the filter and you’ll start experiencing more odors inside the car.

    Q 12. Do car cabin filters clean smoke?

    Ans. Yes. Cabin air filters in cars are engineered to filter 90-99% particulate matter present in the air. Hence, they are also able to filter smoke.