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Modifying your motorcycle with the perfect handlebar risers helps to improve your driving experience. When it comes to vehicles, especially motorcycles, ergonomics plays an essential part in riders’ efficiency and comfort.

Accessories like handlebar risers create the perfect little adjustment you require to help you perform better. If you aren’t at your best with your motorcycle’s bar risers, then consider getting replaced.

Handlebar risers improve your riding experience by providing the rider a comfortable position, taking the strain off the neck, wrists, and lower back. No more body pain, just great journey gains!

Carorbis offers a wide variety of high-quality handlebar risers for all kinds of motorcycle makes and brands. Shop universal or bike-specific bar risers for relaxed seating positions and a better driving experience.

Our handlebar risers are 100% durable and weather-resistant. The long-lasting bar risers help to relocate the handlebar back and add more comfort for enjoying long trips.

Carorbis guarantees to provide high-quality and genuine motorcycle parts and accessories from OEM and distributors. Buy HANDLEBAR RISERS online at affordable prices from selected leading brands.


A bike handlebar riser is an essential part of the vehicle’s set for improved comfort, ergonomics, and comfort while riding. If your motorcycle isn’t comfortable enough, the chances of losing interest in riding your vehicle are greatly high.

As a motorcycle enthusiast or avid riser, it’s crucial to feel comfortable when sitting in the driving seat. However, not all shoes fit. As we all are built differently, there’s no ideal size fit to ensure excellent positioning and alignment for bike riders.

The importance of the correct bar riser is always required. Find the right bike handlebar riser to modify your setup to ensure an excellent position on the motorcycle, and experience maximum comfort, and control.

You can anticipate numerous benefits from bike handlebar risers and even feel after the modification. Don’t just limit bike handlebar risers to functionality and safety, try to find the perfect riser finish and color to upgrade your motorcycle aesthetic.


Sitting in an uncomfortable position puts a lot of stress on your joints, tendons, and muscles, which takes a deadly toll on your body over time. After fitting the right riser on your motorcycle, you will be able to reach the handlebars more naturally and experience a comfortable ride as a result.

By customizing your handle risers, your bike rider becomes easier and more relaxing without giving your physical strain and pain. You will no longer need to stretch out your body while riding for a longer time. These unbearable situations also result in few injuries over time due to poor posture.

Another big benefit of using the right handle riser is safety. It’s always the priority of every rider on the road. When you feel comfortable rising with a good posture, your eyes are focused on the road. You are less distracted by discomfort or pain so your attention is always on the road ahead, giving you a safe and enjoyable riding experience.


There are two main types of handle risers: clip-on risers and street fighter straight conversions. Both of these handle risers help to improve your riding posture and comfort by creating a better riding experience. Let’s understand what these different type are in detail -

Clip-on Handlebar Risers

As the name suggests, Clip-on handle risers are present in the form of a clip-on. These risers are incredibly versatile and help to adhere to the rider in a comfortable position.

Clip-on handle risers are mostly used on mostly sport and motocross bikes for creating more comfort and control while on the dirt. By raising your handlebar to the right height, risers experience high performance, safety, and comfort.

Street Fighter Straight Bar Conversion

Based on the most popular styles of sportbikes, these handle risers are a very low-profile straight bar. The risers help the rider to get lower and maintain better control over their motorcycle. Conversion kits are present in the size from 41 to 50 millimeters. It’s ideal for improving the motorcycle’s feel, handling, and performance significantly.


Handle risers are small metal components made to lower or increase the handlebar and also bring it near or far from the rider depending on the desired position. The risers are used by removing the handlebar after unscrewing it. The handle risers are fitted to their place of the handlebar to give rise. After fitting the risers, the handlebar is positioned on the riser and installed with screws and bolts.

Here’s the different category of handle risers -

  1. 0 mm - No rise
  2. 20 mm - Low rise
  3. 30 mm - Mid-rise
  4. 40 mm - High rise


At Carorbis, buy premium handlebar risers for motorcycles from top brands and OEM sellers. We ensure every riser gets the best performance and most comfortable rise from their motorcycles.

We provide handle risers for a wide variety of makes and models from all major manufacturers such as Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha, and many more. Whatever motorcycle you have, we have the perfect handle risers to elevate your riding experience to the next level.

Here at Carorbis, we take a lot of pride in providing only quality products at affordable prices. We work tirelessly to ensure customers get handle risers of the best quality, longevity, and performance. Every motorcycle parts and accessories sold at Carorbis online are built with safety, ergonomic comfort, and rideability in mind.

Whatever parts of accessories you are looking for, Carorbis got it all. Buy premium-quality handlebar risers online to customize your bike from the expansive variety of models.

If you have noticed the positioning of you on your motorcycle is uncomfortable or not correct, Carorbis high-quality handlebar risers will help you fix the problem. Our excellent handlebar risers motorcycle put you back in control of your ride by providing better comfort and safety.

The handlebar risers are specially designed to improve the ergonomics of your motorcycle setup and help you achieve the desired position. We are all of different shapes and sizes, so are handlebar risers for most bikes. By modifying your motorcycle set up with the perfect riser, you will experience the right height and angle for maximum comfort and control. By using the right bar risers, riders can prevent injury and discomfort when riding their bike.


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Q 1. Do Handlebar Risers Affect Handling?

Ans. Yes, handlebar risers are designed to provide comfortable handling with great control by the rider.

Q 2. Why use handlebar risers?

Ans.Handlebar risers are vital for improving your riding experience by making adjustments to the handlebars. If your handlebar isn’t in the perfect position, you can modify it using the risers.

Q 3. What do motorcycle handlebar risers do?

Ans. Motorcycle handlebar risers improve the rider’s riding experience by enhancing their comfort, performance, and safety on the road.

Q 4. Are handlebar risers worth it?

Ans. Yes, absolutely! Handlebar risers are 100% worthy if you aren’t having a great time riding your motorcycle. If the handlebars are positioned at a comfortable angle or height, consider modifying the set using the risers.

Q 5. Do handlebar risers work?

Ans. Yes, handlebar risers work effectively to improve the rider’s comfort and safety on the road.

Q 6. Are handlebar risers safe?

Ans. Yes, handlebar risers are 100% safe to use.

Q 7. Are handlebar risers universal?

Ans. Yes, many handlebar risers are universal.

Q 8. Do I need handlebar risers?

Ans. If you are experiencing troubles while riding your bike or feeling uncomfortable then consider adjusting the handlebar a bit. Not all handlebars are perfect for everyone, some things you need to make adjustable to them to fit your desired position.

If your handlebar is relatively lower, then you will have to lean forward or if it's a little away from your reach, you will require putting in the extra effort. In such instances, consider getting handlebar risers for enhanced comfort.

Q 9. How does motorcycle handlebar height affect handling?

Ans. As we mentioned before, motorcycle bar risers affect handling because of the change in center of gravity. You can modify your handling by either lowering the handlebar or elevating it. In both these cases, the center of gravity is shifted, affecting the riding experience.

The handling is affected by either lowering or raising the motorcycle handlebar height. If the handlebar is lower, you will have to lean forward to ride, which decreases your center of gravity.