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Crystal Clear Driving With Anti Fog Spray for Car Windshield and Glasses

Automotive glass coating anti fog spray for car windshield, glasses and windows work efficiently to repel moisture, fog and mist. It improves visibility through the windshield during harsh weather conditions when it is raining, snowing or there is heavy ice formation on glass surfaces. Automotive enthusiasts consider anti fog spray a useful product to improve the driving or riding experience. Since it can be used on any glass surface, you can apply the anti fog liquid onto helmet visors, windows, headlight lenses, indicators, side view mirrors and the sunroof to improve visibility and allow light to shine through.

You can find anti fog spray for cars online at Carorbis shopping website. Search for popular brands such as Wavex which offer an anti fog, rain-repellent spray coating that is ideal for use on glass surfaces on cars and bikes. Just spray on the product and wipe dry with a micro fibre cloth for a high gloss finish. Application is quick and easy and the anti fog spray costs only around Rs.700. Don’t miss out on exciting offers, discounts and special prices for auto detailing products on Carorbis. You also get free shipping for orders above Rs.500 and a cash-on-delivery option.

Why Should You Use Anti Fog Liquid for Car Windshields and Windows

Anti fog liquid can be used to treat car and bike windshields, helmet visors, side and rear-view mirrors and any other glass surface on your vehicle.

Listed below are some of the benefits of using an anti fog spray for car glasses.

Improves Visibility

The anti fog spray improves optical visibility giving the driver a clear view through the windshield, in mirrors and with headlight lenses. This leads to a safer drive without any obstructions caused by rain or fog. The clear treatment on glass surfaces prevents fogging, steaming or smearing. The windshield remains 100% translucent and resists soiling or smudging.


Anti fog spray is non-toxic and can be safely used in car interiors or on a helmet visor. The products are water-based and do not contain harsh chemicals or additives. They will not damage glass or plastic surfaces, instead, they protect them and increase their life by preventing scratches and marks.


You can even use anti fog sprays at home on windows, mirrors, shower glasses and any other glass surface. Anti fog spray comes in a compact bottle which can be carried in your bag or backpack. All you need is a soft, microfibre cloth to buff the glass surface to a glossy finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Why is anti fog spray used on cars?

Ans. These products ensure perfect visibility while driving even through extreme weather conditions during rain, snow and hail storms.

Q 2. What properties does anti fog spray for car have?

Ans. Anti fog spray for car windshields and glasses are rain-repellent, hydrophobic, anti-mist and UV resistant. The anti fog liquid repels moisture and improves the optical clarity through the glass. It keeps glass surfaces such as headlights in pristine condition.

Q 3. Where can I use anti fog spray?

Ans. Anti fog spray can be used on car and bike windshields, windows, glass areas, headlights, fog lights and indicator lenses.

Q 4. How do you apply anti fog spray?

Ans. First, clean and thoroughly dry the glass surface with a multi-surface cleaner and microfibre cloth. Apply the anti fog spray on the glass surface and wipe in linear strokes. Buff to a shiny finish for a clean and clear glass surface.

Q 5. What chemicals are used in an anti fog spray for car glasses?

Ans. The anti fog auto detailing product contains advanced ceramic and silicon dioxide infused with special bonding agents. It works on a molecular level to bond with the glass surface for ultra-hydrophobic, rain repellent and anti fog properties. The anti fog spray for car windows repels water and boosts optical clarity.