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Protect Your Car Against Robbery with Central Locking and Security Alarm System

Car central locking systems and security alarm systems are a non-negotiable feature in any car you purchase. And, of course, you want the best possible anti-theft locking system to safeguard your vehicle against potential threats. Making the wrong decision in what car door central locking system you buy could have drastic repercussions, so making an informed decision in this situation is essential. As per the Insurance Information Institution, in 2020, $7.4 billion was lost in auto-theft incidents, per the FBI.

The time when auto thieves resorted to hot-wiring cars or smashed windows is long gone; auto robbers have got with the time and now use sophisticated means to steal, and this demands upping your car anti-theft alarm system game.

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Not just your automobile, but anything you store in your car and even your car’s parts are targets for theft. Take your vehicle’s safety into your own hands with the following security and anti-theft alarms and solutions:

  1. Car Central Locking System

    Cars are usually pre-installed with powered car central locking systems but they can also be purchased separately as per your requirements and specifications. Want to know how exactly a car central locking system works? Head onto our complete explainer article which will tell you All You Need to Know About Car Locking Systems.
  2. Car Anti-Theft Alarm

    A keyless entry and remote-free locking system with a security alarm system not only makes it easier to enter your car but also provides better safety to your parked car, especially in an emergency situation. Eliminate the safety threat of fumbling through your bag for keys before getting into your automobile. With features like anti-hijack systems and immobilisers, an anti-theft locking system can defend your vehicle from vandalism and you from losing a lot of money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How does the anti-theft alarm work?

Ans. Anti-theft alarms work by emitting a loud noise, the horn of a car, a silent signal to the car owner, a warning, or a combination of these on meeting certain requirements required to trigger the alarm system. As evident from its name, an anti-theft alarm system aim to prevent the robbery of a vehicle or its contents. To know about the working of a car’s anti-theft alarm system, check out this article.

Q 2. What triggers the anti-theft system in a car?

Ans. All vehicles come pre-installed with some anti-theft and central door locking system right from the manufacturing plant. These are triggered when there is an unauthorized entry/opening of a door, the boot or the hatch of the car. Every model and manufacturer may employ different triggers for their car. Aftermarket anti-theft systems have individual triggers too but based on the model of the security system.

Q 3. What does anti-theft do in a car?

Ans. Anti-theft systems alert the owner of the car/the holder of the security system’s wireless remote when there is a system trigger. This can happen in instances like breaking of the windshield, impact on the car, unauthorized turning off the ignition, et cetera. Some expensive models may even have in-built motion sensors. The alarm can be disarmed and armed by the holder of the system’s remote. When the conditions meet the trigger requirements of the system, the alarm goes off, alerting the owner or those around the car.

Q 4. How do I know if my car has an anti-theft device?

Ans. Most vehicles come with pre-installed central door locking systems. In case you have any discrepancy about it, you may refer to your car’s manual, or speak to your car reseller/manufacturer to ask about any security features your car may have.

Q 5. How do you tell if a car has an alarm?

Ans. A very easy way to check if your car has an alarm is to open a door or the boot of the car. Open a door or a glass with the factory remote, after waiting for a little while, unlock the car manually from the inside. If the alarm sounds, then you have an alarm in your car. If it does not then you do not have an installed alarm in your car.