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Your automobile's brake system heavily relies on the brake caliper, brake pads discs, and brake pads. The brake pads sit in between the brake caliper and the brake disc. So, when you push the pedal, you let some brake fluid flow into the brake lines that then push the caliper, which in turn pushes the brake pads and finally the brake pads brush and push against the brake disc, making the vehicle slow down. Having poor quality or worn-out brake pads can affect your vehicle's ability to slow down and make you vulnerable to a road accident. Hence, it is essential and critical for you to purchase only the best quality brake pads for a car or bike.


Here are the four different brake pads types available in the Indian market:

  1. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads -

    These are 30-65% metal and are mostly used for high-performance vehicles. They also perform extremely well in extreme temperatures. However, they are very noisy and do not last too long.
  2. Low Metallic Brake Pads -

    These brake pads are made of copper and steel that helps in heat transfer. They are also very noisy and produce a lot of brake dust.
  3. Non-Asbestos Organic Brake Pads -

    These are made out of organic brake pads material like rubber, glass, fiber, or Kevlar. They are comparatively quiet. However, they too produce a lot of brake dust.
  4. Ceramic Brake Pads -

    These are usually the most expensive brake pads. They produce less brake dust comparative, are less noisier, and outperform organic brake pads.


When you are searching for the best brake pads online, there are a few parameters you must consider before making the final purchase:

  1. Durability -

    Brake pads wear very quickly as they have to bear a lot of friction, heat, and pressure. Hence, pick a set that is designed to last long.
  2. Weather Performance -

    The brake pads must provide an all-weather performance. Whether it be cold, hot, dry, or muddy, they should work well in all conditions.
  3. Maximum Operating Temperature -

    MOT is the highest temperature a brake pad can bear before it begins to disintegrate. Look for brake pads with the highest MOT.
  4. Friction Profile -

    The friction profile of a brake pad decides the amount of pressure you’ll need to apply in a regular situation versus an emergency.
  5. Noise Production -

    The brake pads should make you feel minimum noise and vibration while pushing the brake pedal down.


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Fitting your automobile with the best quality brake pads should not burn a hole in your pocket. After all, it's about your safety and the safety of your fellow riders. Now you might say, 'the brake pads store near me gives the best quality products', but probably not at the best price for brake pads. At, you can find premium brake pads from the most trusted international brands at the lowest prices possible. However, it's not just the lowest price range that makes Carorbis lovable. There are many more reasons for it:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Why do brake pads wear quickly?

Ans. Brake pads bear a lot of heat, pressure, and friction each time you push the brake pedal. Hence, they wear out quickly over time and need to be replaced often.

Q 2. How often should brake pads and discs be replaced?

Ans. This majorly depends on the driving style, vehicle type, condition of roads, and the quality of the brake components used. You can change brake pads after every 50,000 miles. However, it is recommended to get your vehicle checked by a mechanic to be sure if you really need to change your brake pads on bike or car.

Q 3. Is it easy to replace brake pads at home?

Ans. Yes. Brake pads replacement doesn't require any of the professional tools and expertise. You can easily change brake pads at home yourself.

Q 4. How many brake pads do I need to buy?

Ans. You need one brake pad on bike or car's tires. Generally, you only need one set of brake pads if you have a motorbike and two sets if you want them for a car as one set of brake pads includes two brake pads.

Q 5. Where can I find brake pads online?

Ans. Carorbis hosts the entire variety of brake pads available in India. All the products at are premium products from the most trusted brands. So, at, you can find the best brake pads online.

Q 6. Where to get brake pads replaced?

Ans. You can change your brake pads yourself at home as replacing brake pads does not require any special expertise or professional tools.

Q 7. Which brake pads last the longest?

Ans. Ceramic brake pads last the longest. However, they don’t perform very great under extremely cold conditions. But ceramic is the most suitable material for brake pads for daily driving.

Q 8. Do I need to replace all 4 brake pads?

Ans. Not necessarily. However, it is essential to replace both rear or both front brake pads together. This is because there can be a gap between the complete wearing out of the rear and front brake pads, however, both the front or both the rear brake pads will wear out equally, unless there is some critical issue with the brake system.

Q 9. Do front brakes wear faster than rear?

Ans. Yes. The front brake pads of car bear much more weight than the rear brake pads. Hence, they wear out faster than the rear brake pads.