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If you’ve also lived the horror of looking down the dashboard and noticing a warning light indicating low tire pressure, it’s most likely to disturb your trip.

If the light continues to stay on, you know the car requires some action so quickly check your tires. When the reality of the tire disappoints, then just grab the car air compressors and get rid of the problem in quick seconds.

In no time at all, the car air tire compressor can fill the flat tire to optimal pressure, and get you back on track. Tires always find a way to lean air one way or another, it’s you who have to stay prepared.

A car air compressor takes care of the tire, no matter where you are. With its help, you can check on the tire pressure regularly and fill the tire adequately. Plus, air compressors have a wide range of functions, the most common one being useful for your car and in the household.

Store in the garage or the back of the trunk, car air compressors are something you’ll be always grateful to have at all times. Simply because it’s so useful.

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A motorcycle fairing is a large, small, or medium-sized, often wind-shapen panel or cowl found on sports bikes. The bikes contain the fairing above their front wheel, and around the handlebar area.

Air compressors are now everywhere - found in the garage to your office, from big factories to your local shop. It’s extremely reliable and comes useful in dreadful times.

It’s like having a friend who always has your back.

The best way to learn the benefits of car air compressors is by feeling their impact and energy in your home and the car.

A car air compressor is simply a tool that works by continuously sucking the air around and mechanically squeezing it through the internal moving parts. It utilizes force to power the tire. Once the car tire receives maximum air pressure, the work is done.

The overall air volume generated by a car air compressor machine is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).


Car air compressors help to maintain optimal tire pressure, being a life-saver in critical situations for car drivers. It helps to keep the tire pressure in check and helps extend the tire service life while improving your safety and fuel economy.

A portable car air compressor is a vital tool for every avid four-wheel driver. Lightweight, easy to store, simple to use, and easy on your wallet - what more could you ask.


Understanding the different car air compressor types brings you closer to choosing the right pick tailored to your needs. Here are the different types you can use -

  1. Reciprocating Air Compressors -

    Also known as piston compressors, reciprocating air compressors work on the principle of reciprocation, meaning moving something back and forth. These machines are positive displacement equipment, meaning they increase the pressure in the air to compress it.

    It is the most widely used air compressor machine. The back and forth motion of the piston creates a vacuum that sucks the air in when retracting and pushing air into the tank.
  2. Scroll Compressors -

    The scroll compressors work in a circular motion to compress air. It uses two spiral-shaped circular parts that rotate around one another. It has one fixed scroll that remains stationary and another moving or orbiting scroll rotates through the use of a swing link.

    The technology used in scroll compressors is prevalent everywhere. It’s used in a wide range of applications including refrigerators, electronics, and turbos.

    The device is capable of creating the cleanest air that successfully meets the ISO standards. The device stays 100% oil-free and conducts quiet operation, making it ideal for the electronics, dental, pharmaceutical, and food industries.
  3. Rotary Compressor -

    Popular in the auto industry, rotary screw technology is used for heavy-duty applications requiring high power for a longer period.

    Rotary screw air compressor traps air between the two meshed rotors and reduces the volume of the trapped air as it travels down through the rotors. The reduction process results in creating compressed air.

    It’s used to inflate tires along with other tasks like powering air tools and numerous other applications.
  4. Tech-based Air Compressor -

    With the advancement in the latest technology, we get to see tech-based mechanically compressed airs to meet the changing needs.

    It includes single-stage machines that compress air in a single stroke while the two-stage compressors compress at twice the air pressure. The technology-based air compressors efficiently resolve flat tires within a limited span.


You must know your stuff before investing, right? Follow the following points to choose the best air compressor for you -

  1. Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) -

    Remember earlier when mentioned CFM as the measurement of air which every air compressor delivers. Every tool has a CFM requirement, so pick the right air compressors that are compatible with the tools you intend to use.

    How many air tools do you plan to use, or multiple tools at once? To ensure that the air compressor can take the load, check the CFM requirements of air tools. Invest in car air compressors that equal or surpass the requirement.
  2. Portability -

    Size determines your comfort in the case of car air compressors so choose wisely. A bigger tank size lets you operate multiple air tools at once for an extended period. However, it’s also quite bulky at the same time, making it difficult to move or carry around.

    While a smaller air compressor is portable and offers better movability when added with a rubber wheel, making it easy to move around. However, it’s unable to operate multiple air tools or offer a long period of air compression.
  3. Electric Vs Petrol Compressors -

    What do you prefer - petrol or electricity? Petrol air compressors are ideal for outdoor use or used in areas of electrical power shortage.

    The only pro is that petrol compressors are unsafe to operate in an enclosed location for safety issues.

    Electric air compressors, on the other hand, are used in most industries for their affordability and less maintenance required. As we mentioned earlier, electric compressors come in single-phase or multi-phase, so remember to check the type of power supply you have at home.

    It’s considered ideal to run a 3-phase machine as it’s a lot more efficient and requires less maintenance.
  4. Compressor PSI -

    Air compressors have a wide range of PSI levels. PSI estimates the air strength produced by the compressors. For instance, if an air tool requires 150 PSI, then your air compressor has to produce at least 150 PSI to work effectively. However, it is crucial that the air tools aren’t provided with excessively high PSI as it can damage the tools severely.
  5. Compressor Duty Cycle -

    The duty cycle is referred to the ratio between the air compressor when it’s operated to when it’s resting/cooling.

    To ensure longer operation and well-maintenance of the air compressor, it shouldn’t be operated more than 60% of the time.

    If you notice your air compressor running out of air rapidly, then it’s a sign of overworked compressors. Consider getting a bigger tank compressor.
  6. Noise -

    The duty cycle is referred to the ratio between the air compressor when it’s operated to when it’s resting/cooling.

    To ensure longer operation and well-maintenance of the air compressor, it shouldn’t be operated more than 60% of the time.

    If you notice your air compressor running out of air rapidly, then it’s a sign of overworked compressors. Consider getting a bigger tank compressor.


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Q 1. . How to use an air compressor for a car?

Ans. Each air compressor for a car is designed differently. Depending on the air compressor you own, it will have its specific instruction manual attached by the manufacturer. Stick to the installation guide and you will be able to use the air compressor easily.

Q 2. How much does a car air compressor cost?

Ans. The average car air compressor price is between INR 10,000 TO 15,000. If you are looking for an affordable alternative, then Carorbis is the perfect place. It not only charges low-price but also offers superior, high-quality products from leading brands.

Q 3. What size air compressor do I need for car tires?

Ans. Filling an average passenger car requires 32 PSI, or maybe 35 PSI on a cold day. Thus, a portable 1 or 2 CFM compressor at 90 PSI is well enough to fill your car tires optimally.

Q 4. Can I use an air compressor to fill my tires?

Ans. Yes, absolutely. It’s almost like you read our minds. Investing in a good quality air compressor to maintain adequate tire pressure helps to prevent your tire from wear and improves its performance at the same time. With an air compressor, you have less chance of getting stranded at locations where your tire falls flat.

Q 5. How long does it take for the air compressor to fill?

Ans. The time is determined by the CFM, the greater it is, the quicker the compressor pumps the air into the tire. The larger the tank, the more air is compressed to fill the tank completely. Typically, you will manage to fill the tire within 2 to 5 minutes.

Q 6. What can air compressors be used for?

Ans. Air compressors have several uses, such as supplying clean air to gas cylinders, tires, small business applications to large industrial uses for energy sources, manufacturing, farming/agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Energy Exploration, and many more.

Q 7. Can air compressors explode?

Ans. It’s very rare for air compressors to explode although it is a possibility. Air compressor explosion occurs when the operator isn’t paying proper attention to the air receiver tank, causing the catastrophic incident to take place.

Q 8. Can air compressors freeze?

Ans. Air compressors are designed to work above 40-degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. If you choose to use an air compressor below 40-degrees, it will freeze by clogging.