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With more than 30 million cars being manufactured in India every year, you need something to make your car stand out of the crowd and that too with an impression. Car interior accessories are a smart, and efficient way to decorate and personalize your beloved vehicle. You want car accessories interior that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also very functional.

If you are looking for the right interior accessories for your vehicle, is the only place you want to head to. Carorbis houses a vast variety of car accessories to fit different needs. So, no matter if you are a comfort-seeker, or just someone who wants to beautify and amp-up his interiors, Carorbis has something for everyone.


What are the top things you consider while buying a new car? Well, the price, car type (is it a sedan, a hatchback or an SUV?), features, powertrain options and interiors, right? These are the most prominent aspects that influence the buying behaviour of an average car buyer. We all know that technology is redefining mobility at an unprecedented rate. Okay, just one last question: what is that one thing that gets outdated very soon compared to other things in a car? The answer is the car accessories interior.

The advent of technology has trickled some revolutionary innovations in car interiors, making your prized possession’s interior feel obsolete in no time. So, before you grab your phone and ask Google, “what are the best accessories for car interior?” Just scroll down and have a look as we bring you the best accessories to elevate the appeal of your car interior.


The car’s interior is the one thing you see, touch and interact with the most whenever you are on the road. Hence, you must have access to a comprehensive car interior accessories list that features pleasing yet practical accessories to change the vibe in your car’s passenger cabin.

The car interior parts’ names and the description mentioned below have been curated while keeping the need and nuances of every day driving. Let’s get started!

  1. Portable Air Purifier and Perfume

    If there’s one car interior accessory that’s needed the most in today’s day and age, it’s a portable air purifier for your car’s interior. Clean air is crucial to keep lungs in a healthy state, given the current spread of coronavirus. Not only that, in most of the Indian metropolitan cities, the air quality index is plunging rapidly. Hence, having an air purifier installed in your car while you are out on the road will definitely be a smart choice.

    Some of the recently launched cars have factory-fitted air purifiers by OEMs (especially from the likes of Hyundai and Kia.) However, if your vehicle does not have one, you can always opt for the aftermarket ones with a plug-n-play functionality. Just plug in the 12V socket in the car’s dashboard, and it will start filtering out the impurities in your car’s cabin. If you are willing to spend some more money, you can also go for the portable car air purifiers with an integrated perfume dispenser..
  2. Mini Trash Can

    If you are talking about the best accessories for car interior and not including a mini trash can in your car interior accessories list, then you are missing out on an important one. Cleanliness drives have been a widespread implementation throughout the country for quite some time now. That mini trash can kept in your car’s interior will help you support India’s Swacchh Bharat campaign to a greater extent.

    We know that car interior can get messy real quick, more so if you regularly travel with a group of people (Damn, I miss those road trips.) Hence, you shouldn’t mind shelling a few bucks, given the amount of relief a neat and tidy car interior brings along. Not to forget, they also eliminate the sudden urge to throw the leftover waste out as soon as you have finished eating or drinking something.

    For those who are not familiar with the concept of mini trash cans in the car interior, these are portable dustbins that can fit almost anywhere in your car. However, the best place for them is your cupholders in the centre console since they are within easy reach of everyone in the car. Just insert them there and do your bit to keep your city, roads and car clean.
  3. Car Console Side Storage

    Taking a centre seat in the car interior parts names is an intuitive product known as Car console side storage. Well, how many of you have gone through the misery of your phone or wallet sliding under the seat from that tiny gap between the seat and the centre console? Most of us have faced this ordeal. But the car console side storage is something that not only takes this glitch away but also adds practicality to your car’s interior.

    You just need to attach side storage to the storage bin to the centre console with the strap-on attachments, and voila, new storage space is created in the car’s cabin without much fitting and fiddling around. It is best used to keep the smartphones in place as most cars today do not have a dedicated smartphone holder. The storage’s space proximity to the 12V output socket in the car makes it the ideal choice for people who want to charge their phones while driving.
  4. Sun Shades

    Sun shades have to be the most important accessory, especially when you live in India as summers in India can be very extreme. Sun shades are also very useful when you want to enjoy a private ride.
  5. Memory Foam Neck Pillow

    What if I told you that your car could have a Mercedes S-Class’ feature in your car as well without costing a fortune? Say hello, to the memory foam neck pillow! While it wraps and supports your neck during those tiring hours on the road and makes your journey a comfortable one. Hence, the memory foam neck pillow ranks high on our list of car interior accessories.
  6. Car Trunk Organiser

    Do you also get annoyed by the jumbled loose luggage in your car’s trunk? Well, here’s the perfect solution for you - the car trunk organiser neatly tucks the small items in your car’s trunk in one place. Not only it does an excellent job to the trunk’s belongings in one place, but you can also keep your car’s essentials such as the puncture repair kit and the owner’s manual safely.
  7. Mood Lightings

    Mood lighting has to be the best accessory for car interior. Mood lights can instantly amp up the show as lightings play a central role in defining the theme and mood of any car interior. You can get LED light strips to decorate the edges of your dashboard and windows to make for a fairy lighting aesthetic or you can look for LED floor mats that fill the car interior with colors.
  8. Car Ceiling Light Projector

    Give your car the ‘Rolls Royce’ feature! Well, the car ceiling light projector is not anywhere close as it can get to RR’s Starlight Headliner, but yeah, it does the job just fine. And that too, without you having to rob a bank. The car ceiling light projector is a plug-n-play interior lighting gadget that, as suggested by its name, projects light on the car’s interior ceiling.

    Not just mere dots or shadows, it can project dynamic patterns as well, which will definitely elevate the overall appeal of your car’s interior while you roll down the street in style.
  9. Vacuum Cleaner

    If you are a clean-freak, you just can’t do without a handy vacuum cleaner to maintain the hygiene of your car. A must-have car interior accessory, vacuum cleaner must be lightweight, portable, and powerful.

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Keep yourself in trend with exclusive collections of car parts and accessory from these international brands, only at

  1. Bosch

    The Bosch Group is a household name when it comes to automobile parts and interior car accessories in India. Renowned for its superior quality, Bosch produces a range of car interior products like portable charger, high pressure detergent nozzle and high pressure washer. Tap here to find more products from Bosch..
  2. Jelly Belly

    Jelly Belly hosts a versatile range of delicious, long-lasting, and refreshing fragrances. The variety of flavours include 22 variants like bubblegum, blueberry, tutti-frutti, cherry, and many more. Find more Jelly Belly flavours by tapping on this link..
  3. Michelin

    While the brand is most popular for its super quality tyres, Michelin is also an amazing manufacturer of car accessories for interior where the most popular one has to be the Michelin Man Air Freshener. Click on this link to find more about Michelin products..
  4. Mann-Filter

    Mann-Filter specialises in car air filters. It produces air filters for a variety of Indian car models in different price ranges.Tap here for details..
  5. Osram

    Osram is a Germany-based brand that strives to offer the most sustainable lighting solutions for cars, bikes, and other vehicles. The product portfolio includes fog lights, head lights, halogen bulbs, etc. Find more lighting solutions from Osram here..
  6. Softspun

    Softspun specialises in cleaning solutions for Cars and bikes like microfiber cleaning towels and gloves in a variety of colours and microfiber materials. Find more from Softspun through this link..

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Carorbis is an initiative to bring ahead a vast, versatile, and comprehensive collection of automobile parts and car interior accessories. It provides every kind of accessories for the interior of a car like car seat covers, car mats, seat organisers, car cleaners, steering covers, phone mount, etc. With an ever-growing customer base, Carorbis strives to satisfy its customers with authentic products and liberal shipping and returns policies. Here are some of the many reasons to make your only destination when you want to shop for interior car accessories:

  1. 100% Original Products

    Carorbis collaborates with the most trusted and fully verified sellers from around the world. This ensures the genuine and premium quality of products we offer to our products. Also, all the products at Carorbis undergo detailed and strict quality audits and checks before they are sent out for delivery..
  2. Budget-Friendly Price Range

    We don’t want you to wait for your next salary to be able to upgrade your car interiors. Shop for the best quality car interior accessories at the most affordable prices exclusively from We are able to do so as we source products straight from the producer and thus, cut the middleman costs.
  3. Free Shipping

    Carorbis also offers free shipping on all orders you purchase above INR 1000 so you don’t have to pay considerable amounts of money only to be able to enjoy the perks of online shopping.
  4. Express Delivery

    Most online stores would take more than a week to deliver their orders. Carorbis, on the other hand, provides a 24 hour dispatch service where we dispatch products within 24 hours of the order so that the product can reach your doorstep in less than 3-5 working days.
  5. Cash on Delivery

    Now you can choose to pay for your online order in cash right at your doorstep. Just pay an extra charge of INR 40 and you can avail the cash on delivery service.
  6. Easy Monthly Installments

    It can be painful to not be able to purchase something you desire due to shortage of cash. We understand this and therefore, Carorbis allows you to pay in small and easy equal monthly installments.
  7. World-Class Brands

    At, you can purchase car interior accessories from the most popular brands around the world. Bosch, Michelin, Geomex, Roots - you just name it and you get it.
  8. Secure Payments

    All your payments are 100% secure and safe at with secure server software. This particular technology encrypts critical information like your name, address, contact details and account details so they are safe and unhampered on the internet.
  9. 24*7 Customer Support

    At Carorbis, we believe in the philosophy that customer satisfaction is an art. Hence, we always strive and carve our policies in the most liberal and practical way. Also, our customer support team is always at stand-by to help you resolve your problems. Our customer support members are always willing to serve you with their utmost integrity and patience.


Looking for ‘cool car accessories near me’? End your search right here and hop on to to witness the vast and exciting variety of latest car interior accessories. You don’t need to rummage from one local store to another when you can just sit back in your loungewear and shop for world-class car accessories interior right from the comfort of your home.


Carorbis allows you to compare between different models of interior car accessories provided by the most popular brands. This helps you find just the right car accessories you need at the best possible price. The user-friendly interface adds to your comfort by presenting only the car interior design accessories most suitable for your vehicle. All you have to do is just enter your automobile’s year of manufacturing, model and engine type and the website will open into a page displaying all the car accessory products fit for your vehicle.


Q 1. How can I upgrade my car interior?

Ans. There's an impressive variety of best interior car accessories that you can use to upgrade your car like fancy and bold seat covers, LED floor lights, steering wheel and pedal pads, car mats and carpets, etc.

Q 2. How can I customize my car interior?

Ans. You can easily customise your car interior by adding some suitable accessories for the interior of a car like seat covers, steering wheel covers, mood lightings, car interior accessories for dashboard, organisers and car mats. Don't forget to add your favourite fragrance for a more personalized environment.

Q 3. Where can I buy accessories for my car?

Ans. Carorbis is a one stop solution for every kind of car accessories that you need. The huge variety includes air filters and purifiers, cabin lights, car floor mats, charging port, fans, vacuum cleaners, sun shades, and many more. Tap on this link to shop for car interior accessories on

Q 4. How can I make my car interior beautiful?

Ans. You can add colour and texture to your car interior through aesthetic seat covers and mats. Adding some fairy or mood lightings on the roof or dashboard edges is also a great idea. Don't forget to adore your dashboard with a statement accessory like a gorgeous dream charmer.

Q 5: How can I protect my car interior?

Ans. The most important thing to do is to protect your vehicle from the Sun. Make sure to always park your car in the shade.