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Car and bike headlight bulbs and indicators are critical components as they allow you to drive safely in adverse weathers like rain, fog, and snow. Headlight bulbs and indicators dim and fade overtime. Hence, they need to be replaced after every few years. At Carorbis, you can find an impressive variety of top-notch replacement bulbs for car and bike headlight and indicators at the most affordable prices.


There are many reasons why you should be wanting to change the factory-installed headlight bulbs or indicators on your vehicle:

  1. If the factory-installed headlights and indicators aren’t bright enough, you can upgrade them with brighter replacement car or bike headlight bulbs.

  2. If your headlight’s beams have become shaky and uneven, then it is probably time to replace them.

  3. LED bulbs are better than halogens and xenons as they allow you to see more clearly on the road.

  4. Replacing the headlight bulbs or indicators for bike and car also amps-up the appearance of the vehicle.


With the overwhelming types and variety of car and bike headlight bulbs available in India, it can get confusing to pick the one compatible and most suitable for your vehicle’s model. Read below for a few things to consider when choosing a headlight bulb:

  1. Types of headlight bulb-

    According to the lighting mechanism, there are different bike and car headlight bulb types:
    • LED -

      Car and bike headlight bulbs LED are the most preferred choice as they provide bright light without consuming too much electricity. They are bright enough to provide a clear view of the road but not too bright to bother other drivers on the road. However, the initial fitting cost of LED bulbs can be higher.

    • Halogen -

      Halogen headlight bulbs utilise a mixture of gases with an electricity-generated filament to provide bright light. These are also very popular for their long lifespan and low replacement costs.

    • Xenon -

      Xenon headlight bulbs are the brightest of all bulb types and they don't even consume as much power. However, xenon bulbs are too bright and a lot of times they are even problematic and annoying for other riders, drivers, and passerby on the road.

  2. The right headlight fitting -

    The fitting of bike and car headlight bulbs depends on the shape and size of their base. Only the size compatible for your car’s model will fit in place of the headlights. Hence, you need to know the right fitting for your vehicle. Here are some methods to do so:

    • The first and the best thing to do is refer to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s users manual.

    • The headlight bulb already installed on your automobile also comes imprinted with its type of fitting. Turn the bulb upside down and you’ll find the fitting on its base.

    • You can also take a recommendation from a local repair shop person.

    • Another way to find the right fitting bulb is to look for ‘headlight bulb size finder’ online. Here you have to fill in the model and manufacturing year of your automobile and the software presents the right bulb fitting for your car’s headlights.

  3. Key features -

    Here are some key features that you must look for in the car or bike headlight bulb you choose:

    • Weatherproofing -

      While headlight bulbs are shielded by the glass cover, rain, dirt, and dust can still find their way in. Hence, it’s better to choose bulbs with a weatherproofing feature.

    • Lighting mechanism -

      Each type of bulb, that is halogen, xenon, and LEDs use a different lighting mechanism which determines the amount of energy consumed by them. Hence, choose the one most suitable for you.

    • Uses -

      Car headlight bulbs not only help you drive in dark conditions but they also illuminate the road ahead of you in adverse weather like fog and rain. Make sure the bulbs you choose provide these benefits.

  4. Lifespan -

    Headlight bulbs fade overtime and need to be replaced. You need to look for a durable pair of bulbs if you want to save yourself from the hassle of changing fused bulbs after every few months.

  5. Brightness -

    Bright bike or car headlight bulbs offer a better front and side view of the road. However, brighter headlight bulbs don’t last much longer due to the immense amount of work that they do.

  6. Whiteness -

    High-intensity white lights enable you to spot signage on roads much more easily. Whiter bulbs are also safer than other headlight bulb types.

  7. Installation process -

    Most car and bike headlight bulbs these days come with a ‘plug-and-play’ feature. These bulbs are much easier to install than the other ones that require other wires and conjunctions. So, if you are planning to replace the bulbs yourself, it is better to find bulbs that have an easy installation process.


As mentioned above, car indicator bulb and car headlight bulb fade overtime and need to be replaced. If you ask ‘how long do car bulbs last?’, it depends on different factors like how frequently and in what weather conditions you use them, what is the car bulb type and the car bulb price. Generally, good quality car bulbs last many years. Some signs that it’s time to change your headlight bulbs include:

  1. Difficulty to see the road at nightnight.

  2. Dim or faded light

  3. Sudden dip in the brightness of the bulb

  4. Quivering or inconsistent throw of light


Just like headlight bulbs, indicators for bikes and cars are also available in different lighting mechanisms like LEDs, halogen bulbs, and xenon bulbs. LED indicators in car and bike last longer than halogen bulbs and are even brighter than them. However, halogen indicators are the most economical option that you can have.


Carorbis ensures to collaborate with only certified distributors and sellers to source only the most genuine products from world-renowned and leading automobile brands in India. At, you can find a collection of premium bike and car headlight bulbs from the following brands:

  1. Philips -

    Originally known as the Royal Dutch Philips and established in 1997, Philips is a household name when it comes to reliable quality and affordable lighting solutions.

  2. Bosch -

    Bosch is a multinational conglomerate that produces a wide range of top-notch quality auto parts and accessories. Explore more products from Bosch at

  3. Potauto -

    Potauto Auto Accessories specialises in a range of bright headlight bulbs and indicators. Their products come with strong resistance to heat and thermal shock.

  4. Osram-

    Osram is another popular brand for affordable bike and car headlight bulbs and indicators at It is a German company that provides sustainable lighting solutions for the changing demands of the 21st century.

  5. Biolight -

    Biolight offers long-lasting headlight bulbs and indicators at prices most suitable for the Indian budget bracket.

Carorbis is always expanding its collection and there are more brands being added to the list.


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Q 1. Are car headlight bulbs universal?

Ans. No. Each car model uses different lights and hence requires different types of headlight bulbs. Furthermore, the fitting of bulbs is also different for each car model.

Q 2. Do car headlights dim over time?

Ans. Yes. car headlights fade overtime. This is majorly because of the heat produced inside their bodies. Hence, it becomes necessary to replace them after a certain amount of time.

Q 3. Where can we find the best car headlight led bulbs in india?

Ans. If you are looking for some high-quality, durable, and bright bulbs for car headlight, then you must take a look at the impressive collection of premium car headlight bulbs for car at Here you will find only the most authentic products from world-renowned brands like Philips, Osram, Bosch, and Potauto.

Q 4. Can you recycle bike or car headlight bulbs?

Ans. LEDs, Halogen, and incandescent bulbs are not hazardous and hence, can be disposed off as garbage. However, high-intensity discharge bulbs (HID, Xenon, Plasma, or Arc) include hazardous mercury and thus, they must only be recycled at a nearby free drop-off mercury lamp recycling site.

Q 5. Is it illegal to drive without indicators?

Ans. No. There is no particular regulation for not using indicators or using them inappropriately. Hence, it is technically legal to not have indicators on your car. However, since it concerns your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road, you must always use indicators on the road.

Q 6. What to do when car indicators stop working?

Ans. If the indicator lights are not working, you can check the bulb and the socket for corrosion. If the bulb is damaged, it is time to replace them. Indicator lights generally last for many years, unless you use them very often.

Q 7. How often should headlight bulbs be replaced?

Ans. If you purchase high-quality bulbs from a reliable website, then it will last for many years before you need to replace it.