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Similar to every new thing, the fresh smell, and shine of your vehicle stay for a very short time. If you want to recover the new scent and shine, get a car seat cleaner to keep your car interiors top-notch.

If you commute daily, then your car seats are more prone to getting dirty or having stains on them. The impurities hurt the look of your car seats, making them look old only within a few months of use.

You have to take extra care of your car to keep it looking great, new, and shiny even after years of driving. This is where cleaner for car seats come to great use. These car seat cleaners focus on cleaning leather, vinyl, or plastic car seats effortlessly.

Whether you have leather, fabric, or vinyl car seats, it’s bound to get greasy or dusty at some point. No matter how hard you try to prevent getting spills, grime, or stains, we are human after all, mistakes occur.

Unless you are keeping your car seats wrapped in plastic covers as your overprotective parents did to the new remote or sofa, you will need a high-quality car seat cleaner to keep the seats squeaky clean.

If you are looking for a great car seat cleaner online, lucky for you, Carorbis offers numerous premium products. Choose from dozens of car seat cleaners from leading brands at the lowest rate. Buy online car seat cleaner from Carorbis for a safer and deep clean.

Carorbis' wide range of car seats clean offers a high level of protection for your plastic, rubber, fabric, and vinyl car seats while also adding sparkling shine. Each product works perfectly to remove stubborn stains and odors from your car interiors, presenting you with a feel-good and clean ambiance.

Carorbis car seat cleaners clean stains and dirt within a few minutes while leaving no residue. It gets your job done without leaving its presence.


Car seats are pretty easy to clean. At the same time, car seats are also most likely to get dirty due to the constant contact with drivers and passengers. In other words, you are the one who’s getting the seats dirty. But hey, you can clean it too.


An average person sweats about 1.5 gallons a day. During summers or hot temperatures, you are even more likely to sweat. And it’s just not sweating, your body also picks up dust, oil, and any other contaminants on your clothes and attaches it to the car seats.

Cleaning the car seats can be difficult depending upon their materials. Following are the material car seats are mostly made up of -

  1. Leather -

    Leather car seats are easy to clean, resilient, and pretty expensive. Leather seats have specifically designed car seat cleaners to keep the ride looking ultra-clean, along with waxing and conditioning.

  2. Vinyl -

    Vinyl car seats are also easy to clean, with a simple swipe, the work is pretty much done. Vinyl car seats get burning hot if you reside in hot areas, and acquire most of the sweat and stains from your body.

  3. Fabric -

    Fabric car seats are the most common seats. These are comfortable, spunky-looking with a variety of colors and patterns to complement the car’s interior decor. Fabric car seats are extremely comfortable during both hot and cold temperatures.

  4. Royal Enfield Bullet -

    Considered as the oldest motorcycle series that’s still in production, the Royal Enfield bullet is consistent with high performance and reliability. The model is the perfect modern-retro motorbike, available at affordable prices. Available in 350cc and 500cc engines, the motorcycle carries a minimalist design.

    The bike isn’t different from the older version, even the seats, and engine resemble it extremely. It’s present in two different colors, red and olive green that catches your eyes instantly.

A high-quality car seat cleaner fabric takes very little time to clean.


  1. Toxic Chemicals -

    The best car seat cleaner should be non-toxic and safe to use. If your seat cleaner contains toxic chemicals to clean grease, stains, and grime, it can affect your health as well.

    Car cleaners with toxic chemicals are a significant threat to your health and the environment as you are in closer contact with them. Consider getting water-based car cleaners since it’s not sticky or unsafe.

  2. Quality -

    Quality will determine the cleanliness of your car seats, so open up your wallet for a good product. Going for a cheap car seat cleaner for your expensive car isn’t a good investment.

    Steer clear of alcohol-based car seat cleaners. Choose the products cautiously as poor quality cleaners can also damage your seat.

  3. Choose the Right Fit -

    There are various kinds of car seat cleaners, depending on the material of the car seats. Whether you have vinyl, leather, or fabric car seats, choose the cleaner that’s ideal for a specific seat type or you’ll end up deteriorating the car seat.

    Vinyl car seats are easy to clean with the right kind of car seat cleaner. While leather seats require dedicated cleaner, wax, and a conditioner. Fabric car seats are also easy to clean, depending on the best-suited cleaner for this kind of seat.

  4. Effectiveness -

    The main goal of a car seat cleaner is to clean the seat properly leaving behind no room for residue. How effective is your car seat cleaner? Don’t fall for the tempting marketing, rather try and test out the product before settling with the right one.

    A perfect car seat cleaner must remove all kinds of stains. Whether the seat is filthy with drinks, food, or sweat stains, the seat cleaner must get rid of the stains as soon as possible. Apart from just cleaning the dirt away, a good car seat cleaner must also repel dust particles settling on the car seats.

  5. Durability -

    Isn’t it just tiring to clean your car seats every few minutes? Why not look for a car seat cleaner that offers a long-lasting cleanse. Durable car seat cleaners are made up of high-quality components that resist dirt and dust for a longer period.

  6. Scent -

    Don’t you hate when your car starts to smell like a dish you ate in there yesterday? The pungent smell comes from the leftover stains in your car. Get rid of a strong smell using a car seat cleaner with a powerful aromatic scent.

    The scent won’t impact the cleanliness of your car seats, it will, however, improve the comfort and sanitation of the ride. Before cleaning your car, check the scent of your car to notice the difference made by the cleaner.

    At times, the pungent smell can also impact your health, cause headaches and dizziness. So replace it with a wonderful flowery scent-based car seat cleaner.

  7. Ease of Using -

    If you routinely clean your car seats, then choose a car seat cleaner suited for regular cleaning, saving your time, or being too difficult to clean. But if your car is heavily messy, then you will require a better and large car cleaner to remove built-up or deep-set dirt and grime on the car seat.

    Based on how dirty your car is, you should prioritize choosing the cleaner that’s designed for intensive dirt cleaning.


Whether you have a leather, fabric, or vinyl interior, Carorbis offers a variety of car seat cleaners designed to keep your seat incredibly clean. Unlike other products, Carorbis car seat cleaners leave no residue or pose any threat to car seat material. Our car seat cleaner leather helps to preserve the leather strength, appearance, and overall durability of the fiber. While our car seat cleaner fabric works perfectly to remove stubborn stains and odors.

Most seat cleaners are ideal for getting rid of common stains such as grease, makeup, ink, coffee, and even tar. While many car seat cleaners are designed for multipurpose use, working on a range of surface cleaning. Carorbis’s car seat cleaners work excellent on leather, vinyl, carpet, rubber, plastic, and many other types of car seat material.

You can also go for car seat cleaners with fragrant scents to amplify your comfort. Each product smells nice and works pretty quickly to remove the stubborn stains. Carorbis is well-known for offering effective products, and our car seat cleaners are no exception.

Buy an affordable car seat cleaner at Carorbis, suitable for getting rid of all sorts of troubling stains. Our cleaners are engineered to lift the stains off your seat, keeping the interior of your car fresh. We’ve got car seat cleaners from leading brands to deliver premium performance at a reasonable price.

If you don’t want to waste any more time, shop online and get excellent quality products delivered to your door from Carorbis. We have everything you need for your cars and bikes.


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Each product sold at Carorbis is manufactured by the top-leading brands. Our car seat cleaners are engineered to tackle the dirtiest auto interiors with hideous stains. With no added chemicals, ammonia, and bleach, our car seat cleaners are toxic-free and safe to use.

Whether you are stressed over the stubborn dirt, food stains, or sweat patches on your seats, buy Carorbis car seat cleaner to remove and refresh your car interiors. Buy Car seat cleaner spray, car seat cleaner machine, and many more at a reasonable price today.

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Q 1. How to clean your own car seats?

Ans. You can clean your car seat using a car seat cleaner spray and a cleaning cloth. Use the spray over the stain and dirt on your seat, and clean it using the cloth for a few minutes to get rid of the stubborn marks.

Q 2. Where to buy a car seat cleaner?

Ans. Buy car seat cleaner online at Carorbis for the best price.

Q 3. How to clean the leather car seats?

Ans. Dampen a cleaning cloth using a leather seat cleaner and wipe down the seat surfaces. It’s that simple!

Q 4. What is the best way to clean dirty car seats?

Ans. Cleaning dirty stains from car seats made from vinyl or leather is quite easy. However, cleaning fabric car seats requires a bit of effort. Try not to let the stain settle on the car seat for too long. If the stain is fresh, clean the stain with a microfiber cloth or towel. Make sure not to rub the stain around, as it will spread even more.

Q 5. How do I clean both new and old stains?

Ans. It’s effective and easy to clean newer stains since they haven’t fully set into the car seat fabric yet. While old stains are difficult since they are difficult to get rid of.

However, Carorbis have a range of effective cleaners that effectively remove old and the most stubborn stains quickly. The old stains might require taking, don’t give up hope until the stain doesn’t fade off.

Q 6. Do you scrub or blot a stain?

Ans. It depends on the cleaner you own. If your car seat cleaner comes with a plastic brush, then you are supposed to scrub around the stain. If your car seat is made up of delicate fabric, then blotting is the right way to get rid of the stain without damaging the fabric.

Blotting or scrubbing mostly depends on the stain. If the stain is fresh, then blotting will immediately get rid of it. Older, and stubborn stains require serious scrubbing to get them off the fabric.

Q 7. Can I use carpet cleaner on car seats?

Ans. No! Carpet cleaner is much stronger than car seat cleaner. If you use a carpet cleaner, you will risk damaging the sensitive fabric of the car seat.

Q 8. How do you clean car seats without leaving water stains?

Ans. You can clean your car seats using a high-quality car seat cleaner that dries off quickly, leaving behind no residue.

Q 9. Can I clean my car seats with soap and water?

Ans. We don’t recommend a DIY cleaning solution for cleaning your car seats as it can damage the material. Plus, these DIY solutions aren’t always effective and take a long time to dry off. Choose professional cleaning agents like car seat cleaners to get rid of permanent stains and keep the car interior incredibly clean.

Q 10. Can you pressure wash car seats?

Ans. You should never pressure car seats.