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No car cleaning process is complete without a set of car cleaning cloth. From spray to gel car cleaner, the cleaning cloth for cars is an absolute essential.

We admit shopping for cleaning cloth might not be the most existing thing - unless you are Monica Geller.

Picking the right kind of car cleaning cloth plays a major part in how effective your car cleanliness is.

Buying car cleaning cloth might not look like a big deal, but the cloth quality impacts your car cleanliness.

Paying attention to the tools you buy for your car maintenance helps to keep your vehicle running for the long run.

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Car wash cloth is used to do the general cleaning of the car. This includes drying, detailing, and dusting the interior and exterior.


There’s a wide range of car wash cloth types, each designed to clean different parts of the vehicles. Here’s the breakdown of the best car washcloths used for specific purposes.

  1. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Car -

    Microfiber cloth for car cleaning is one of the most popular car cleaning cloths.

    The cloth quality is excellent for cleaning any type of dirt or dust from the car. Not just the exterior, microfiber cloth works excellent to clean the interior of the car when it’s damp.

    Car manufacturers make these cleaning cloths to be extra gentle on the car’s surface. The cloth minute pores lift absorbs dirt, water and dust from the surface effortlessly.

    Under the umbrella term of microfiber, this kind of car washcloth is used as a drying cloth for most cars.

    Most car owners use a microfiber cloth for cars to dry the windows. The cloth lifts off solutions residue from the window cleaners and provides a streak-free finish.

  2. Washing Mitt -

    The extra-large, super-absorbent, soft and non-scratching washing mitts helps to clean the car efficiently. Washing mitts are made out of cotton with a mixture of long, fine fibres to lock dirt and contaminants.

    Suitable to clean your car’s exterior, the washing mitt holds loads of soapy water for effortless cleaning. Definitely, the best car cleaning cloth online that requires less effort for maximum cleaning. Rinse the mitts as often as possible without scratching the vehicle’s surface.

  3. Window Towels -

    If you want to brush the beautiful windows of your car, then use cotton towels. These types of materials are suitable for providing excellent glass cleaning.

    Car glass cleaning cloth like cotton is much gentle and ultra-absorbent. The material is excellent for cleaning every speck of dirt and residue left behind. Although cotton towels are the best car interior cleaning cloth, we don’t recommend using the same cloth for exteriors.

    The used cloth might scratch the glass if there's residue debris stuck behind on the cloth.

  4. Terry Cloth Towels -

    One of the most popular types of towels used in India for several works. It’s considered the best microfiber cloth for car cleaning, mostly for the car’s exterior.

    It contains the right amount of harshness while also soft enough to prevent scratching car paintwork. Terry clothes are suitable for car waxing as well.


  • Prepare Your Car For Washing -

    You will need buckets, car wash soap or solution, a water source and the best fibre cloth for car cleaning.
    1. Step 1 -

      Park your car in an area with shades for peaceful cleaning. Gather your car washing tools around.

      Step 2 -

      Pour water on your car from all around to get rid of settled residue like dirt and debris. Start with the windows by lifting up the wiper arms for proper cleaning.

      Step 3 -

      Pour car wash soap in your buckets, and stir it properly to get the right mix. We recommend the microfiber washcloth here. Soak the microfiber cloth in the bucket of water.
  • Wash your car with a Microfiber cloth -

    The car cleaning cloth microfiber is excellent for cleaning the exterior of the car perfectly.
    1. Step 1 -

      Clean every panel of your car with a soapy microfiber cloth from the top to the all the way bottom. Focus on cleaning one panel at a time.

      Step 2 -

      For effective cleaning, use the one-hand technique for covering more surface area. It helps you cover most surface area possible within a limited span.

      Step 3 -

      Don’t forget to rinse your car cleaning microfiber cloth frequently. Especially when you wipe an area of your car that’s loaded with dirt and debris.

      Step 4 -

      You can pick terrycloth for the first round of car washing for removing solid dirt. Then go with a more absorbent microfiber washing cloth to pick up the gritty bits from your car’s surface.

      Step 5 -

      Focus on washing the wheels at last. Dirt and grime are significantly present on your wheels. Washing them will require a lot of effort and a different cleaning routine along with different sets of car washing cloths.

      Step 6 -

      When you are done washing the car with soap everywhere, it’s time to rinse it. Use a hose or buckets of water to rinse your car from all around. We recommend choosing the hose for its proper cleaning. Start with the roof and windows, then raise each panel carefully. Remove any kind of soap residue left on the car’s surface before it dries.
  • Use Car Cleaning Microfiber Cloth to Dry Your Car -

    You will need buckets, car wash soap or solution, a water source and the best fibre cloth for car cleaning.
    1. Step 1 -

      Use the best car cleaning cloth to wipe every part of your car’s exterior. You can pick microfiber cloths for their ultra-absorbent properties. Start cleaning each panel and window individually from the top to the bottom.

      Step 2 -

      While cleaning the car’s surface with the microfiber washcloth, shape the cloth as open as possible. It helps to cover more area and provides efficient cleaning.

      Step 3 -

      Squeeze the washing cloth for car whenever it gets wet. Pour out the contaminated water out of the cloth for another round of clean swipes.

      Step 4 -

      Rinse the cloth if it attracts too much dirt, debris and soil from the car’s surface. You can also replace your cloth with a cleaner one if the existing is fit anymore. We urge you to use multiple cars cleaning microfiber cloths while wiping your car. Dirty or extra soapy washing cloth leaves streaks on your car when it dries off.

      Step 5 -

      Wipe again with a fresh microfiber cleaning cloth for cars. This time will help to get rid of any streaks or lines left on the car’s surface. Wipe each panel of your car with a dry car wiping cloth to soak even the thinnest film of water from the surface. Using a dry and fresh piece of car cleaning microfiber cloth will leave the car’s surface streak-free and shiny. You will need multiple microfiber cloths for the last round of cleaning. Don’t make the mistake of cleaning the car with a soaking wet cloth or you’ll end up getting streaks.
  • Spray on Dry Wash Car Cleaner -

    Grab a new set of microfiber car washcloths and waterless car wash kits for the last ritual.
    1. Step 1 -

      Spray the dry wash cleaning solution onto a small area of your car, then proceed to clean the rest areas as well.

      Step 2 -

      Wipe off the solution with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. It helps to capture the smallest amount of grease and grime from the surface. The dry wash car cleaner also provides a fresh-new shine to the car’s surface.


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Q 1. Which cloth to use for cleaning the car?

Ans. There’s a wide variety of car cleaning cloths, depending on the area you want to clean. For overall use, we recommend going with a microfiber cloth.

Q 2. Does microfiber damage car paint?

Ans. Depends on the quality and brand you choose. A high-quality microfiber towel absorbs the water without ruining your car paintwork. If you are concerned with.

Q 3. Can I Polish car with microfiber?

Ans. Yes! You absolutely can. Go for a clean, and soft microfiber towel to polish your car and remove the residue. Pro tip: Make sure to fold the side where you clean and expose a dry part of the cloth to uncleaned areas.

Q 4. Do you wash microfiber cloths?

Ans. Yes! You do. Microfiber cloth can be machine and hand-washed to get rid of excessive dirt or stains. However, try not to mix microfiber cleaning cloth with any other type of fabric. Shake the clothes to remove trash or excess dirt. You can also wash the microfiber cloth in warm or cold water to get rid of contaminants easily.

Q 5. Can you wash and reuse microfiber cloths?

Ans. Yes, you can. Microfiber car cloths are washable and reusable.

Q 6. How often should you change your car cleaning clothes?

Ans. We recommend replacing car cleaning clothes every two months if you keep them clean. In between replacing the clothes, try to wash them weekly and air to prevent damp odour.

Q 7. Where to buy the best car cleaning cloth online?

Ans. You can buy the best car cleaning cloth online at Carorbis for the lowest price possible. From OEM sellers to top brands, you get only high-quality car care and maintenance products.