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There’s something satisfying about a clean looking car.

Devices like car pressure washers are the biggest contribution to keeping your ride pristinely clean and refreshed.

For a lot of people, cleaning their car isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s often exhausting and tedious to get your car looking brand-new all the time.

From dust, dirt and debris to bird droppings and tree sap gathered onto your car’s body, removing these contaminants requires a lot of sweat.

But, it’s extremely important to get rid of them. Cleaning every little dirt and dust from your vehicle demands a lot of time, effort and cleaning items.

Luckily, car pressure washers make the job easy. Getting the best car pressure washer will save you money, and time when it comes to cleaning your ride.

As we must know, car power washers are greatly effective in getting off stubborn dirt, debris, mud and junk effortlessly.

If you are looking for the best car pressure washers in India, Carorbis got a premium selection for you.

Carorbis offers long-lasting, powerful and reliable pressure washers for car online from top brands and OEM sellers.

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We offer high-quality and durable pressure washers for cleaning, washing, detailing, interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle.


There’s a lot of people who prefer the traditional method of washing cars - buckets. Hear us out - there’s nothing wrong with the traditional method, except everything.

Using garden hoses isn't the best alternative to washing cars. It’s simply inefficient. When it comes to a proper car wash at home, nothing beats a pressure washer for car.

Here’s a rundown on why you should consider replacing your buckets with a much more effective and efficient solution.


You know it takes a lot of time and effort to clean your car by hand.

Whereas pressure washers for cars cut down the long hours and clean the vehicle squeaky-clean at every spot.

Let’s say, you clean your car with a bucket of water. It’s still an exhausting affair. Count the number of times you will have to back and forth to your water faucet. It already sounds exhausting to us.

If you make necessary tasks like cleaning your car laborious, you’ll struggle with consistency.

Not to forget the physical pain caused by going back and forth to the water faucet for fetching waters.

You might want to skip your leg day at the gym each weekend you wash your car.

Now, if you think using your garden hose to wash your car is way better than buckets. Then yes, you are right. Not entirely.

It’s obvious that a garden hose is better than buckets but it’s not ideal to spray your car with pressurized water at specific spots.

The water from the garden hose moves under pressure which isn’t healthy for your car’s integrity. It will take a lot of time to remove dirt and debris that’s stuck onto your vehicle’s body.

All these problems resolve on their own once you put a high-pressure car washer up to the task.

What took you an hour to clean your car with a bucket or 45 to 50 minutes with a garden hose, the water pressure for a car does in 10 to 15 minutes only.

You save your hefty time and effort with an effective pressure washers car cleaning.

You can then continue to focus on other important tasks like spending time with family on weekends, playing golf, or doing household chores.


Cleaning dried-up bird droppings or even tree sap from your car requires physical labour.

At this point, your ordinary garden hose gives up. The water pressure from the garden hose isn’t effective enough to forcefully remove the stubborn dirt and debris from the car’s surface.

As a result, you will have to put your hands to work and get the dried-up dirt off your car’s surface forcefully without scratching your ride.

Or, you could simply use the best car pressure washers to blast off the contaminants way more quickly.

Use the high-pressure car washer, set the nozzle to the contaminant and direct the spray and let it work its magic. There’s no requirement for physical work to scrape off the dirt.

The high-pressure car washer manages to do the job effortlessly.


The only objective of removing dirt, dust and debris off the surface is to preserve the beautiful paint of your car.

But contaminants are a bit sneaky. You might not always find it easy to clean or get rid of them from your car.

Located in hard-to-reach locations like spaces between car body panels, under the hood or your car can make washing your car a bit tedious.

Cleaning behind the tires or wheels is also quite difficult to clean and wash. Unless you are a pro yoga instructor, reaching every spot of your car is not possible.

However, cleaning your car’s each and every area with pressure washers for car is quick and easy. It comes with a range of spray nozzles for cleaning every kind of dirt and dust located in your car’s space.

With pressure washers for car cleaning, you can easily clean behind your wheel and all the mentioned “hard-to-reach” areas. The device can reach these difficult areas and clean them by blasting pressurized water through these spaces.


Did you know pressure washers for car save a lot of your money?

Not just money, you save a lot of water since the car pressure washer uses a fraction of the volume of water it takes to wash the car.

You aren’t just going easy on your wallet but also helping to preserve the planet.

Cleaning the car with your buckets might save you a bit of money but it takes the majority of your time and water.

Whereas pressure washers for cars save upto 80% of your water consumption. Saving you money on your water utility bill.

Additionally, car wash involves a series of steps like initial rinse, using car cleaning soap, final rises and a few other steps in between.

Each step requires cleaning kits to get the work done. While the car pressure washer for detailing system comes with a built-in foamer or a foam spray attachment.

Thus, saving you from buying a separate detergent for your car.


Pressure wash for cars is of different kinds to meet your car washing requirement. They are divided by their power sources and their functional capacity.


These car wash pressure washers feature a compact and lightweight design. The washers use hydraulic mechanisms to create energy.

It doesn’t need electricity or fuel to work, making it eco-friendly and suitable for daily use.


The electric pressure washers for car washing, as the name suggests works when connected to a power generator or an electric outlet.

Electric motor washers are suitable for light, medium and heavy-duty work.


Diesel engine washers are fit for medium and heavy-duty work. The washer, as the name suggests, works on diesel to fuel the pump.

However, these pressure washers for car washing generate fumes, making them unsuitable for indoor use.


These pressure washers for car wash are designed similar to diesel engine washers.

The only difference is that these washers use gas as the main source of fuel to power the pump.

Suitable for medium and heavy-duty cleaning, gasoline engine washers aren’t suitable for indoors using for generating fumes.


Buying without knowing the feature won’t result in productive shopping. You must know the cool features to look for in your pressure washer for cars.

  1. Soap or Detergent Tank -

    As we mentioned above, most car wash pressure washers come with built-in soap or other kinds of detergent tanks.

    The tank generates soapy foam on your car, helping you clean efficiently.

    So while shopping for the best pressure washers for car detailing online, consider what kind of soap tank will benefit you.

  2. Replaceable Nozzles -

    Nozzles can be nosy! You’ve got to be careful when buying car pressure wash nozzles as it makes a big difference.

    You want to buy adjustable nozzles in pressure washers for car cleaning or replaceable ones to provide the right pressure to clean your car.

    Quick connect nozzles are easy and effective in washing your car while providing the right amount of pressure.

    While turbo nozzles can turn your tool into a high-pressure car washer when required.

    With adjustable nozzles, you can generate enough force from the pressure washer for car whenever required.

  3. Storage Space -

    You don’t want to hassle with the cords and tools that come with a car pressure washer.

    Consider getting pressure washers car cleaning with a storage compartment for keeping and sorting the power cord, tools and accessories in one place.

  4. Adjustable Wands -

    Similar to adjustable nozzles, adjustable wands bring more versatility when using the car power washer.

  5. Thermal Relief and Unloaders -

    Looking for the safety feature is extremely essential in automotive accessories.

    To manage the heat buildup, look for car wash pressure washers with thermal protection.

    It helps to control potential problems caused by excessive pressure buildup in your device.


You’ve got to know the different car pressure washer types, but do you know which one’s the best for you?

To help you answer the question, here’s how to buy a suitable car pressure washer for you.

  1. What Type of Cleaning Do You Need? -

    What kind of pressure washers for car wash do you want?

    If you need to wash your small car or for small cleaning tasks then consider getting a light-duty machine.

    If you have larger cleaning needs like washing a big SUV or outdoor area, then consider getting a medium-duty car pressure washer.

    And if you are looking to wash something much larger, consider getting a heavy-duty, high-pressure car washer.

  2. What’s Your Location? -

    Your location or the location of your car is also one of the determiners. If you have a barn, then hydraulic pressure washers are suitable.

    If you don’t want noise or fumes then consider getting an electric model that matches your budget.

    The electric pressure washer for car doesn’t require petrol or diesel as a primary fuel, just electricity.

  3. Take Care of the Water -

    Few people also like to connect their car pressure washer to the water tank.

    If you are also one of them, then consider buying a filter to prevent contaminants from entering the tank to the car pressure washer pump. It can damage the washer.


If you are looking for the best car cleaner for pressure washers in India, Carorbis is the best place.

You can choose from top-notch brands, OEM sellers and designers for a long-lasting and high-performance car wash.

Every car pressure washing features unique technology to help you with cleaning the car.

Our best car washing pressure washers feature an innovative, new and modern design. It washes and cleans the car’s surface way faster than any other system.

All car pressure wash provides quiet operation and lowers energy consumption.

Buy premium car washing pressure at the lowest price for making car cleaning a fun sport.


Q 1. Where to buy the best pressure washer for the car wash business?

Ans. You can buy high-quality, long-lasting and reliable car pressure washing online at Carorbis. Shop the best pressure washers for cars from top brands and OEM sellers for affordable prices.

Q 2. How to clean a car with a pressure washer?

Ans. If you are new to car pressure washers, follow the mentioned steps to clean your car.

  • Pick the right pressure washer and nozzle -

    The power (PSI: Pounds per square inch) and water flow (GPM: Gallons per minute) determines the pressure of the device. The higher the PSI, the more force the water the device generates. While it’s obvious to choose the right nozzle for producing ideal water pressure and distribution. Choose the right size of a nozzle to evenly and easily distribute water across the car surface.

  • Park the car at the best spot to wash -

    Park in an open space so the water doesn't damage anything around.

  • Rinse your car -

    Before you use any cleaner, rinse the car and remove any accumulated dirt and debris off the car’s surface.

  • Apply Detergent or Soap to the car -

    Most pressure washers for cars come with built-in compartments for cleaning detergents. Choose the suitable cleaning detergent to clean.

  • Mix the detergent with water into a bucket.

  • Fill the detergent tank of the pressure washer with diluted detergent.

  • Spray the detergent all over your car.

  • Rinse the detergent off the car.

Q 3. Can pressure washers damage car paint?

Ans. No! If you use the right nozzle and spray water at the optimal pressure, the car pressure washer preserves the car cleanliness.

Q 4. Are portable pressure washers any good?

Ans. Yes! Portable pressure washers work great to clean your car. It comes with several sets of features to extend the device service life, performance and cleaning abilities.

Q 5. Are pressure washers good for cleaning cars?

Ans. Yes! Pressure washers offer the perfect work of cleaning your car efficiently, saving you time and money. It comes at an affordable price with a variety of features and solutions.

Q 6. What psi is safe for washing cars?

Ans. You can choose the pressure washer setting between 1200 to 1900 PSI.

Q 7. Is it ok to wash a car with a pressure washer?

Ans. Yes! It’s perfectly suitable to wash your car with a pressure washer. It’s effective, time-saving and cost-effective.