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Record Like A Pro With Action Cameras From Carorbis

Capture life’s most exciting moments from dynamic perspectives with premium action cameras from Carorbis. Relive your adventures in 4K video and freeze those stunning experiences in stunning clarity with the best action camera in India.

Check out these amazing features of Action Cameras from Carorbis

With the best 360 action cameras from Carorbis, you get a host of features that will make recording fun and convenient. Have a look at how you can vlog and record like a pro.             

Dual Screens: With action cameras from Carorbis, you will get instant previews on the hi resolution front screen, while the intuitive rear touch screen makes swiping through menus and galleries an absolute breeze. Never miss a moment of the action with these fun and friendly action cameras.

Stunning Visuals: Experience breathtaking clarity with the best action camera. Watch your recordings in 4K video & get stunning 16MP real life photos that bring every scene to your smartphone / laptop with cinematic brilliance.

Stabilise Like a Pro: No more shaky footage with your traditional digital cameras. These action cameras feature a 3-axis gyro stabilisation system to keep all your shots steady and silky smooth, in the heat of the action. Capture the essence of motion as seen with high-end cameras with unparalleled precision.

Dive into the Depths: Adventures are more fun when there’s an element of water involved. That’s why the premium action camera from Carorbis lets you unleash your inner explorer, where you can plunge into the underwater realm with confidence. These durable cameras can withstand depths of up to 98 ft (30m) without skipping a beat.

Wide-Angle Recording: Expand your horizons on rides, camping trips, travelling and daily commutes with the best 360 action camera. Take in all angles of your surroundings with a super wide lens. Now every shot will capture the full breadth of the moment, quite literally with breathtaking clarity and almost minimal distortion.

Versatile Shooting Modes: Switch from time-lapse to slow-motion with just a click, or go from car mode to webcam functionality according to your preference. These best action camera in India offers various shooting modes to spark your award-winning director creativity. Take your storytelling to new heights with these spectacular action cameras.

Flexibility at Its Finest: Are you ready to push the boundaries of creativity? Well, you can have the best camera for action shots featuring dual-headed mounting point designs and adjustable necks for accessories that help you capture multiple angles simultaneously. Mount your camera in unique and unconventional locations and enjoy pure vlogging freedom wherever you go.

Long-Lasting Power: Just because these are the best budget action camera in India, doesn’t mean they have weak battery life.  In fact, these superb action cameras are powered to go the distance, letting you focus on capturing the perfect shot without worrying about that low battery warning beep. Now your adventures are never cut short by a drained battery.

Seamless Connectivity: Transfer recorded footage at lightning speed with built in dual-band WiFi or use it with Bluetooth. These best action camera from Carorbis lets you stay connected with zero effort.

Compact & Lightweight: These action camera for bike, cars or any other vehicle are designed for adventurers on the move. Easy to carry cameras come with accessories that are compact, lightweight, ready for action whenever & wherever inspiration strikes. Don’t let anything stand between you and your next great weekend escape.

Comprehensive Accessories: You can buy waterproof housing, 360 degree mounting brackets and battery charging adaptors to pair with these versatile action cameras. Stay fully equipped with everything you need to capture the perfect shot, at the right time, every time. No moment goes uncaptured, no vision goes unrealized with the best action cameras from Carorbis.

Easy Guide On How To Make The Most Of Your Action Camera

Although these action cameras are easy to use, you should get yourself acquainted with the best use practices to get the most out of your recordings and snapshots.

Familiarise Yourself with the Action Camera: Before diving into action, take some time to get to know your camera's features, settings & controls.  You don’t want to fiddle with fine settings just before an important moment. This will help you navigate smoothly during your bike rides and road trips.

Choose the Right Mount: Select a suitable mount / accessory based camera model and choice of activity. You can get a helmet mount for biking, chest harness for hiking or a suitable selfie stick for vlogging. The right mount gives you stable footage & optimal viewing / recording angles.

Adjust Camera Settings: You will need different lighting settings for different conditions, type of activity. Adjust settings such as resolution, frame rate, and light exposure, aperture settings for clear shots.

Ensure Proper Mounting: Securely attach your HD Action Camera to a suitable mounting accessory. It should be stable and won’t shake during movement. Double-check the tightness of screws, straps & fasteners for added security.

Frame Your Shots: Take a look at your surroundings before hitting record. Perhaps you will find a better vantage point or new angle. Aim to capture the action, but don’t forget to take in the elements of the environment. It makes for better context and visual interest.

Utilise Stabilisation: Since action cameras from Carorbis come with stabilisation features, you can enable this setting to reduce shaky footage for smoother videos. Engage this during fast-paced activities or rough terrain, but for regular snapshots, it's better to use a steady hand for more natural pics.

Experiment with Different Angles: Get creative with your shots. Try out different camera angles and perspectives. Use the mount of the camera on various locations (helmet, chest, bike handlebars, or even a drone) for impossible shots.

Mind the Battery Life: Keep an eye out on your camera's battery level. Charge it up before setting out, especially during longer outings. You can buy spare batteries online or utilise a power bank to ensure you never miss a moment due to a drained battery. There are battery chargers that can power two battery packs at the same time for more convenience.

Capture the Action: Ready to go? Hit record and get into the action scene. Don't be afraid to try different shooting modes (time-lapse, slow-motion, or burst mode) to add variety to your vlogs and footage.

Review / Edit: At the end of the day, take the time to review your footage carefully. Then select the best clips you want to upload. Edit your videos using downloadable software / smartphone apps to trim, enhance & add music or effects for an interesting final cut.

Share Your Adventures: Share your epic adventures on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube and other social media platforms with friends, family, and fellow automotive enthusiasts. Upload your videos, pics and insta reels to video-sharing websites, or create your own channel for your adventure vlogs. The information age has endless possibilities for your action camera footage.

Protect Your Gear: Wipe down your action camera after use and store it in a durable, dust free case to prolong its lifespan. Protective cases / housings can shield your action camera from dust, water & impact damage during your adventures and even while stored in your backpack.

How To Properly Care For Your Action Camera

Keeping your action camera well maintained & in good condition is the best way to extend its lifespan for reliable recording in all situations.

Keep it Clean: Regularly clean your action camera after every use. Pay attention to the accessories and wipe with a soft, dry microfiber cloth to remove small dust particles, dirt & debris. Be careful not to scratch the touch screen. Avoid using harsh chemicals which could damage the camera's exterior, touchscreen & sensitive parts. Check the camera's waterproof effectiveness as it needs to be checked regularly. The water tight rubber seals may wear out over time.

Protect from Water / Moisture: Some action cameras are not waterproof. You will need to use a waterproof housing / case when filming in wet or humid conditions if your camera cannot handle wet conditions. Seals, charging ports & USB ports must be properly closed to prevent water damage.

As with any electronic device, follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best results. 

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