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If you have a trip planned and need to bring a lot of stuff with you on your motorcycle, a duffle bag that you can mount on the bike will become a necessity at this point.

You’ll need the duffle securely mounted to your seat to stay in place on a long tour. Duffle bags are really useful because they have enough carrying capacity to bring along all your luggage.

Duffels are large bags made of either synthetic or natural materials such canvas and leather and are mounted on the rear section of a motorcycle seat. Originally duffle bags were used by military personnel , but today Duffels Backpacks serve many functions for civilians who like to travel for sports and recreation.

Duffles are easy to carry on your motorcycle, and have easy access pockets for increased usability. They can be locked for a secure fit and carried along with you as well. Heavy duty leather is used in their construction to give you many years of use.

The bottom of leather travel duffel bag is usually padded and the handles are thick and strong. It is surely a bag that will be with you through good times and bad.


Duffels are ideal for all your needs, whether you are riding to work, riding for fun or riding to play, the duffle travel bag will help you carry your belongings in a stylish and practical way. Travel Duffle bags by the Trip Machine Company are 100% leather and handmade to perfection. There are no compromises in its construction which means no cheap plastic liners, cloth or rubber is used. The maximum capacity for this bag is 24 litres.

Leather duffle bags for travel are a beautiful and stylish way to stand out from the crowd. These bags are made from high quality materials which make them very durable. The duffle travelling bag can be used as a weekend travel companion, a gear haul or even to carry your gym gear. Whatever you have in mind, the duffle travel bag will deliver.

Rear mounted duffle bags are the real deal. The original motorcycle luggage carriers. Duffle travelling bag are usually coupled with side panniers to make a traditional 3 bag packing system. Duffle bags also work well on their own when mounted on the rear of the seat.

Leather duffle bags are stylish, lightweight and spacious carry bags made from 100% genuine leather. They come with adjustable straps for comfort and large pockets to carry all your belongings. It is capable of carrying all your things for a long ride or just for a trip around town.

Handmade leather bags are made of premium materials, 100% cowhide leather. The leather straps are adjustable and the shoulder strap can be removed from the bag. Leather duffle bags from are the finest quality you can buy.

These bags will make you the envy of all your friends because they are hand crafted by artisans in India. Since the bags can be detached from the motorcycle and worn over the shoulder using a leather strap, they are the perfect accessory to go with any outfit you wear.

The leather duffle bag is the ideal size for a bag that can hold all the everyday essentials like books, clothing, etc.


Duffle Touring bags are the retro version of the motorcycle tail bag. These bags are the perfect shape for café racer bikes, classic or vintage models. This kind of bag is ideal for long bike adventures because it vastly improves your cargo-carrying capabilities without putting a strain on your shoulder or making your motorcycle bulkier.

Most Motorcyle duffle bags are made from waxed cotton or full grain leather.

You have to choose a Duffels that is the right choice for your motorcycle. A sport bike will have a much different approach than a touring adventure motorcycle. Your duffles options depend on the kind of bike you are riding.

If you have a rear rack on your motorcycle, Duffels can be mounted there, or it can even be fixed on top of the rear section of your seat. Duffels can be hard or soft, waterproof or just water resistant, lockable or not and permanently fixed or removable. What kind of duffles you need really depends on the type of bike you are riding, where you plan to ride, and whether you carry the bags with you when parked or keep them on the motorcycle when you are off your bike.

Having some type of Duffels on your bike makes travelling much easier. Duffles come in all shapes, sizes and materials. The options range from heavy-duty, abrasion resistant nylon, vinyl, leather and synthetic materials.

The good part of Duffels is that they are easy to mount with the straps provided along with them, and no additional mounting brackets are required to secure the Duffels to the rear end of the bike. The straps are capable of securing the bag in place, and sometimes there are magnets that can hold the bag steady when riding.