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Car’s may require repair at any time, especially if you get a flat tire. The most essential tool when you have a flat tire is a car hydraulic jack. The best part of having a car hydraulic jack is that you don’t have to visit a mechanic for the repair. Having a car hydraulic jack is the best investment you can make for doing small repairs yourself.

Automatic electric hydraulic jacks are portable and durable. The hydraulic jack can be used to lift cars, suv’s, jeeps and heavy/medium trucks as well. In a hydraulic jack, fluid pressure inside a cylinder is used to lift a heavy load.


A hydraulic jack works by pushing hydraulic fluid under pressure through two cylinders via a plunger. The plunger can be operated manually or electrically as in an automatic hydraulic jack. The plunger is drawn back, which opens a suction valve and draws hydraulic fluid into the pump chamber. As the plunger moves forward, it pressurises the oil and sends it to the main cylinder to cause a lifting force for a load. The suction valve closes, resulting in pressure being built up in the main cylinder. The piston in the main cylinder rises to lift a heavy load.

This process can be repeated many times to lift the load higher and higher.


Reservoir: contains the hydraulic fluid for changing the pressure

Pump: pumps the hydraulic fluid from the reservoir to the main cylinder through a check valve

Check valve: maintains the pressure at the main cylinder and prevents flow back into the reservoir

Main cylinder: used to transfer the pressure of the main cylinder

Ram piston: lifts the load

Release valve: returns the pressurised fluid to the reservoir


Load capacity: How heavy a load do you want to lift?

Clearance: Check if the hydraulic jack can fit under the load

Lift height: What is the maximum lift height needed?

Orientation: Will the hydraulic jack be used for a vertical lift or horizontal push.

Automatic or manual: Automatic hydraulic jacks lift the load by using an electric pump. A manual hydraulic jack uses a hand lever.

Application: What will the hydraulic jack be used for? As a car jack for changing a tire or for some other purpose.


It is important to use the hydraulic jack for the application it was designed for. When selecting a hydraulic jack for your car, consider the following criteria

· Do not use the hydraulic jack for an application that will exceed the maximum lifting weight. Using the hydraulic jack in an overload condition may damage the hydraulic jack cylinder or cause it to leak hydraulic fluid. Having said that, many hydraulic jacks come with a fail-safe valve to ensure that the hydraulic won’t leak in case the maximum weight is exceeded.

· Always have sufficient hydraulic fluid/oil in the reservoir. Otherwise, the hydraulic jack will not be able to reach its maximum pressure.

· Fatal accidents could be caused by a leak in the cylinder during operation which may cause the hydraulic jack to fail and drop the load. Practice preventive maintenance on the hydraulic jack and always check the manufacturer’s instructions.


There are various terminologies related to a car hydraulic jack associated with the various features of the tool. Listed are some of the features that you might need to know about:

Maximum Height: this is the maximum height that the hydraulic jack can lift to. Usually hydraulic jacks lift from 5cm to 50cm without a problem. Some hydraulic jacks are designed to lift to higher maximum heights depending on their qualities. The increments with which they increase is either small or large and is different from product to product.

Weight Capacity: Hydraulic jacks can lift weights starting from 3kg right upto 30 kg depending on if they are used to lift trucks or heavier vehicles. Some hydraulic jacks can be compressed and be as small as 6 inches. Some hydraulic jacks are very easy to store and are portable as well as they can be carried in a car for emergencies.

Price: Costs of hydraulic jacks vary from Rs. 1500 for small ones to Rs. 7000 for larger electric hydraulic jacks. The more expensive hydraulic jacks are capable of lifting heavier loads with added security.

Oiling: Hydraulic jacks require oiling and oil changes as part of their maintenance schedule, so that they don’t go dry and malfunction. The friction due to constant use is very risky and can easily crack the hydraulic jack. If you see any cracks on the car hydraulic jack, it is best to replace the product.


Trolley hydraulic car jacks can carry massive amounts of weight very easily. The product is very easy to use and requires little maintenance. It has four wheels and a pump release mechanism. These hydraulic jack trolleys have the ability to handle overloads and are highly durable. The only problem is they are very heavy and a little expensive.

Hydraulic trolley jacks are a mainstay of garages of all sizes and a must buy for people looking to buy a hydraulic jack. It is the ideal kind of jack that people will want in their cars because they are assured to last long and offer trouble free maintenance.


Hydraulic jack stands are used to lift a load, and not hold it. Hydraulic jack stands use hydraulics to lift a load but are susceptible to failure if left under constant pressure. You cannot lift and hold a vehicle for long using hydraulic jack stands. They are used to get something underneath the vehicle to hold it in a lifted position for a longer period of time.

They are designed to hold static loads during routine maintenance.


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