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The low rider seat is designed for cruiser motorcycles which are characterized by their long wheelbase and relaxed riding position. A motorcycle's seat height can be adjusted to accommodate the rider's driving posture, but this makes it difficult to put your feet on the ground while standing outside of the motorcycle. If you do not plan to ever let go of handlebars when stopping, then a low-riding seat like this will make your life easier because you can sit down with both legs in one side. Low Rider seat is mainly made of high-density foam padding covered with black vinyl or leather. Made specifically to maximize comfort while maintaining style for men, women and children alike. With all these specifications, the Low Rider seat also makes riders look like real macho-rider

How are the low rider seats made of?

Low Rider seat is mainly made of high-quality foam padding covered with genuine or faux leather or vinyl. The material used in the production process determines the comfort and durability of the Low Rider seat. For example, superior quality foam can provide a soft-touch while being durable enough to withstand external influences over its lifetime. Genuine leather offers an extreme level of waterproofing that cannot be matched by faux leather. However, it requires more care to keep this material in good condition for prolonged use due to its susceptibility to scratches and humidity problems. Vinyl has similar characteristics as it can resist water but is less comfortable than both materials mentioned above. When you are planning to buy a Low Rider seat, firstly consider the amount of comfort and style that you want from your motorcycle.

What are the features of Low Rider seat?

Low Rider seat is designed for maximum comfort and style where it is always at the highest level of protection from rain, wind, snow or any kind of dust which can bother riders during their trips. Depending on what you’re looking out for in a new motorcycle saddle, choose between different styles that can be installed with ease on your bike.

What is Low Rider seat made of?

1933 is considered a landmark year when Harley-Davidson introduced FX motorcycles which were equipped with an aluminum alloy Low Rider seat instead of a traditional leather one. By using lightweight metal part, engineers managed to reduce weight of bikes by two pounds without sacrificing comfort or ease in riding. This important feature was later incorporated into all motorcycle seats produced by Harley Davidson. It has become industry standard for all motorcycles made today. Low Rider seat for bikes is usually made of aluminum alloy or chrome-plated steel that can withstand wear and tear over a prolonged period of time.

Why should you choose a Low Rider seat from Carorbis?

Looking for a stylish, durable, and comfortable motorcycle saddle for your bike? Carorbis offers the widest range of car seats including floorboards and footrests with different sizes to fit all types of Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as choppers. Carorbis provide only premium brands that manufacture high-quality materials such as genuine leather (available in black, brown, tan), faux leather (in several colors), vinyl (in several colors), and mesh (for easy cleaning). All these low rider sears ensure durability and style that will suit any taste.

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Carorbis offers a large selection of motorcycle accessories including low rider seats and all models of bikes including Harley Davidson motorcycles. You can also choose from several colors or styles when you want to buy Low Rider seat …Now let’s ride!