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Your two-wheeler is more than just a vehicle for transportation. It’s a life companion that follows you on every occasion. Going on numerous adventures with open-air blasting against you, the bike shares several memories with you. When paired with a black leather jacket, your motorbike makes you look like a complete badass. Overall, your bike does exceptional work in making you incredibly cool, so it’s only fair you do the same to your bike. Tail tidy returns the favor of upgrading your bike appearance. It’s the hottest aftermarket modification for sports and road-going motorbikes, giving it a savvier and sophisticated look.

Shop a great range of motorcycle tail tidies from top automotive brands at Carorbis. You can choose from many of well-reputed tail tidy brands, coming in a stylish design. We offer full adjustable motorcycle tail tidies for a well-finished and squeaky look. Made using superior-quality material, the tail tidy ensures to elevate the look of your bikes to another level without compromising the fit and finish. It’s time to shower some love on your bikes by giving them a stunning new tail.


Tail tidy or also known as Fender eliminators are mounted on the rear end of the motorcycles to replace the tag and enhance the vehicle appearance. The main goal of tail tidy is to eliminate the bulkiness of a stick tail end, thus, giving your bike a clean and stunning look.


Tail tidy is quite easy to fit on your motorbikes to radically change the look of the rear end. If you are a beginner at installing a tail tidy, here’s our most effective and simple guide that you can refer to.

  1. Tail tidy is quite easy to fit on your motorbikes to radically change the look of the rear end. If you are a beginner at installing a tail tidy, here’s our most effective and simple guide that you can refer to.
  2. After taking off the turn signals, start to assemble the tail tidy on the bike. Run the wiring through the provided holes and then attach the signals and license plate light. Utilize the wire keepers and zip-ties that are presented with the kit to clean up the wiring. Make sure there’s no loose wiring hanging around the rear wheel.
  3. The final step is to mount the tail tidy on the bike. Use the OEM wiring sub-harness from the original bracket. Make sure that the wire colors are matching as we mentioned earlier. Test to make sure the lights are functioning properly. Once everything is fitting properly to their place, tuck in the wires and test all the lights before putting on the bodywork. If you notice everything going well, test another time to ensure yourself again before you go riding on the bike.


Before you go ahead and decide which til tidy you want for your bike, you must consider these vital points.

  1. Water And Dirt Can Cause A Big Issue -

    Once you remove the fender from your brand new bike, it gets more exposed to dirt and water while riding. The fenders also act as a shield, protecting your bike on dirt roads. While riding your bike on a rainy day, the tire will throw everything they collect into the air - not always behind the bike. The wheels running at fast speed will throw the collected dirt and dust on your bikes and you as well. Since tail tidy is mostly suitable for racing or recreational sport, it can get you soaking wet after every ride.
  2. License Plate Problem -

    The presence of a stock fender is also to attach a license plate that’s visible to other drivers. Most importantly, it’s useful for any police patrolling in the streets. However, installing a tail tidy eliminates the hanging piece from the bike. The license plate is often tucked under the tail tidy, making it unclear to see. Make sure your tail tidy kit comes with LED license lights and turn signals. Also, remember to check the angle of the plate, it shouldn’t reflect the lights into the eyes of the driver behind you.
  3. Is tail tidy legal in India? -

    There’s no denying that tail tidy elevates the look of your bike, giving it a clean and sharp look. However, there are legal issues when it comes to installing tail tidy on your bikes. If the license plate isn’t clearly visible and not illuminated enough, then it can be an issue in your state. If both of these issues are fixed, then tail tidy is usually legal. Although it largely depends where you live, check in with your state for the legal requirements.
    Even if your state considers tail tidy to be legal, make sure that the license plate is visibly seen from a distance. It shouldn’t be mounted under the tailpiece and must be brightly lit. Make sure the light reflected from the license plate isn’t startling the driver behind you as it can cause accidents. You can buy additional equipment with your tail tidy to ensure these changes. Make sure to check with the laws in your state before installing a tail tidy on your bike.


Your bike definitely needs a stunning makeover. Fortunately, tail tidy is the best way to do so. At Carorbis, you can find premium tail tidies online from recognized brands at the best price. Order from the comfort of your home and buy the most authentic and high-quality tail tidy in India. Our delivery speed is unmatched and the cost is the lowest of any other retailers. Access FREE delivery for products about the purchase of INR 500. Carorbis also offers cash on delivery by paying an amount of only INR 40. While shopping from, you don’t have to worry about the fitting or the durability of our products. You can always exchange the products if you aren’t completely satisfied and get a refundable return.


Q 1. Where to buy the best tail tidy for bikes?

Ans. When it comes to high-quality motorcycle parts, Carorbis truly offers it all. Our wide range of tail tidies helps to enhance the aesthetic of your motorcycle in one go. If you aren't psyched about how the fender looks, you can swap it with a stunning tail tidy to give your motorcycle a tidier appearance. We provide tail tidy from several reputed brands suitable for all kinds of motorbikes. The tail tidy prices at Carorbis are extremely budget-friendly and the quality is unmatched from any online retailer.

Our motto is to offer you nothing but premium quality products that offer the best result possible for your motorcycle. We take immense pride in offering exceptional service to our customers, so feel free to reach out to us when in need.

Q 2. What are the pros and cons of tail tidy?

Ans. The Pro: In short definition, tail tidy cleans up the rear end of the motorcycle. The Con: Legality is a considerable point. Make sure the licence plate is well displayed and lit to be seen clearly.

Q 3. What is the best tail tidy price?

Ans. Carorbis offers the best price range for premium tail tidies in India. Shop from a wide range of tail tidy online, designed lightweight, UV-resistant, powder-coated and easy to install.

Q 4. What are the benefits of tail tidy?

Ans. Here’s how a tail tidy transform your bike appearance completely -

  1. Get rid of the bulky, and big plastic license plate holder.
  2. Transform your average-looking bike into a stylish and race-like machine.
  3. It’s the cheapest way and easier to enhance the bike's look from behind.

Q 5. What to look for while buying a tail tidy?

Ans. Here are the features to look for in tail tidy before opening your wallet.

  1. Bike Compatibility -

    - Tail tidies are designed for specific models of bike so make sure to invest in the right kit.
  2. License plate and signal compatibility -

    Make sure the tail tidy sits compatible with your bikes specific license plate and signal.
  3. Ease of Installation -

    Don’t waste your blood, sweat and tears on installing an unfitting tail tidy on your bike.
  4. Quality -

    Invest in durable and high-quality tail tidy kit that isn’t likely to break in a short span.