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The Ultimate Balance Between Refinement and Performance With Fuelx Autotune - Pro and Lite!

FuelX Autotune is a fuel optimization device that primarily improves the smoothness and overall performance of a motorcycle's engine, rather than focusing solely on increasing performance. It does this by refining and enhancing the fuel mixture delivered to the engine.

FuelX Pro and FuelX Lite are piggyback ECUs specifically in the area of fuel management. The Pro version comes with 10 different maps that can be selected based on the specific modifications made to the motorcycle, and also includes a handlebar map switch. The Lite version, on the other hand, only comes with a single autotune map. The Autotune maps are used to optimize the fuel-air ratio for the specific motorcycle to improve performance, fuel efficiency, and emission.

FuelX is a performance tuning product that is used to optimize the fuel-air ratio for a motorcycle. By using the appropriate map and making adjustments as needed, it ensures that the engine is operating within safe and optimal zones, without over-stressing the engine. This helps to improve the engine performance, fuel economy, and reduce exhaust emissions of the motorcycle.

What Are the Advantages of Fuelx Autotune?

  1. FuelX Autotune is an electronic plug-in device that optimizes fuel injection for motorcycle engines
  2. Constantly monitors and adapts to engine conditions, wear and tear, riding style, and environmental factors
  3. The device claims to enhance performance by providing smoother and cooler engine operation, increased torque, better throttle response, and enhanced engine life
  4. The FuelX Pro variant comes with 10 switchable autotune maps that can be selected based on the rider's or bike's requirements
  5. Can be easily installed without any special tools or expertise, is water and heat-resistant, shockproof, and works at all altitude levels
  6. Handlebar-mounted map switch allows you to change maps on the fly.
  7. FuelX Pro and FuelX Lite are designed to be standalone modules and can be used independently of other electronic control units (ECUs) such as Powertronic. It can also be used in conjunction with other ECUs, such as Powertronic, to achieve a balance between performance and refinement. However, using both FuelX and Powertronic together is recommended for the best results.
  8. FuelX is designed to be a plug-and-play system, which means it can be easily installed in under 15 minutes with no special tools or expertise required.
  9. The FuelX module connects to the lambda sensor connector, which is typically found on the exhaust manifold.
  10. While FuelX can improve the performance of the bike, it is not as focused on performance enhancements as other electronic control units such as Powertronic ECU. Instead, it mainly focuses on refinement and enhancing the engine.

However, FuelX will improve the throttle response which will give you more smooth and precise control over the bike. It also reduces stalling, reduces downshifts, increases power, better throttle response, the engine operates cooler, and it enhances engine lifetime.

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