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Never Lose Anything Again With the Best Car Dashboard Mats on Carorbis

The perfect solution to keep your items in place on your car dashboard. Introducing car dashboard mats from Carorbis, a sturdy surface to keep your smartphone, keys, sunglasses and more, ensuring they don’t slip away when you drive.

Made from soft, flexible material, dashboard mats for cars conform to the contours of your dashboard and create a snug fit to prevent items from sliding around. Car dashboard anti slip mats are also aesthetically pleasing, providing a premium look to your car. Non slip mats for car dashboard are easy to clean, require little maintenance and are a must-have accessory for any car owner.

Explore our range of car dashboard organisers and anti-slip mats and revamp your interiors for maximum convenience.

Benefits of Using Car Dashboard Anti Slip Mats for Small Item Organization

Non slip mats for car dashboards are not only a convenient accessory but also a practical one. It can be distracting to have items slipping and sliding on your dashboard, and perhaps even dangerous if they come in your way. Having a car dashboard non slip mat means you don’t have to worry about your keys or smartphone falling to the floor, or getting lodged in between the seats and centre console or some other hard-to-reach place. Carorbis knows how frustrating it can be to lose your keys or parking ticket in the interior.

The best car dashboard anti slip mats also protect your dashboard from scratches and damage caused by items sliding around while you drive. As scratches build up over time, your dashboard will look dull and worn out.

Car dashboard mats are versatile products that can fit any vehicle. Their flexible materials can blend into any shape and size. Easy removal means they can be cleaned with mild soap and water, making dashboard car mats a practical accessory.

How Do I Use a Car Dashboard Mat?

The non slip mats for car dashboard have to be placed on the console with the dotted pattern facing upwards. This rough, sticky surface will catch any items before they slip away. The edges of the car dashboard non slip mat are raised to further prevent small items like keys from sliding around. It is made of durable rubber and polyester compounds that are non-toxic and safe. The dimensions for this versatile interior accessory are 5.5 inches x 3.2 inches, which is large enough to fit a wallet or smartphone. The soft material fits perfectly on any car dashboard and keeps your interior well organised.

Clean the dashboard mat with a soft, damp cloth and dry it before replacing it on the dashboard.

How Do I Use a Car Dashboard Mat?

Carorbis offers an extensive collection of high-quality car interior accessories such as car dashboard mats to enhance your car’s comfort, convenience and aesthetics. All products listed on are sourced from renowned and established brands, ensuring they meet all industry standards and provide durable service over their lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What are car dashboard mats?

Ans. A car dashboard anti slip mat is used to prevent items from slipping or sliding around while driving. They have a rough surface that keeps items in place.

Q 2. What are the benefits of using dashboard mats for cars?

Ans. A car dashboard non slip mat provides a surface for smartphones, keys and sunglasses on the dashboard. They keep the dashboard clean and protected from scratches.

Q 3. Which is the best car dashboard anti slip mat?

Ans. It is recommended to look for car dashboard mats with a non-slip surface and flexible material that conforms to the contours of the dashboard.

Q 4. How do you clean non slip mats for car dashboard?

Ans. The best way to clean a car dashboard organiser non slip mat is to use mild detergent and warm water. Gently scrub the car dashboard mat with a soft brush and rinse thoroughly. Allow the mat to dry completely before placing it back on the dashboard.