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Carorbis - Your End Destination for Buying Car Accessories Exterior Online

Your car literally goes through a lot to keep you safe and comfortable from everything that’s there on the road. Hence, one focal point of your car’s well being is the car accessories exterior. While we often pay attention and, more importantly, money to keep the interior up and running, we oversee the exterior bits and pieces of our beloved possession quite a lot.

Car exterior is an exhaustive landscape, and here at Carorbis, we offer world-class authentic products for every need of your car’s exterior. Right from bumpers to auxiliary lights and wiper blades, we offer it all. Our products are authentic and affordable, and our ever-growing inventory enables us to deliver just the right car exterior accessory for your car.

Incepted with the vision to disrupt the Indian automotive e-commerce landscape, Carorbis is the fastest-growing automotive e-commerce platform in India. Our products are authentic and affordable and are only sourced from reputed verified sellers.

Are You Looking Exterior Accessories for Car?

Carorbis offers a unique value proposition of bringing a wide variety of automotive parts from around the globe around one roof. We understand your needs and know the perfect fit for your car.

We have hand-picked our vendors and sellers after a comprehensive process of background screening and aligning their profiles with our in-house checklist. Hence, we provide industry-best value for money deals regarding quality exterior car accessories and parts.

Some of the Most Well-known Brands Available on Carorbis for Best Quality Exterior Car Accessories and Parts:

  1. Bosch -

    The German technology conglomerate, Bosch is the leading name in automotive parts, accessories and components. Carorbis has a wide variety of Bosch products available, right from internal automotive components to exterior car accessories and parts.
  2. Michelin -

    The French tyre maker is a force to reckon with. Not just tyres, Michelin has diversified themselves into a wide array of automotive components during their journey to become a leader in tyre manufacturing technology.
  3. Philips -

    Originally known as Royal Philips, the Netherlands based company is a leading technology conglomerate that is “focused on improving people’s quality of life with their widespread technological innovations.
  4. Biolight -

    A pioneer in automotive exterior lighting technology, BIOLIGHT boasts of a 30 years-old legacy of lighting up roads and our lives as well. They are a leading innovator of automotive light, with their products being exported to 45 countries.
  5. Geomex Ltd -

    Industry leaders in manufacturing high-quality horns for a wide variety of vehicles.
  6. Osram -

    Another company at the helm of lighting technology is Osram Licht AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany. What started as a lighting filaments company is now a giant in the automotive components and electronics industry.
  7. Potauto -

    Potauto is a renowned brand for automotive accessories and specialises in headlight bulbs and attachments.
  8. Super -

    The homegrown brand Super Automotive has a forte in automotive electrical switches and components such as headlight switches, pull switches, toggle switches, ignition switches for tractors and much more.
  9. Roots -

    Established in 1975 manufacturing, Roots is a well-known brand for exporting and supplying automotive switches & wiring harnesses, automotive electrical holders, electrical accessories, automotive relays, cables, air horns and their accessories.
  10. Uno Minda -

    Uno Minda has been one of the largest and most prominent ancillary parts suppliers to automotive OEMs and their subsequent dealers and aftermarket stakeholders.

Looking for Fast Delivery or Timely Services by Searching "Car Exterior Accessories Near Me?" Carorbis Has the Solution

At Carorbis, we aim to make your life simpler and bring a host of the best quality exterior car accessories and parts and the best possible price. Just visit our online store at or google us, and we’ll reach out to you.

We take away the hassle of searching the correct part from one offline market to other. Now, get authentic and affordable automotive parts, accessories and component in just a few taps on your screen and the comfort of your home.

Our car exterior accessories list doesn’t include luxury items for picnics or trips, rather a practical list of car accessories for everyday use. You know, the essentials you must have at all times to save you from troubles. The magic fairy! This time our car accessories are mostly external because the outside matters too. 

Having a car is luxury and often synonymous with freedom, but it also requires maintenance.  Accessories are the perfect way to protect yourself and your car from inconvenience at any hour. 

No matter what car you drive, there are always a few accessories your car could use. You never know the importance of having an extra wiper blade when the existing one washes away in heavy rain.  

Car exterior accessories include brilliant products to ensure you are always prepared, safe and ready for every hurdle on the road. 

If you are looking for some of the coolest and best car exterior accessories online, look no further than these epic gadgets. 

Checkout Top 10 Car Exterior Accessories List of 2023

We’ve covered the top 10 essential car exterior accessories every driver requires in 2023 for a safe and smooth drive. 

1: Car Cover - Your Car’s Raincoat

In India, there are not enough garages for the car. And maintaining a car in a country like India can be a bit of a struggle. Each morning you will have to devote 20 to 30 minutes cleaning your car from bird poo, shez leaves, dirt and dust. At one point, it turns into a daily chore.

We understand how difficult it is to ensure your car stays clean from the surrounding contaminants.

To limit your struggle of cleaning your car every day, you can simply protect it using a car cover. Yes, the very first product on our car exterior accessories list includes the essentials like car covers.

Only a few of us can manage to keep our car away from dust, dirt and other contaminants. The shame of driving a dirty car can push us to take an Uber to work. But putting an effort to clean it every day sounds exhausting to the majority. 

In such situations, car covers are of excellent use. Car covers protect your car from everything the Indian climate can throw at you. From animal waste to rainfall, the car cover has got your (car’s) back. You can find high-quality and weatherproof car covers in a variety of designs, and colours. 

You can just cover your car using the car covers and take the cover off the next morning, sit in the car and head to work. Seems like a great deal to me! Buy high-quality car covers at Carorbis from a wide range of brands, and designs. All car covers are available at the lowest prices from genuine, top brands and OEM sellers. 

2: Headlights - Driving You Home Safely

When the sun starts to set, and you are driving home in total darkness, headlights are something you are entirely dependent on. Headlights are extremely important in the top car exterior accessories list to prevent fatal accidents. 

It allows you to have a safe drive at home, minimizing risk by paving a clearer and bright path. It’s no less than magic. Harry Potter, who? To continue to stay safe in the darkness, it’s extremely vital to take safety precautions like having an extra pair of headlights.  

In case the other breaks or fails to work, you can’t drive without a headlight at all. It helps you see the necessary road marking, signs and unexpected hurdles. The bright light becomes your map to reach home safely. 

With the help of bright and clear headlights, you can prevent uncertain accidents like falling into a pothole or hitting an animal or object in the dark. 

Basically, it prevents you from committing a crime. And we know, you understand the importance of headlights.But we often manage to neglect its maintenance. Do you remember to change it when it starts to provide dim light?

Headlight maintenance is also a crucial step. Don’t forget to replace damaged headlights with better, and brighter one quickly. And carry an extra pair in case of emergency. 

In case you need help finding the best headlights in India, Carorbis happens to offer high-quality headlights at the lowest price. Shop from hundreds of top brands and OEM sellers for durable, and premium headlights for your car. 

3: Wiper Blades - Wipe Away All the Dirt and Worries

When it comes to your line of vision on the road, wiper blades are incredibly reliant for clarity. Often an overlooked item on the car exterior accessories list, wiper blades are more than just two sticks going left and right. The windshield blade provides maximum visibility on the road, while you are cruising around the town. Work to wipe away water droplets, condensation and snow off your windscreen.


The windshield and the wiper blades are the only matches made in heaven. Offering you a clear vision every day and improving your safety. As much as you love a long drive while beautiful rain pours down, it’s also quite unsafe. 

Often romanticised, rain and other harsh conditions impact your visibility and safety, resulting in major accidents if your wiper blades aren’t effective. To prevent such situations, install a high-quality wiper blade to remove rain, snow, dirt, frost, pollen and other debris quickly with a single push of a button.


Consider carrying an extra pair of wiper blades with you. You never know which one fails prematurely or gets damaged in heavy rain. Shop an exceptional range of wiper blades from top brands like Bosch, Biolight and Michelin at Carorbis. Buy wiper blades of high quality from genuine brands and OEM sellers at the lowest price. 

4: Car Parking Sensors & Camera - Sense Cars and Visualise

Parking spaces are always a tough competition to score yourself a seat. It’s extremely crowded.The parking areas have turned into an ongoing struggle to park cars safely in parking lots.

You can successfully save yourself from this mess by installing parking sensors and cameras. Parking sensors emit high-frequency sound waves which strike an object and then reflect to the car. 

The amount of time the sound waves hit the car is used to calculate the distance between the cars and the parking sensors.The cameras, on the other hand, are mounted to the rear, front and sides of the car to put together an image in front of the vehicle. 

Ultra-wide angles are created using the camera to put together a bird’s eye view from above the car. There’s loads of parking sensors and cameras to choose from to have some peace of mind while parking and for your safety. 

Keep an eye out and stay peaceful with high-quality car sensors and cameras from Carorbis. Get genuine, durable and reliable car sensors and cameras for the lowest price from top brands and OEM sellers only.

5: Tyre Inflators - No More Flat Tyres Ever

Say hello to the No.1 lifesaver of most drivers - the efficient tyre inflators. Tyre inflators are one of the best car accessories you can get your hands on. Not only sleek, smartly designed and an excellent accessory for pumping air to inflate anything, from car to bike tyres to footballs and balloons, but tyre inflators also keep you from stranded. 

You don’t want to be stuck on a roadside with no mechanic shop in sight. Or want to be late for a job interview or to work because of a flat tire.Isn’t that an old excuse? You will require a better excuse this time. Or maybe don’t make up an excuse and turn up on time. 

How, you ask? With the help of tyre inflators. This exceptional car accessory keeps your tyre inflated and in shape at any hour of emergency. It’s a simple tool. When you see a flat tyre, take out the portable tyre inflator from the trunk and pump air into the tyre to get back on the road. 

Digital tyre inflators automatically direct/stop when the required pressure is reached. So there’s no possible risk of using these smart car gadgets, especially when you are in need. If you are looking for the best tyre inflator, look no further than Carorbis.Buy high-quality tyre inflators from a wide range at affordable prices. Choose from top brands and genuine OEM sellers. 

6: Fog Car Lights - Cutting Through the Fog

When you are commuting in winter, you know how troublesome fog can be. You can barely see the day until it’s 7 AM or 8 AM. The entire morning is covered in fog and condensation. You can see it on the leaves, your terrace and also on your cars. 

The regular headlights accumulate water droplets on their surface and cause blurred vision.  You aren’t able to see clearly even though it’s their only job. What good are they anyway?

That’s when you switch to fog car lights. It’s one of the essential car exterior accessories, especially for Indian winters. When you experience such climatic disturbance, the driver’s vision is seriously impacted. The normal headlights aren’t effective as usual, increasing the chances of dangerous situations. 

Fog car lights are designed to help you under those circumstances where it’s impossible to see clearly. The fog lights offer proper clear vision even in dark and foggy winter mornings or evenings, helping your drive safely and peacefully. 

Fog lights are located at the lower end of the vehicle to reduce the glare while driving. It provides better visibility on the toad and in other unfavourable conditions.  Shop an excellent range of fog car lights at Carorbis for the lowest price. Buy durable and high-performance fog lights from genuine top brands and OEM sellers.

7: Car Horn - Honk! Honk! This is the Best Car Gadget

Superior-quality car horns are the only way to pass through Indian traffic. By only using an excellent car horns, you will manage to navigate and get through the chaotic traffic in your cities. It’s brutal out here. 

The higher sound you make, the more people are likely to listen to you. We definitely don’t encourage causing a ruckus on the street.Don’t even try to waste your potential telling people to move this or that way, just use a powerful horn at one time to get your point across. 

In better words, we can say car horns are a way of communicating with other drivers and road users.  If you use a good-quality car horn, the loud noise is sufficient to make people hear you. 

Car horns are the best way to alert other drivers of threats and prevent accidents. Car owners use the horns to signal other drivers to pay attention to a hazard. 

Always have a car horn installed in your car and use it carefully when required. Don’t contribute to the growing noise pollution, use it wisely to make smart decisions and handle traffic carefully. Shop the loudest and premium collection of car horns at Carorbis from top brands. Get only genuine car horns from OEM sellers at reasonable prices. 

8: Car Mudguard - Keeping Mud Where It Came From

Imagine getting mud on your brand-new shoes? You absolutely hate the vision of it. Right? If only there was a way to protect yourself from muds. 

Guess what? There is. Car Mudguards are excellent car exterior accessories to prevent dirt and grime from reaching the sensitive parts and components of the vehicle. The mud, dirt and grime often reach the sensitive parts of the vehicle and cause rust and corrosion. Resulting in premature damage of an essential and expensive vehicle’s parts. 

Many think car mudguards aren’t necessary at all. And we ask why not? It is absolutely essential. It protects your vehicle’s parts and components from damage by preventing the contact of mud, dirt, rocks, salt, water and many other harmful contaminants.


Mudguards are an inexpensive investment. It offers hassle-free protection and maintenance of your vehicle by keeping it in good shape. Shop for brilliant mudguards from a wide range of top brands and OEM sellers at Carorbis. Get affordable and durable mudguards of different sizes and colours. 

9: Tire Gauges - Maintain the Right Amount of Pressure

Tire gauges are absolutely indispensable. It monitors your tire’s air pressure and ensures your safety.You know the old saying, “too much of anything is bad”. You don’t? Well, I just made it up.


Too much pressure can be an issue for your tire so there can be too little tire pressure. Only the perfect amount is good enough to run your vehicle. When you are filling the tyres, it can lose or gain a significant amount of air pressure. It can also reach a dangerous level.  

A poor underinflated tire has a greater tendency to deform under the wheels. Maintaining an appropriate amount of pressure improves the wear, eliminating the chance to replace well-maintained tires.


With a good quality tire gauge, you can set the pressure accurately. Looking for the best selection of tire gauges? Shop at Carorbis for high-quality tire gauges to ensure your car maintains its fuel efficiency and runs safely. 


10: Replacement Bulb and Indicators

Replacement bulbs and indicators are excellent lifesavers.  Indicators and bulbs are mounted around the car, at the corners and on the side wings. The replacement bulbs and indicators prove useful in cases where there’s an unexpected failure of the existing bulbs and indicators.


These are the primary car exterior accessories to provide clarity and bright light to pave the way.Replacing bulbs and indicators if it gets damaged or turns out dysfunctional to prevent you from catastrophic incidents.


It helps you have a safe driving experience by emitting brighter light. Get your hands on the best quality and reliable replacement headlight bulbs and indicators at Carorbis.  Shop from hundreds of top brands and OEM sellers for the lowest price.


There are numerous car exterior accessories to help you prevent the slightest inconvenience while driving. Luckily, these top 10 proves to be extremely essential and helpful for every car driver. 

You can buy premium car exterior accessories online at Carorbis for the lowest prices. We offer all sorts of car accessories, from interior to exterior and beyond for better car maintenance and performance. 


Exterior Car Accessory Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What are the specific exterior product and accessories categories which can be purchased online from Carorbis?

Ans. The category-wise segmentation of exterior accessories and parts available on the Carorbis website is mentioned below. Please note that availability is subjected to stock and other contributing factors. However, we are working around the clock to expand our offerings and introduce the average Indian customer to the world of automotive parts and accessories.

  1. Body - Car Bumpers, Car Covers, Car Mudguard, Wraps, Stickers & Films and Car Windscreen
  2. Lights - Emergency & Warning Lights, Fog Car Lights, Car Headlights, Tail-Lights, Replacement Bulbs & Indicators
  3. Tires - Tire Inflators, Tire Gauges and Tires
  4. Miscellaneous - Car Horn, and Wiper Blades

Q 2.How can I check if a product would be compatible with my vehicle or not?

Ans. You may refer to the individual product pages, which contain information on the various models and variants with which the product will be compatible.

Q 3. Why should I order from Carorbis?

Ans. Carorbis is the fastest-growing automotive e-commerce platform in India. We offer the broadest range of automotive parts and accessories at never-seen-before prices. We are rapidly ramping up the processing and our reach to more locations throughout the country. Our products are authentic and affordable.

Q 4. How to know if a product is deliverable in my area or not?

Ans. You can enter the pin code of the delivery address and verify if our delivery partners serve your area or not. You will get to know this even before placing the order.