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Imagine racing down a terribly constructed path, crossing mounds, ditches, and many hurdles at a high speed then suddenly hit with a deadlock. At this point, the adventurous bike ride stops abruptly and so does your enthusiasm.

It’s clear to you that something is wrong but what to point at? Is it your motor, fuel tank, or water pump? The trouble remains a mystery until you take your bike to a professional and spend a handful of money to fix the problem.

The abrupt stop can leave you stranded and confused. Luckily, you can escape such trouble by getting a good bash plate. It will protect your dirt bike from a wide range of potential damage and keep you at peace while driving.

Bash plate is inexpensive, so it ends up saving thousands of money from hefty repairs. Carorbis is undisputedly the best place to shop premium motorcycle parts including bash plates.

We like to encourage our customers to take the saying “protection is always better than cure” to heart. The phrase applies greatly to preceding several motorcycle damages. You can prevent a great degree of trouble by using bash plates for your motorcycle.

At Carorbis, we have a great range of durable motorcycle bash plates from 100% genuine manufacturers and distributors. Shop high-quality bash plates from hundreds of trusted motorcycle brands at the lowest price. Buy bash plate online to protect the underside of your bike from damage and road debris.


Bash plates are used on the underside of your motorcycle. It is used on any bike or vehicle that requires protection from rocky roads, debris, and mounds. Bash plates to prevent any damages done to the water pump, oil reservoir, motor, fuel tank, and transmission.

You can choose bash plates depending on their design. If you want to protect your exhaust when it runs beneath the motor, bash plates come to great use. All off-road, race, or dirt motorcycles require a great quality bash plate to ensure the vehicle is protected from all sorts of dangers of the trail.

You want to consider checking the right fitting before buying a bash plate. People living on the rocky roadside or those who often drive on dangerous roads should especially consider choosing the right size bash plate.

Motorcycle bash plates are made up of aluminum, hardened plastic, steel, or a combination of any two or more to provide better protection to the vehicle.


  1. Material -

    You can choose bash plates based on their material type. Most excellent quality bash plates are manufactured from steel, steel alloy, or aluminum. While some bash plates are also made from mild steel or aluminum with either powder coated or zinc coated.

  2. Weight -

    There’s a wide variety of different weights and densities of bash plates. Lightweight bash plates are considered strong enough for general motorbikes that are capable of surviving occasional knocks. Whereas a much solid and heavier bash plate is suitable for off-road motorcycles.

    Lightweight bash plates simply won’t withstand the repeated and deliberate impacts of a dirt bike. We recommend getting aluminum bash plates for better protection while also being lightweight. It doesn’t add extra weight to your vehicle.

  3. Thickness -

    Bash plates made up of steel measure 3 to 4 mm in thickness. While mild steel bash plates are quite heavy and highly prone to cracking. Stainless steel bash plates are costly and quite thick and heavy.

    The downside of using stainless steel bash is developing cracks over time and adding extreme weight to the vehicle. Aluminum bash plates measure 4 to 6 mm. It’s the lightest one, and the most in-demand. It is sought after for its great abrasion and impact resistance.

  4. Thickness -

    Bash plates made up of steel measure 3 to 4 mm in thickness. While mild steel bash plates are quite heavy and highly prone to cracking. Stainless steel bash plates are costly and quite thick and heavy.

    The downside of using stainless steel bash is developing cracks over time and adding extreme weight to the vehicle. Aluminum bash plates measure 4 to 6 mm. It’s the lightest one, and the most in-demand. It is sought after for its great abrasion and impact resistance.


You require a well-understanding of bash plates before opening up your wallet. Once you know what you are looking for, finding a suitable bash plate is a piece of cake. Here are the vital points to consider when buying bash plates online -

  1. Replace Factory Fitted Bash Plate -

    If your motorcycle comes with standard factory-fitted bash plates, then consider getting it changed. Pre-fitted bash plates are quite basic, not robust enough to withstand a great number of roach attacks or protect your vehicle from large rocks or longs at a high speed.

    Factory-fitted bash plates might work for a few months, but not any longer. It’s designed to provide enough protection for vehicles driven in suburban settings. It’s not equipped for rough roadsides, so replace it with a better one as soon as possible.

  2. Water Pump Protection -

    Bash plates must provide water pump protection at all costs. However, not all bash plates offer protection for your water pump. Some riders don’t take safeguarding the water pump very seriously. Thus, consider buying a bash plate that ensures protecting the underside of the bike and the water pump.

  3. Style -

    The style matters greatly! Fitting a bash plate is a very noticeable change done to your vehicle. It can ruin or shine your motorcycle, and it’s all up to you to decide. You can opt for a complimenting bash plate that will transform the look of your bike.

    Take your motorcycle’s color, style, and overall aesthetic into consideration when choosing a particular design. The plate must come with a stunning combination of better protection and style. You can choose between the two basic surface types. Few dirt bikes look great with a polished exterior. While others work better with a black performance polymer coated plate.

  4. Power Washing -

    Many cheap bash plates made out of plastic come with a flimsy fixture and mounting. If the fitting is not strong, the effectiveness of the bash plate can be questionable. To check if your bash plate is fitted securely, give it a power washing using a high-pressure hose.

    If the bash plate remains at its position after a minute or successfully sustains pressure then it’s fitted properly. Always carry out power washing whenever you are wary of the product’s quality or fitting.

  5. Clearance -

    You will lose a bit of clearance once you install a bash plate on your motorcycle. The bash plate’s design often determines the amount of clearance you will lose. To prevent losing a lot of clearance, look for high-quality bash plates that create a smooth surface as far as possible.

    Make sure you don’t lose out on too much clearance, especially if you are an avid off-roader. Once the bash plate is fitted, there’s nothing that could penetrate it and drag it beneath your vehicle.

  6. Button Head Bolts -

    The ease of the fitting is an excellent point of consideration. Button head bolts are often the most favored choice of mounting. If your bash plates aren’t supplied with standard bolts, consider buying a few.

    Their low, and rounded design makes them perfect for creating a smooth surface without a sharp projection. All kinds of mounting and mounting bolts are made up of stainless steel for maintaining durability while also granting the best fitting.

  7. Lower Engine Noise -

    Installing a bash plate is prone to create a notable level of noise if there’s any vibration happening. You can prevent the vibration using single-sided sticky foam tape with a plastic exterior to secure the bash plate properly.

    Use the tape both inside and outside of your bash plate for proper installation. It lowers the noise by reducing any kind of vibration. Cut strips of tape and apply them in areas between the hooks and arms. Put the tape inside and outside wherever you suspect the seal might break. This will help to reduce the noise levels greatly.


    Shop a wide range of bash plates online at Carorbis for tough protection. All bash plates at Carorbis are made from high-quality material to ensure secure fitting and snug on your dirt bike.

    You can shop from thousands of genuine manufacturers and distributors online. Carorbis provides the best bash plate for the most popular dirt bike brands and models.

    It’s for everyone who likes to push the limits while dirt biking without ever getting stranded. Our tough bash plates can take all kinds of abuse and protect your bike’s vital parts at all times.


    If you are still looking for the best “bash plate near me” then consider giving up. Why sweat so much when the solution is just a minute away? Head over to Carorbis and find a wide variety of premium bash plates suitable for motorcycles.

    If you are still on the fence, here are the top reasons why you must choose Carorbis for your motorcycle needs -

    1. 100% Original Products -

      When shopping at Carorbis, original and high-quality products are always a guarantee. All our automotive parts and accessories are sold by certified and genuine manufacturers and distributors from across the globe.

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      Shop premium bash plates and other motorcycle accessories from trusted and leading brands. You get a wide range of options to choose from, making your shopping experience great joy. You will find premium brands that meet your requirements and budget.

    3. Secure Payment -

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      Carorbis offers cash on delivery service for an additional price of INR 40 only.

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      If you hate to pay for the additional delivery charges, then Carorbsi got an offer for you. Get free home delivery for every purchase above INR 500.

    6. 24 Hour Dispatch -

      If you also don’t like waiting for your products online, then get your hands on Carorbis free 24-hour dispatch. Your products will be delivered within 24 hours. However 24-hour dispatch isn’t applicable to all products, some products take 3 to 5 working days.

    7. Free Returns -

      If, by any chance, you ever receive a damaged or hampered product from Carorbis, you can easily apply for refundable returns.

    8. 24 x 7 Customer Support -

      Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority. We are just one call or email away from you. In case of any query, question, or advice, feel free to reach out to us at any hour of the day.


    Q 1. Where to buy a bash plate online?

    Ans. You can buy high-quality bash plates online at Carorbis for the lowest price. Choose from top brands and affordable pricing, color, and style. Carorbis sources only genuine OEM sellers and distributors for ensuring customers get only reliable and durable automotive parts and accessories.

    Q 2. Should I get a bash plate for my dirt bike?

    Ans. Yes, absolutely! Bash plates protect against bending and denting frames. The two main reasons to buy a bash plate - high-performance and gliding abilities. A proper bash plate protects you against any mishaps on a difficult road.

    Q 3. Why do you need a bash plate for your bike?

    Ans. Bash plate is a vital accessory for dirt bikes. It is attached to the bottom frame of your dirt bike to provide excellent protection. The bash plate protects the frame of your dirt bike as well as essential parts like water pump, hose guard, frame mounts, linkage, and more.

    Q 4. Are bash plates worth it?

    Ans. Yes! Bash plates are important for protecting your bike against harsh roads.

    Q 5. What is the average price of bash plates?

    Ans. The average price of bash plates online is between INR 4000 to 5000. However, you can find high-quality bash plates at a reasonable price from Carorbis. Invest in premium quality bash plates without burning your pocket.

    Q 6. How to install bash plates?

    Ans. It’s very simple to install a bash plate. Most people don’t even require the help of a mechanic or workshop. You will notice a standard mounting present in your motorcycle for the bash plate.

    Fitting the bash plate requires one to three bolts, fasten it tightly to secure the plate to its place. The bolts come with a bash plate. If you are buying a bash plate kit then consider using the foam damper. Fit the dampers but make sure the surface of the bash plate is entirely clean.

    The dampers are used to reduce engine noise as bash plates increase it significantly. The presence of rubbers will help to decrease the noise and provide a better riding experience. The best quality bash plates require no more than one or two bolts. It makes removal and maintenance of the bash plates quite easy and quick.