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Heat deflectors for grills of bikes are a great way to keep yourself from burning your legs on a hot engine. Every rider knows the feeling of getting scorched by a muffler. These heat deflectors help solve that problem and make riding more comfortable. While they keep your legs from getting burned by the exhaust pipes of the motorcycle, they also offer a custom touch to your bike's look. The only con is that these deflectors can get dirty relatively quickly, so you will have to clean them from time to time.

It's easy to attach them, just use two small screws or bolts, and you can remove them as easily as you can put them on. They're made from tough ABS plastic and paintable to match the color of your Harley Davidson bike, so they won't change the look or feel of it at all.

Heat air deflectors come with easy installation and are made from ABS plastic material that is tough and paintable to match your Harley Davidson or other bikes.

A heat deflector for bikes grills is a thin strip of 0,5 mm or thicker that will protect your legs from the heat. It can be attached to the surface of any metal with help of special glue. Heat deflectors are easy to use and attach, they are also simple to clean or replace with new ones if necessary. You can install them in a matter of minutes, without any special tools.

Are Heat deflectors for bikes essential?

Customers who have already bought the heat deflector from Carorbis were satisfied with their choice. The heat deflectors are easy and convenient to install as well as remove (if ever needed) and also the custom look they offer to Harley bikes. They are also praised for their affordability and quality.

Carorbis do recommend cleaning the deflector regularly, using a wet cloth, in order to keep it clear of debris that can eventually block its pores or prevent it from doing its job properly. Heat deflectors are not recommended for use on bikes with an aftermarket exhaust, since they can melt or discolor due to the higher level of heat coming from them. They are also not recommended for hot rod bikes, dragsters, and racing vehicles with high-performance engines.

What are the benefits of heat deflectors for bikes?

Heat deflectors for bikes provide the following benefits:

  • They can make your bike look custom while protecting you from heat burns. .
  • They are easy to attach and remove. You can also replace them in case of damage or wear.
  • They are affordable, durable, and safe for use with most Harley Davidson models.
  • They are easy to install, without special tools or expertise.
  • They are simple to clean.

Do I need heat deflectors for my bike? How often should I change heat deflectors?

There are different types of heat air deflectors. Some come with UV protection, which means they need to be removed before long exposure to direct sunlight, or else they risk melting or discoloring. You should replace them every couple of years, depending on how often you use them and the kind of conditions they are exposed to.

What can I do if my heat deflector plate has melted or discolored?

Heat deflectors that have melted should be replaced with new ones. If you want to keep the old one, clean it well and let it dry before using it again. Discoloration can happen because of direct sunlight so make sure you remove your heat deflectors if they are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

Where can you buy heat deflectors online for your bikes?

At Carorbis, you can expect the heat deflectors for various makes of bikes be it Harlay Davidson or Pulsar. All types of heat deflectors for bike grills are available on Carorbis website at the most competitive rates. Shipping is available all across the country for our valuable customers.