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Designed with smartphones in mind, a mobile holder is a sleek, innovative and durable device that has 360-degree rotation and a clip holder to keep the mobile in place.

The Mobile Holder is a rock-solid car mount designed to keep your mobile devices safe while you drive. It can be clipped easily onto the dash of your vehicle, and as long as you have a sturdy grip on it, you'll never lose your phone!

A mobile holder’s unique design allows access to all its ports and buttons while driving. Its rotating arm gives 360-degree rotation and can also vertically tilt to give the best viewing angle.

Mobile holders usually have a universal fit and can be used with any smartphone or phone case. They feature a powerful suction cup to mount on the dashboard or windshield of the car. You don’t have to worry about the mobile holder falling off while you are driving.

Its strong mounting point on the dashboard, windscreen or A/c vent allows you to see notifications with ease. The mobile holder allows you to view videos and movies handsfree while driving comfortably.

Some mobile holders offer wireless charging for your phone. You can charge your phone without the hassle of cables or wires. This type of mobile holder is indeed a convenient device that keeps your phone charged.


Mobile holders are an innovative and stylish way to mount and use your phone while driving. They often are of superior quality and good durability. Most mobile holders come with a 360-degree arm which allows you to rotate the phone for different apps while driving. This comes in handy especially with navigation apps that call for a hands-free driving experience for convenience and comfort.

The mobile holder comes with a powerful suction cup that secures the mobile holder extremely well to the windscreen or dashboard and even the A/c vent.

The mobile holder has dimensions that are suitable for almost all smartphones due to adjustable clips and mounting points.

The 360-degree rotating car mount allows you to quickly and easily mount the mobile holder to your car window, home window or even in the office.

The solid and sturdy mobile holder mounts on the dashboard or windshield with ease and is designed to hold mobile phones or tablets up to 10 inches.

Some mobile holders have a powerful and advanced suction vacuum lock providing the best stability and safety when driving.


Mobile holders for bikes are usually seen on delivery personnel’s motorcycles. The reason is that delivery personnel require a way to navigate to their destination hands-free while riding. Mobile holders for bikes are quite popular for those who need to keep an eye on the road while getting navigation directions. Some mobile holders for bikes come with chargers to keep your phone charged while on the move. If you are constantly on the move, looking for new locations on your bike, then this is the gadget you must get.Some people use mobile holders for bikes to livestream their journey on social media. The fixed grips on the mobile holders secure the phone in place even on rugged terrain. A mobile holder with 360-degree rotation is always good for apps that have to be used in different modes.

Thanks to these unique mobile holders you can access all apps on your phone, camera, phone calls and videos on your bike while on the move. There are several brands to choose from.

Smart phones have become an essential part of our lives ever since its inception. Our dependency on mobile phones leads us to have them with us even while riding our motorcycles. With the smartphone being used in place of the wallet with digital currency etc, it has become increasingly important that our phones are within our arms reach.

Bike mobile holders come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and shapes each one suiting a different need. Apart from motorcycle ignition keys, a strong helmet, wallet, smart phone, the mobile holder for our smartphones has become an essential that we carry with us on every bike trip.

Why Have a Mobile Stand for Bikes?

vWhen going on long bike rides, navigation apps like Google maps are required. Riding the bike and holding the phone can prove to be very uncomfortable and not safe. It would also be a strain on our neck and back to constantly look sideways at the phone that is held by a pillion rider.

A mobile holder not only keeps your phone in place giving you a hands free experience, it also helps you navigate through apps, answer phone calls, send messages or listen to music without interfering with your motorcycle riding experience. The mobile holder is a sturdy stand that helps you navigate through traffic and unknown roads.


Bike mobile holders are a little different from car mobile holders because they don’t come with a suction cup. Bike mobile holders are fixed to the handle bar with a nut and bolt fitting as per the motorcycle riders’ convenience. The different types of materials that are used in bike mobile holders are aluminium, steel, cast iron, bronze, plastic, etc.

Bike mobile holders are inexpensive and can be bought based on the rider's budget, phone size and travel destinations.

Car’s usually have the privilege of charging mobile phones while on a trip. A cable that connects to the cigarette lighter is enough to charge the mobile phone while driving. Bike’s can also have the option of charging mobile phones while riding.

While on a bike trip we would need to use Google maps for navigation, the camera for capturing snapshots and the phone for making calls. All these activities drain the mobile phones battery and in such cases we need a way to charge the phone. Wall chargers will not be of much use because there is nowhere to plug it in. We need a usb charger that connects to the bike’s battery or electrical system. Some bike mobile holders have the provision to charge the mobile phone via a USB cable.

A bike phone holder keeps your mobile safe, and provides a secure solution no matter the type of terrain you are planning to traverse. Look for excellent bike mobile holders on and get discounts from your favourite automobile accessory e-store.


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