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Keep Your Vehicle Clean & Protected With a Complete Home Car Cleaning Kit From Carorbis

There is nothing better than a clean car looking like it rolled just off the showroom floor. A car wash kit is part of regular maintenance activities as they contain all the items you need for a complete wash. Washing your car at home is easy if you have the right cleaning car kit to complete the task. Washing kit for cars includes concentrated spray wax, waterless wash products, detailers, microfibre cloth, clay bars to remove contamination, foam applicators, wash sponges and soft brushes. A car cleaning kit also comes with interior leather cleaners, plastic and rubber restorers and soft sponge applicators.

Regular car washing with a clean car kit will keep your vehicle in good condition, protect the paint and provide an appealing aesthetic value.

Carorbis offers home car wash kits that are specifically designed for automotive enthusiasts who like to maintain their vehicles in the best condition. Search through a range of professional car washing kit combos at affordable prices from brands like Wavex and 3M. Improve your car's look and transform it to brand new with these excellent car wash kit for home. You can even purchase a bike washing kit to keep your motorcycle looking brand new.

Steps for a Clean Car

In addition to a washing kit for car, you may need the following items and cleaning supplies. This basic car washing tool can be bought from any online car accessory store.

Prepare the Home Car Wash Kit Items You Need:

  • Garden hose
  • Wash cloths
  • Microfibre cloths
  • Buckets – One for clean water and one for the soapy solution
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Car wash kit for home purchased from Carorbis is guaranteed to protect your car paint and prevent damage from rust, corrosion, wear and tear. You may want to apply a coat of car wax and polish after a car wash to preserve the natural sheen of the paint. Wax keeps the clear coat intact and prevents spots, swirl marks and scratches from forming.

    The car washing home kit includes most of the products you need to dislodge dirt and grime from the car’s exterior. At the same time, they are gentle enough to preserve the upper layers of paint, thereby maintaining the new look of the car.

    Car interior cleaning kits include soft brushes, microfibre cloths and gentle cleaning solutions that will not damage carpets, interior plastic or trim on dashboards.

    Car exterior cleaning kits have shampoo, hard brushes, washing mitts, a rinse bucket with grit guard, and microfibre cloths to wipe the car clean.

    Park Your Car in a Shaded Area

    Avoid washing your car in an open area under direct sunlight. The Car wash shampoo, foam, wax and polish found in a cleaning car kit have a tendency to dry up quickly in the heat and leave behind spots and marks. It is best to wash your car in a garage or in the shade to prevent stains on the windows or exterior surface. Keep the washing kit for car handy in case you need any of the supplies.

    Ensure that you have enough room to open the doors, hood and trunk lid without any obstructions. You need to clean the interior and doors freely. Use plenty of water before adding the car wash shampoo or cleaning foam (remember not to waste water) from the car wash kit so that the cleaning liquid can work effectively to remove dust, dirt and grime. Purchase professional car interior cleaning kits online to make this task easier.

    Start at the Wheels & Work Your Way Up

    TThe wheels and tyres are usually the dirtiest part of the car. Start from the bottom of the car and get rid of as much dirt as you can. Fine sand and contaminants can cause scratches in the paintwork, so replace the water in the buckets and use a fresh set of washing cloths, sponges and brushes for the body panels, doors, bonnet, roof and trunk lid.

    Once the wheels and tyres have been cleaned, you can add a tyre dresser and metal polish to the alloys for a good shine.

    Don’t forget to wash the headlight lens, fog lights and tail lamps. Grease and dirt can cause the lens to turn yellow and slowly deteriorate. Car cleaning kits include special plastic and car glass cleaners that restore the original condition of the car headlights. You will have better visibility at night and an improved overall appearance with clean headlights.

    Clean the Exterior

    Get rid of mud, dust and dirt from the exterior body panels to prevent scratches and swirl marks on the paint. Use car shampoo and cleaning products such as soapy foam to agitate the dirt and dissolve the grime. A good cleaning car kit includes a soft sponge or microfibre cloth which is useful to wipe the exterior.

    Rinse off the soapy solution with a hose attached to a spray nozzle. Allow the water to gently flow over the car and ensure that all the car shampoo is washed away. Next wipe down the body with a clean, dry microfibre cloth to get rid of every last drop of water. These absorbent cloths are often included in a car cleaning kit.

    TThe body panels should be completely dry before adding any sort of wax or polish compounds. Look for a professional car washing kit that includes all the items you need for a thorough cleaning.

    Pay Attention to the Windows and Windshield

    Cleaning the glass windshield and windows ensures a safe drive and wraps up the exterior look. Cleaning car kits have special windshield products that exude a brilliant shine and clear view through them. Just spray the product directly on the glass and wipe dry with a microfibre cloth. Avoid any residue cleaning liquid and buff to a clear finish.

    Carry out this task in the shade, as direct sunlight may evaporate the glass cleaning product and leave smudges or stains on the windshield and windows.

    Move Onto the Interiors

    Car wash home kits have interior car cleaning and car exterior cleaning product that can be used on leather, fabric, plastic and vinyl trim such as dashboards, centre consoles and interior door panels.

    Remove all rubbish from the car floor, seats and trunk. Look under floor mats for any dirt or debris. You can use a brush and dustpan to scoop up dirt, or a vacuum cleaner can be helpful in this situation. Don’t forget the seats because they tend to accumulate a lot of dust over time.

    Take out the Car floor mats and wash them with car shampoo as they are the first to get soiled with muck and sand. Dry them out before installing them in the car interior.

    Wash car home products contain leather and fabric cleaners which can be sprayed on the seat upholstery and other areas. Use a soft, microfibre cloth to wipe in the product and remove stains, dirt and dust. Wipe the steering wheel, gear knob, dashboard and armrest with the cleaning fluid. A small brush can reach in between tight spaces like cupholders to remove dust. Clean car kits have specific interior brushes that will not damage soft materials or leave scratches on the surface.

    Protection After Washing

    Once the interior and exterior are completely cleaned, it’s time to add some protection and shine to your ride. The best car cleaner kits have polish products, wax, detailing items and scratch removers to finish up the car cleaning job.

    Accessories for car wash such as a clay bar is essential to remove contaminants in the paint that can cause damage or corrosion to the finish. Use a lubricating spray and run the clay bar all over the painted surfaces. The cleaning car kit clay bar should absorb the specks of dirt that were not removed during car washing.

    A car wash detail kit will have a wax product that can fill in minor scratches and light scuff marks. You can apply the wax with a sponge or foam applicator. Next, add a high-gloss polish all over the car body and buff until you get a bright shine. It may take a couple of rounds of buffing to get the best shine from the paint. The end result should be a mirror finish where you can see reflections in the paint.

    A UV protectant can be added to prevent fading when the car is parked in direct sunlight. UV protectants also resist corrosion due to moisture. UV resistant products can be found in a car washer kit.

    So, as you can see, car washing is a pretty simple task that you can achieve at home in a couple of hours. Car washer kit prices are in the range of Rs.1000 which is quite affordable considering the numerous benefits they offer.

    Hop on to Carorbis for Premium Car Washing Tools and Car Cleaner Kits

    Carorbis the only online shopping destination for the best car cleaning kits, car wash products and accessories for car wash. All our products are guaranteed to give your car the ultimate shine and protection it deserves. Carorbis offers brands like Wavex and 3M washing kit for cars to help you clean your vehicle in the most convenient way. You will find all the items necessary for a wash in a car washer kit including shampoo, concentrated soap solution, rinse products, detailers, microfibre cloths, brushes wash bucket with grit separator, wash mitts, wax, tyre dresser, polish, clay bars and sponges. You can also purchase a car wash home kit with a dashboard dresser, liquid wax, interior cleaning products, leather and fabric cleaners.

    With a wide selection of car wash items and detailing products, your car will always be in excellent condition. These car wash home kits are the only items you need to buy online to maintain the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

    Here are some reasons why you should start shopping for car wash kits on Carorbis online platform for all your car wash needs.

    100% Genuine Products

    Carorbis only offers 100% authentic car wash kits and accessories for car wash that are durable and guaranteed to suit your car. All products sold are certified by automotive brands, manufacturers and distributors.

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    It is best when you have tons of options to choose from. Browse through our wide selection of high-quality car wash products from top brands.

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    Carorbis uses secure servers and encrypted payment gateways for customer transactions to ensure all data is safe from third parties. Cash-on-delivery option is available for customers as well.

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    Purchases above Rs.500 are entitled to free home delivery. Carorbis will ship the products such as washing kit for car to the customer's door-step in 3-5 business days.

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    Customers can apply for a hassle-free refund and return within 10 days of product delivery. Our customer support is eager to assist you with any query you have regarding our products.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What is the car washing kit price?

    Ans. Car washing kits from popular brands like Wavex and 3M can be purchased on Carorbis in the range of Rs.1000. They include cleaning brushes, rinse solution, concentrate spray wax, polish, microfibre cloths and sponges to help you clean your car.

    Q 2. How to wash cars at home?

    Ans. Washing your car at home can be a lot of fun and a rewarding experience, plus you end up saving money at a professional car wash. Keep your car looking clean and shiny with excellent car wash products from Carorbis. Remember to take car not to scratch the paint or damage the surface when washing your car at home. All you have to do is gather your car cleaning kit, rinse the car with water and soap, use a sponge to remove dirt and finally rinse and dry. It really quite simple.