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CAR Charging Port

Our car charging ports are relevant for every passenger on the go. Buy charging ports online at a low cost.


With the advent of touchscreen phones and feature loaded cars in the past decade, charging phones has emerged as a new task in itself. With more than dozens of types of car charging ports, Carorbis keeps the best quality ones and helps you to make your life easier by eliminating day to day hassles of charging your phone before you leave the car.


A car USB charging port is simply a small adapter that changes the 12 volt battery port, which is also known as the cigarette lighter port, to a USB type por. In other words, the 12V battery output would be converted to 5V battery output. The car charging port is of many types. Some of it include chargers based on the number of USB outputs, i.e dual USB or a single USB from a single slot. Others are classified on the basis of the speed of the charger, i.e if it is a fast charger or is a normal one.


These are the attributes to look for while buying a car charging port.

  1. Number of USB output ports

    Generally, a no more than dual USB port is advisable, as if you use more than that, it might lead to overloading. And besides, anyways the companies that make the charging port do keep in mind about this, so chances are you won’t find one that has three USB ports from one twelve volt input. If you do see one, realise that the company hasn’t designed it appropriately, or even if it has, it won’t do good for you in the long term.
  2. Speed of USB charging port

    The speed of the USB charging port really is what actually matters at the end of the day. With the busy schedule you have, it really is a boon to keep your phone in your hand away from the charging wire connected all the time. It is an added advantage to charge your phone at a faster rate.
  3. High quality of materials used along with sleekness

    The last thing you want while buying a car charging port is to keep a damaged one the day after you buy it. Thus, it is recommended to go for a high quality product with good material quality that would last for at least some time.

    Also, nobody likes to keep a piece of gadget that looks out of place. Keeping a car charging port that was specifically tailored for your ride is a sweet looking thing. But we at Carorbis, keep top notch products that make this sweet looking illusion a reality. With car charging ports that are so versatile in nature, compact to fit into, and easy to use, a charging port would never look as if it were not made alongside the car.


Charging port for car is an electronic gadget. And buying an electronic gadget requires a certain process, that includes ensuring a quality check, genuine and non counterfeit products, high standard delivery care, and a warranty for it too. Carorbis covers all of these attributes in most of its products sold. [It would be mentioned on the product being sold if it’s eligible for returns, and if it has a warranty for it too] Also, Carorbis never keeps any hidden or extra charges during checkout. All charges would be mentioned before proceeding with checkout. Read our terms and conditions to learn more.

Our easy ten day free return policy applicable on almost every product makes it easier than ever to return the product if you feel that the product quality that has been given has been in any way reached damaged to you, or is the wrong item that was delivered, and more reasons. Click here to know more about our return policy.


Broadly car charging ports are divided on the basis of the way they charge the phone. The three types are wired cable USB charger [USB to phone port connected], 12V to a USB charger, and the last one is wireless charging.

USB charger refers to the normal chargers we universally use. They connect the USB port to the phone port.

Broadly, the types of phone ports include USB C port, micro USB port, and lightning chargers.

The lightning chargers are the ones used in Apple iPhones, and Air pods.

USB C ports are the universal ports that are used in almost every non apple product, ranging from Android phones to new gen laptops and even the new iPad.

Micro USB ports are the ones that were used in old gen devices, before 2017.

Wireless charging is a new phenomenon that has come into existence in recent times. It is basically a device used to charge your phone without the help of wires. Just keep the phone on the wireless charger’s surface, and the phone will start to charge. Most cars have this feature enabled in them as soon as they come from the factory.

However, those who don’t can buy them aftermarket and connect the charger to a USB cable, and place the charger at a fixed place inside the car. Just keep your phone on the pad, and charge your phone effortlessly.

Out of these types of ports, if you have any phone or device, you can charge it with the help of the range of products available at Carorbis. Just pick your match and charge your phone on the go.


Any gadget's price completely depends upon the quality of material used, its efficiency, and the feel good factor quotient. The same factors are applicable to car charging ports. The power output it provides and the number of USB ports emerging from a single 12V socket are some of the factors [efficiency of the port]. The sleekness and quality of plastic or metal used is the other factor on the price.

But you need not worry, as Carorbis offers these high grade chargers of high grade brands at nominal prices starting at 130 INR only.

So end your search for ‘charging ports for cars’ here at Carorbis, India’s fastest growing automobile online platform.