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Have a Smooth Ride With a Trendy & Functional Motorcycle Balaclavas

Balaclava for motorcycle riders is a protective and stylish head gear worn underneath the helmet covering the face and exposing only the eyes and nose. These close-fitting woollen or cotton head garments can be used by bikers, while skiing, snowboarding, trekking and go-karting.

The most important reasons for wearing a balaclava helmet garment are for warmth, protection from chaffing, comfort, to absorb moisture and to keep cool and dry.

Best Motorcycle Balaclava for Summer and Winter

Carorbis offers balaclavas for protection in all weather conditions, summer & winter, rain or sunshine. Our wide range of motorcycle balaclavas defy the elements with breathable fabrics and ventilated sides to keep you warm when it's cold outside or cool you down in the heat. No matter what the season, our balaclavas have you covered.

Balaclava uses include enhancing rider comfort, better performance, weather protection and preventing dust from entering the helmet.

Learn about various reasons why bikers use the best quality balaclavas while riding.

  1. Weather Protection-

    Balaclavas slip underneath your helmet, offering protection from harsh UV rays, rain, snow, wind and dirt. It is like a layer of insulation between you and the unrelenting climate. Materials used in the balaclava mask are able to wick away moisture in sweaty conditions and comfort you in freezing temperatures. The helmet balaclava is a shield for your face and neck against the wind. It also reduces wind noise as you are riding at high speeds. Dust, pollution and dirt are all blocked by high-quality balaclava mask for bikers.
  2. Breathable, Ventilated-

    Balaclavas for helmets are made from soft, breathable fabrics such as cotton, wool, and nylon with silk lining and spandex edges for a perfect fit. They slip on easily and stay in place without blocking your vision or getting uncomfortable. Choose the right balaclava for specific riding conditions.
  3. Helmet Protection-

    Although the inner lining of helmet pads is durable, the constant rubbing against the rider’s head will eventually wear them out. There is also a chance of the helmet gathering dirt, sweat and moisture. A helmet balaclava will prevent the helmet from wearing out, increasing its lifetime and giving you a comfortable ride. Motorcycle balaclavas are useful for hygienic reasons if you exchange helmets with other bikers. Look for a good fit when you buy a balaclava as you don’t want to keep adjusting it every time you put on your helmet.
  4. Comfort-

    A close-fitting motorcycle balaclava helps you ride comfortably on a smooth journey. Bikers with long hair find a balaclava essential while riding, at the same time, a bald motorcyclist doesn’t need to rub his bare scalp against the inner edge of the helmet. The soft fabric of a biker balaclava makes it easy to slide a helmet on and off in a second, without snagging on anything (for example, earrings). Balaclavas come in a one-size-fits-all dimension due to elastic edges and close-fitting design. Comfort is extended with a dry fit and insulating material. Riders can perform at their best with a balaclava for motorcycles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is balaclava?

Ans. A balaclava is a face and neck garment that is made of cotton, wool or synthetic fabrics. It is close fitting to keep the rider warm and dry in all weather conditions. The breathable material prevents fogging of the helmet lenses and eyewear.

Q 2. Is balaclava safe?

Ans. A balaclava is particularly useful while riding a motorcycle in cold weather and rain. It decreases exposure to cold winds and prevents frostbite of extremities like lips and ears. A balaclava can also protect the skin from chaffing against the helmet.

Q 3. Why wear balaclava under helmet?

Ans. It can get quite hot and sweaty underneath a helmet, especially during summer. A balaclava wicks away moisture and keeps the rider cool and dry while on the motorcycle. A balaclava for helmet will prevent insects and dust from finding their way to the rider’s face.

Q 4. Where do I buy a balaclava?

Ans. Balaclava for bike riding can be purchased from an online car and bike accessory store such as Carorbis. Motorcycle balaclavas are designed to provide riders with comfort and protection. They can be worn in summer or winter conditions because of their breathability and absorbent nature.

Q 5. Why do motorcyclists wear balaclava?

Ans. A helmet balaclava is like a layer of protection underneath the helmet. It prevents chaffing of skin, insulates against cold winds, absorbs moisture, keeps the rider cool in the heat and fends off dust and debris from entering the helmet.

Q 6. Why do riders wear balaclava?

Ans. Cold air can enter the helmet from the chin gap and leave a rider feeling cold during a long journey. Balaclavas form an insulating layer that keeps the rider warm in cold weather. During summer, a balaclava can absorb excess sweat and moisture keeping the rider dry and comfortable.

Q 7. Should you wear a balaclava with motorcycle helmet?

Ans. It is recommended to wear a balaclava mask for bikers underneath the helmet for reasons of comfort, protection and safety. No matter the outside temperature or weather conditions, a balaclava for bikers provides the best riding experience for motorcyclists. A motorcycle balaclava is also a stylish piece of riding gear that can distinguish one motorcyclist from another.

Q 8. Can you wear a balaclava under a bike helmet?

Ans. Yes, a balaclava is made from soft cotton or wool which is extremely comfortable due to its breathability and gentle feel. The rider is well protected with a balaclava under a bike helmet. Motorcycle balaclavas are machine washable and can be used just like any other garment or riding gear.

Q 9. What do bikers wear under their helmet?

Ans. Bikers usually wear a cotton balaclava under their helmet to trap moisture, wick away excess sweat, as a windcheater and prevent dust, dirt and insects from entering the helmet while riding.