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Engine guards for bike help to safeguard the engine in case of a crash or glide. It’s the most cost-effective investment for your bike to greatly reduce engine damage. Easy to install, engine guards for bikes are designed to offer excellent performance and durability. The joy of riding bikes at a great speed lets you taste freedom, improves your mood, and lets you interact with your surroundings. With great speed also comes the great concern of falling, or skidding. That’s where engine guards come in. To continue having fun and adventure motorcycle rides, you need to install engine guards to enhance its safety. Bikes are notoriously exposed to serious fatal accidents and aren’t always safe to ride on, but with an engine guard, you can drastically improve your bike’s engine safety.

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As the name implies, a bike engine guard is safety equipment that’s attached to the motorcycle to preserve your bike’s engine. It’s designed to protect all the crucial parts and pieces of the engine during a fall. Engine guards are a biker’s necessity who rides at a higher speed, as it’s possible that the bike can take a fall. It also provides some protection for the rider from being crushed underneath the bike when it crashes down. Bike engine guards are also designed to safeguard the fuel tank along with the bike’s engine, reducing bike damage while being a vital safety feature for the rider.

Engine guards are usually made from chrome-plated stainless steel and also referred to as crash bars, highway bars, and freeway bars. They are installed at the lower frame and mostly consist of two pieces mounted on each side of the bike.


In short, yes! It’s worth it. Your bike will someday surrender to gravity, and fall down on the ground. It happens. As a result, your bike will experience quite a lot of damage. It will result in multiple scratches, and bruises. The bike's vital part will also flatten out at certain places. The worst-case scenario of a bike fall is usually the engine, gas tank, and other important parts get damaged beyond repair. In the end, you are left with a bike that can’t run anymore. We know, it sucks!

To prevent such a catastrophic scenario is by installing an excellent-quality engine guard on your motorbike. Bike engine guards are additional safety equipment that saves you a ton of money. The guard acts as a safety barrier between the engine and the ground when the bike falls down. You might not plan on dropping your bike, it works in case of an accident. Tipping your bike is quite common as well, even the most experienced riders are guilty of it.

It also protects the rider as well. In various bike crashes, engine guards have stopped the engine from crushing the rider’s leg.


The material type of bike engine guards says a lot about its longevity, performance, and cost. There are three most common materials used for making engine guards, including aluminum, stainless steel, and mild steel.

  1. Aluminum -

    Engine guards made up of aluminum are incredibly lightweight, and don’t add additional weight to the bike. But it’s not as robust as steel and it’s difficult to work with at times. The biggest benefit of using aluminum engine guards is their property of being anti-rust.
  2. Stainless Steel -

    These kinds of engine guards don’t rust either. If you live in areas with heavy rainfall or you ride where river crossing is quite common, stainless steel engine guards are perfectly suitable. But it lacks flexibility, thus highly likely to break easily. It’s highly vulnerable to cracks at the welds because of engine vibrations.
  3. Mild Steel -

    It’s quite inexpensive, quite flexible, and robust enough to protect the engine. The only downside of mild steel engine guards is being susceptible to rust. However, you can put a power-costing on these engine guards to prevent corrosion.
  4. Prolonged Engine Life -

    By trapping potentially harmful particles, an air filter saves the engine, including the combustion chamber from damage that can be very expensive to repair. Hence, regular air filter replacements prolong the life of your car engine.


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Q 1. Should I have an engine guard bike?

Ans. The short answer is an absolute yes. Engine guard bikes are easy to install and save your bike from expensive damage and repair. Given the low cost of bike engine guards, it’s a worthy investment to make for ensuring your bike engine safety. A broken engine can cause expensive repair costs and even make the bike no longer functional. To prevent such effects, installing a simple guard helps to reduce the chances of bike injury.

Q 2. Where to buy the best bike engine guard online?

Ans. You can find high-quality and authentic bike engine guards at India’s biggest aftermarket platform, Carorbis. We offer only the best products from recognized brands, ensuring excellent performance, durability, and trust. We have an expansive inventory of the latest and valuable bike engine guards to make your purchasing experience quite easy and effortless. We guarantee quality assured products that reach beyond our customer’s expectations. When you buy from us, you actually minimize the risk of receiving or purchasing fake, inappropriate, or poor-quality products that can further damage your vehicle even more.

Q 3. How do I protect my bike from drops?

Ans. There are many ways to protect your motorbike from crashing. Bike engine guards are the most cost-effective and valuable safety equipment to install.