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Pannier bags are important for bikes. Being able to carry luggage on a bike has now become a requirement or a necessity. There are many reasons why people are now carrying extra luggage on their motorcycles using pannier bags because of touring and camping.

Earlier, it was a problem carrying luggage on a motorcycle because the options were limited and no one really used to carry a lot of things even while touring or on an adventure trail.

Nowadays, we have a variety of pannier bags available on the market. Panniers are designed to take the load off the shoulders of the rider. Selecting the right pannier bag depends on your personal taste, budget and requirement.


  1. Weight

    Pannier bags are a little lighter than saddlebags. Pannier bags are available in leather or they could be made of synthetic materials. Synthetic materials used in pannier bags will provide a weight of 700g to 900g. Pannier bags made from leather would weight around 8 to 10 pounds.
  2. Cost

    The price of pannier bags depends a lot on the type of material it is made from. Pannier bags made of 100% leather will cost a lot more than pannier bags made from synthetic materials.
  3. Storage

    Pannier bags made from pure leather are difficult to wrap up and store because they are stiff and rigid. Pannier bags made of Cordura fabric or polyester can be rolled up or laid flat packed for storage.
  4. Access

    Throw over pannier bags are easy to access as they are placed on the motorcycle without any boxes, so you can access your gear. Pannier hard boxes are difficult to access and you may have to stop your bike to get things from them.
  5. Compatibility

    Pannier bags are compatible with all types of bikes because the majority of bikes are of the same width. As long as the pannier bags are not touching the exhaust pipe, you are good to go. Pannier bags that require brackets to mount, and are hard cases are a little difficult to install, but it can be done without too much trouble.

    Pannier sizes vary, so every pannier won’t fit on every model of motorcycle.
  6. Security

    Pannier hard boxes can be locked to keep them more secure. If just leather straps and buckles are used, the pannier bag will not be secure at all because they can be easily opened.
  7. Handiness

    Pannier bags can be light and handy so that hey can easily be removed from the bike. They can then be carried to the camp site if you are on an adventure trail or to the stores if you are just buying some groceries. Carry handles on the pannier bags make it easier to carry around.
  8. Waterproof

    If pannier bags are made from synthetic materials like Cordura or polyester fabrics, they offer a certain level of water resistance. If soft pannier bags are placed inside larger pannier hard boxes, then the items will be safe from the rain.

    Pannier bags that are placed openly on a motorcycle and are made from leather will be water resistant only for a short while in light rain.
  9. Maintenance

    Pannier bags require little maintenance as the materials they are made of are not susceptible to water and dust and they don’t stretch much. Cleaning with a little soap and warm water or a damp cloth would be enough to keep the pannier bags clean.

    If the pannier bags are just left to dry after a heavy rain, then they are prone to cracking.
  10. Looks

    Leather made pannier bags top the list on looks always, because they look classy and elegant. Some pannier bags have reflective, bright colours and contrasting colour stripes. It actually depends on the rider’s choice and what they prefer, but generally leather pannier bags have the best looks.
  11. Capacity

    Pannier bags can hold from 30 litres all the way up to 50 litres depending on their size. To prolong the bags life, it is best not to overload them because they may get damaged or interfere with the riding experience.

    Motorcycles are getting more popular every day, and the need to carry luggage on them is ever increasing. Pannier bags are one of the best ways to carry luggage on a motorcycle. Buying a pannier bag depends on the needs and likes of the rider.