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Having a tank bag on your motorcycle when touring gives you the option of keeping your wallet, mobile, documents and cash in the safety of a small bag that you can access easily. Motorcycle tank bags are known for their durability, compactness and waterproof characteristics.

Motorcycle riders are always looking for ways to add practical and convenient accessories that make the touring experience all the more comfortable. A tank bag is one such practical accessory that is a must have for bikers taking long rides.

Motorcycle tank bags are durable because of the materials that go into their construction. They are stitched using premium grade polyester fabrics that make them robust, high strength and reliable. The motorcycle tank bag fits on the two-wheeler easily and looks very stylish indeed.


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A motorcycle tail bag attaches to the rear of the motorcycle with the use of bungee cords or with straps. It can be mounted on the rear luggage rack or onto the rear portion of the seat.

Motorcycle tail bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, in many designs. From small and simple cases to large, feature filled carrying cases.

Tail bags can be used on their own to carry your gear and belongings, however they often are paired with a complete set of luggage carriers including side bags and tank bags.

Motorcyclist prefer to use tail bags because it stays out of their way while riding, unlike tank bags that are mounted up front. The added weight of luggage in a tail bag stays closer to the rear suspension which helps in balance while riding.

A tail bag can be quickly detached and you don’t need to unmount it when filling up petrol in the fuel tank. However, many motorcyclists use both a tank and a tail bag while touring because of the added luggage space.


  1. Is the tail bag required for long tours?
  2. Does the tail bag have to stay on the bike all the time, or will it be detached sometimes?
  3. Will the tail bag be used to carry a lot of luggage or only the essentials?
  4. Is the tail bag going to be used by the rider and the pillion?
  5. What kind of bike do you ride?
  6. Does the tail bag need to be waterproof?


The tank bag comes in three combinations:

  1. Tank bag with phone pouch -

    The tank bag comes with a stylish phone pouch that is different from the regular, ugly and cumbersome phone pouches. Navigations apps can easily be used while the phone is in the pouch and just about every kind of phone fits in the pouch. The tank bag mounts to the tank with just 2 snaps and can even be mounted on a belt. It comes with 2 magnets on the bag for convenient fastening to the motorcycle tank.
  2. Tank bag with tank pouch

    The tank bag and tank pouch combine the best of both worlds. The space of the tank bag and the compactness of the tank pouch. It is a must for long trips on your motorcycle. The tank pouch easily mounts on the tank bag with 2 belts.
  3. Tank bag, tank pouch and phone pouch -

    This is the complete package to be used however you like it depending on your mood and the type of trip.

The tank and tail bag are a bigger version of the good, old tank pouch. It can be mounted on the tank, at the rear of the bike like a tail bag or over your shoulder like a sling bag. The carrying capacity of the bag is 4.4 litres and is built from handmade leather. With such a large space, you can carry more than just your riding essentials. It comes with 6 strong magnets which allow it to take the shape of the tank and fit around it. You can be assured that the bag will be fastened securely during touring and long trips.