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Riding a motorcycle with the wind flowing through your hair and the engine rumbling beneath you is one of the most adventurous feelings you can get. But if you are planning on taking a cross country tour, or even stepping out to the shops to buy some groceries, you will need some luggage options. And there is no better luggage option than a motorcycle saddlebag.

Motorcycle bags and luggage carriers give you the luxury of a much larger vehicle. When you are on the open road, a saddlebag will prove an indispensable item. You can carry along your rain gear, safety gear, emergency supplies like tool kits, first aid boxes, tire repair kits, torch lights and much more in your luggage bags.

With motorcycle riding bags, your weekend trip will be more comfortable, convenient and safe. Choosing the right saddlebag is important. At, we have a wide range of bike bags to choose from.


Carorbis is the perfect automotive marketplace for you with 100% genuine automotive parts and delivery right to your doorstep. Our secured payment interface works as a safety shield and 7 days easy replace or return policy keeps you assured with every purchase. offers a range of premium bike bags for travel. Look for the riding gear and luggage section on and you can get a bike bag that suits your motorcycle, keeping the right dimensions in mind.


  1. Storage capacity

    Motorcycle luggage bags increase the amount of storage space on a bike. When going on long rides, the extra storage space comes in handy and it is the best option to store your essential items.
    Rather than carry a backpack around, which sometimes can get too heavy to hold, get exclusive travel saddlebags to store your rain suits and gear while you travel to remote places and hilly terrain.
  2. Secure and durable -

    Saddle bags are made to withstand heavy loads and keep your belongings securely on board while travelling, so that you don’t have to worry about your essentials. The best motorcycle luggage bags you can imagine are available on They accommodate a range of items, from extra jackets and riding gear to tents and several changes of clothing. In the event of a heavy rain, you can be assured that your belongings will stay dry.
  3. Enhance the coolness factor of your motorcycle -

    Adding a motorcycle riding bag to your ride gives it a nice flair when touring. Our riding bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes of varying styles to blend with the ergonomics of your motorcycle. Classic leather luggage bags meet all your requirements and give your bike a trendy and cool look.


  1. Hard Bags -

    These kinds of bags are made from hard plastic and they offer the benefits of being waterproof and lockable. Avid biking enthusiasts know the importance of keeping their items dry on a wet day of riding.

    The bags are more expensive and less flexible than regular soft bags. They often require mounting brackets or some sort of clips to attach to your motorcycle.
  2. Soft Bags -

    Soft bags are usually made of durable leather materials, or synthetic materials like nylon. Soft bags offer a certain degree of waterproofing, but they are actually more water resistant than completely waterproof.

    These bags are fastened by belts and usually don’t come with built in locking mechanisms. The best part about these kinds of bags is that they can be easily removed from the motorcycle and carried along with you to your camping site or on a trek.
  3. Other types of Saddlebags -

    Beside traditional motorcycle riding bags, there are sissy bar bags, tail bags and tank bags to choose from. These bags are also designed for long distance touring and complement the carrying capacity of regular riding bags.

    Tank bags can be used to store personal items like documents, phones, wallets, etc. Tank bags can easily be mounted and unmounted from the motorcycle without much trouble.
  4. Leather side bags -

    Leather riding bags give your bike a stylish look while offering you durable storage space for your belongings and essential riding gear. Leather side bags are available in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes to fit your personal taste. Although leather bags are used to keep your items secure, they are not entirely waterproof but you can always add water proof lining to the insides of the bag to keep them from getting drenched in a heavy downpour.


Instead of roaming around different shops to get the perfect riding bag, order the premium motorcycle luggage carriers from We offer the best prices with quick doorstep delivery. In case of dissatisfaction, you can return the bike bag within 7-days without a hassle. Our easy payment interface is quick, convenient, transparent and most importantly, secured with leading banking partners. Choose the perfect bike bag and get it delivered right to your doorstep.


  1. Durability and material

    Motorcycle bags are available in a number of materials and durability options. Most often the bags are made from leather, plastic, and nylon materials. Although leather bags will not last as long as a synthetic bag, the leather bags give a stylish and trendy look to your ride, providing an unmistakable “coolness” factor.
  2. Fit and size

    The bigger the bike bag, the more storage space it can accommodate for your items. Your bike bag should be large enough to store all your essential gear, like your riding suits, tool kits, etc. But take into account that a large bike bag will get too heavy and cumbersome especially on a small bike. Remember that a bike bag that is too big and heavy will affect the manoeuvrability of your bike. This is important particularly when you take your bike off-road and balance makes the difference between an agile and an awkward ride.
  3. Water resistance and lock ability options

    Those bike bags that have lockability options will usually stay on the motorcycle because thieves and burglars cannot get to your coveted personal things. This becomes more significant in touristy places that have large crowds gathering, making the thieves' lives much easier. A locked bike bag will save your stuff from such people.

    When it comes to waterproof bike bags, they come in handy during the rains. Waterproof bike bags will keep all your property, especially your riding gear and clothes safe from the rain. Choosing the right riding bag definitely will take this water-resistant characteristic into account.


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