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When a bike is travelling at a high speed down the highway, a windscreen turns out to be very helpful. However, some motorcycles have a windscreen while others do not.

Windscreens are not a mandatory feature on motorcycles. Some motorcycle models come with them as standard, others have the windscreen as an option while some manufacturers don’t put windscreens on their bikes at all.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a windscreen on a bike? The pros of having a windscreen are that they improve the riding experience by buffeting wind, prevent debris from striking the rider of the bike, and having a better aesthetic. The disadvantages are that they are somewhat fragile and could get damaged if you drop the bike, and they can be a distraction if they are not installed properly.


There are many features of a bike that can be debated by riders and having a windscreen or not is one of them.

The first good thing about having a windscreen on a bike is it blocks the wind when travelling at high speeds. The wind can really be a problem on long rides and windscreens make touring a pleasant experience for riders.

If the weather is very cold, then wind hitting your arms, chest and face can make your limbs go numb with the cold. Having a windscreen in this situation can be very beneficial and make your riding experience an enjoyable one.

Flying debris like bugs, small stones or sand can sometimes be pulled up by the wind or heavy vehicles in front of you. If they happen to hit you on the face or jab you in the arm, it may cause you to flinch and momentarily distract you, which could be dangerous.

A windshield will prevent debris and small bugs from hitting you unexpectedly. Even with a helmet on, knowing that you are safe from flying objects can put you at ease.

The way a windshield looks on a bike is debatable. Some people prefer the look of a bike with a windshield while others feel it looks ugly.

Windshields are common on bikes like café racers and cruisers, but some prefer to have their bikes without any extra accessories on the front.

Windshields that are not installed correctly can be dangerous while riding because it can be a huge distraction. Installing a windshield is a pretty straightforward procedure and difficult to get wrong, but if it is installed incorrectly, the windscreen may start flapping around while riding. The rider may get distracted and take his hands off the handlebars to fix the issue. The windscreen could also fly off and injure fellow motorists.


There are a few instances when you must have a windscreen attached on your bike. It is always a good idea to have a windscreen handy and also that the windscreen is one that fits right on the bike.

When the weather is really harsh and it’s raining heavily or snowing, a windscreen is a must. Not only will you be safe, it is a comfort issue as well.

Having a windscreen during the rain may not prevent you from getting drenched, but it will save you from splashes and rain hitting your arms. You can also travel quite fast without the rain splashing you.

Another time when a windscreen can be a good idea is when you are out touring on a long trip. It doesn’t matter about the weather being rainy or sunny. A windscreen can still be very helpful.

The continuous wind hitting you at high speeds will make you uncomfortable on long rides. A windscreen will buffet the wind over your helmet and you won’t feel a thing. If it is cold outside, your hands won’t get numb either.


Windscreens are usually big, bulky pieces of glass or plastic mounted on top of the motorcycle headlight. Other windscreens are more stylish and could even be called cute. If you are worried about the looks of your windscreen and how it blends with your bike, here are some things you can do.

Some windscreens are not very big, being only six inches tall. Although they won’t be as effective as larger windscreens, they can still be of a little protection. Other windscreens are made of extremely clear plastic and cannot be easily seen by other motorists.

If clear windscreens are not really your style, you can go in for a tinted windscreen to help you with glares and reflections.


When a motorcycle is aerodynamically friendly, it will cut through the air easily and improve fuel mileage. Some wonder if having a windscreen on a bike can make it more aerodynamic.

The truth is windscreens do not have that much of an effect on fuel efficiency. In fact, it may decrease the fuel mileage a little bit because of the extra drag that they produce. But this won’t be anything significant.

Windscreens create a blunt surface and may have extra wind resistance. The effect is minimal though, so it shouldn’t affect your choice of getting a windshield or not.

A good question to ask here is, what is wind buffeting? Wind buffeting is used to describe wind turbulence when you are riding. You may experience vibrations and you helmet may shake around a bit due to wind buffeting.


Q1. Do windshield bikes make a huge difference?

Ans. You should borrow a bike which has a windscreen and ride it for a bit. You will be able to tell immediately what a big difference it makes. The windscreen helps you with wind buffeting and you can ride for much longer.

Q2. What is the best motorcycle windshield?

Ans. The best motorcycle windshield is the one that works best for you. Everyone has their own preferences. Some like large windscreens that are made for clear plastic, others like smaller ones that are tinted. It really is a matter of personal choice and functionality. The one that works for you will fit your budget as well. Visit for amazing products and prices.

Q3. How do I choose a motorcycle windscreen?

Ans. There are a few factors to take into consideration. First, the type of motorcycle you own should support the fixing of a windscreen. Then there are fixed and quick release type windscreens. The quick release type is good for people who like to change their style often. Next, the windshield could be fork mounted or handlebar mounted. Ones that are mounted on handlebars tend to be smaller and will vibrate at high speeds, while ones mounted on forks are more stable.

Q4. Where do I buy a motorcycle windscreen?

Ans. You can search online at a car accessory store. Carorbis is a great place to look for bike windscreens. There is a wide variety of models to choose from and the prices are really reasonable. The best part is you can have it delivered right to your doorstep.