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Side panels on your motorcycle are an easy way to increase the style quotient of your ride. They are usually made of plastic or fibreglass and are placed on either side of the bike, just under the seat to cover openings behind the engine. Trendy side panels turn a vintage bike into the ultimate retro modern classic.

The perfect side panel brings your motorcycle back to life. Often made from ABS plastic, side panels fit the interior of the frame just like OEM stock parts. You’ll end up with a motorcycle that looks better than it did when it came out of the factory.


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The motorcycle side panels protect the engine from dirt, dust, debris, gravel and rain. These elements can be very harsh on your motorcycle’s engine. The side panel works as a shield to prevent any scratches or damage to the motorcycle engine and chassis.

The side panels amplify the appearance of your ride and add a stylish, trendy and sporty appeal to the motorcycle. This is truly an amazing bike accessory.

Motorcycle side panels are made from strong raw materials that give them a sturdy and long-lasting life.


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Q1. What is the price for the side panel for Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT?

Ans. The price for the side panel on is Rs.2,599 only.

Q2. Can we install the side panel at home?

Ans. Yes, it is very easy to install the side panel at home without any special tools or skills.

Q3. Do the side panels come in a pair?

Ans. Yes, the side panels come in a set of two, one for each side of the motorcycle.


Whether you are looking to customise your motorcycle or replace stock OEM parts, side panels will definitely make your motorcycle look cooler. The sleek outer shell of the side panel when put together on either side of the bike encases the chassis beneath the seat and adds an aerodynamic feel to your ride. It helps protect your engine from the elements and adds a certain amount of style to the overall design of the motorcycle.

If the motorcycle engine and chassis are exposed to the elements while riding a long tour, they may be left open to damage and corrosion. Wind and water can enter the chassis and weaken the internal structure.

Therefore, it is important to keep your bike covered with high quality side panels. In terms of design, a motorcycle looks plain and incomplete without a set of good-looking side panels.

Side panels are fairly easy to install and don’t require any special tools or techniques. A simple screw driver or allen key can be used to fit each side panel onto the motorcycle.

ABS plastics are often used in the construction of side panels because of their strength, flexibility and lightweight properties. The advantages of this material are that they combine the strength of plastics with the flexibility and toughness of rubber.

Another material used in side panels is fibreglass. Fibreglass is more durable and lighter than ABS plastic, however they cost a little more. Fibreglass can also be repaired by using new layers of fibreglass cloth, unlike ABS plastics, in which case the whole side panel has to be replaced.

If you are planning on changing the side panels of your motorcycle, you now have the comprehensive and extensive knowledge needed to choose the right kind of side panel.