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Say Goodbye to Back Pain With the Best Car Backrest Cushions on the Market

While cars are equipped with ergonomic driving seats, you should buy car back rest and car seat back support to enhance your comfort. There is a small gap between your lower back and the backrest even with the best-designed seats. The best car seat back support fills in these gaps and maintains the driver's correct seating posture while keeping the spine and pelvis aligned. Your muscles will stay relaxed and pressure points are relieved with lumbar back support.

Carorbis has a wide range of car back seat support pillows, lumbar support cushions, memory foam lumbar support for driving and car seat backrest in varied colours and designs. Say goodbye to back pain with the online purchase of car driver seat back support from Carorbis. You can even use these versatile lumbar support pillows on your office chair, sofa or dining chair. The thick profile of the pillow and high-quality memory foam gives you the best support for your spine while seated.

Memory foam cushions from Carorbis take the shape of your lower body posture while the soft, breathable fabric keeps your skin cool and comfortable. Avoid slouching in the driver’s seat with these best lumbar support car pillows. Product dimensions are universal and will fit any car seat with ease and without any modification. They are compact enough to carry in your backpack, duffle bag or even by hand. Use them in the office, at home or anywhere you go for a stress-free and relaxed seating position.

How Do Drivers Get Back Pain?

The most common cause of back pain is a lack of lumbar support, poor driving posture and pre-existing conditions such as scoliosis, spine injuries and sore muscles.

Drivers should be aware of possible causes for back pain and invest in a car seat back pain support cushion to alleviate symptoms.

  1. Strained Muscles-

    Lifting heavy items can cause back muscles to get pulled with joints and ligaments getting injured. These inflamed muscles will start to ache when seated for a long time, resulting in a feeling of soreness and pain. Lumbar support seats can prevent muscles from getting stiff and cramping even if they are injured. Ligaments and tendons remain relaxed and will not cause any sharp pain in the driver’s seat.
  2. Spine Injuries-

    The spine consists of vertebrae and discs stacked on top of each other with soft tissue in between. Injuries to the spine can cause the discs to slip and will result in discomfort, pain and swelling while seated. Disc herniations, arthritis, and inflammation of joints will lead to back pain in the driver’s seat. A lumbar support car seat cushion can keep the spine aligned and prevent further injuries. A car seat back support pillow provides adequate support to avoid back pain.
  3. Osteoporosis-

    This is a condition of weakened bones in older people that can lead to fractures and muscle discomfort. Driving for long hours may put unnecessary strain on bones and muscles, increasing the chance of back pain or hairline fractures. The lumbar support car seat can provide strength to the spine and resist injuries. Brittle bones need to be handled gently and a car driving seat back support with memory foam is soft enough to absorb impacts.

What is the Ideal Driver’s Seat Position for Good Posture?

Here are some tips on how to find the perfect driving position to prevent back pain and whiplash injuries. Using a lumbar support car seat cushion will enhance your comfort and balance your weight while driving.

  1. Seat Height-

    Adjust the driver’s seat till your knees make a right angle and are in line with your hips. Make sure you can see the road clearly without straining your neck and back. Use a car backrest to add some leverage to your seating position so that you don’t have to move around while changing gears or using the car infotainment system. With a proper seat height adjustment, you will have adequate blood circulation in your lower body and your feet will be in a relaxed position.
  2. Backrest Reclining Angle-

    The car back support seating position should allow you to hold yourself upright without any effort. A straight backrest is good for maintaining the right posture and preventing slouching while driving. Invest in a good car lumbar support pillow to hold your back straight and tall. Backrests that are inclined too far back or too far forward will put pressure on your spine causing muscle stiffens, aches and pain. A lumbar support car seat cushion is important to extend comfort on long journeys.
  3. Seat Rail Position-

    The driver’s seat can be moved forward or backwards in rails depending on the driver’s preference. You should be able to hold the steering wheel without straining your arms. At the same time, avoid sitting too close to the steering controls as it may interfere with normal driving. Ensure you can reach for your seatbelt and gear shifter with ease. Adjust the car seat headrest to support your neck region. Lumbar support car cushions make driving easier by providing the right support and avoiding pressure points.

Get a Car Seat Back Pain Support Pillow for Your Lower Back

Additional car seat accessories such as a back support seat cushion provide back and lumbar support. The best car seat back pain support pillow fills in the gaps caused by poorly designed car seats so that you can rest comfortably on a drive. Roads are not always even, and hitting a speed bump at speed may throw you off balance and injure your spine. A car seat backrest support / lumbar support pillow will keep your hips directly above your pelvis and reduce the chance of injuries or discomfort. You can this cushion on your lumbar support chair for the office or at home while using your computer, or watching TV. A car seat backrest pillow is the perfect solution for chronic back pain while driving.

Carorbis – the One-Stop-Shop for the Best Car Back Rest Pillows

Unlock the secret to a comfortable road trip with elegant car seat back rest cushions from Carorbis. These essential car seat accessories add a touch of luxury, improve driving posture, and provide relaxation and durability to your car interior.

Carorbis brings you the convenience of a car accessory store right to your doorstep. Browse through a wide selection of car seat back rest cushions, lumbar support pillows, memory foam backrest accessories and car back support pillows. They are available in a range of colours, sizes, designs and styles to suit every driver and fit perfectly in all car models. Enjoy the comfort of elegant lower back support cushions for your home, office or car seat. Soft, breathable fabric ensures you stay cool even after long hours in your seat. Plus, they are easy to wash and do not retain moisture. These elegant, slim-back pillows provide full back support with a gentle feel.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Can you use a car seat support for lower back pain?

    Ans. Car seat back support pillows are ergonomically designed to provide enhanced comfort and pain relief for your lower back. Car lumbar support works by supporting your spine’s natural curve so that your muscles stay relaxed and aligned while driving. Long journeys are more comfortable with a car seat back support.

    Q 2. Which is the best back support for car seat in India?

    Ans. Elegant brand of car back support cushions are the best in India and can be bought online on Carorbis for around Rs.1000. These revolutionary car driver seat back support provides relief from back pain, stiff muscles and fatigue. They are filled with memory foam which is a soft material that takes the shape of your posture with soft, gentle support.

    Q 3. What are the advantages of lumbar support pillow for car?

    Ans. The main advantage of car back support seat is to maintain proper posture while driving. The driver can sit upright without slouching preventing pressure on sensitive muscles and joints in the back and spine. You can stay relaxed for longer in a fixed position with a good-quality lumbar support car seat cushion. A lumbar support pillow keeps the spine supported in its natural curve while balancing the hips and pelvis.

    Q 4. Is lumbar support for office chair suitable?

    Ans. Car seat back support pillows are versatile and compact items that can be carried out of the car in a small duffle bag or backpack. You can use these comfort cushions for office chairs, sofas, dining chairs and anywhere else you need back support while sitting. The contoured shape of the car back seat support is perfect for any type of chair or sofa. They alleviate back pain and maintain correct posture when sitting for a long time.

    Q 5. How do you adjust your car seat for the best posture?

    Ans. The seat should be adjusted so that your knees are aligned and your back is straight. Avoid reclining your backrest too far back as this may put pressure on your lower back. Position the seat at a comfortable distance from the steering wheel, ensuring you don’t have to stretch to reach the driving controls. Your thighs, knees, pelvis and hamstrings should not be strained while seated.