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Emergency or warning lights used in a car are one or more visual warning lights used by the driver to convey a sense of urgency, to provide additional hazard lights when stationary, or to caution other road users to slow down or proceed with care.

The lights could be dedicated emergency lights or modified led lights that are placed on the car, in addition to the standard hazard lights of the vehicle.

Emergency lighting or warning lights on cars are generally used to clear the way, or to warn other motorists on the road of potential hazards. The vehicle flashing the emergency lights may have stopped or is travelling slower than the rate of traffic flow.

If you have decided on adding emergency or warning lights on your car, you might have the following questions:

· Whether you can install emergency or warning LED lights

· Why should you choose LED lighting over other types?

· What problems will you encounter?


New cars use LED lights instead of older halogen bulbs, but should you really use LED lights in your car?

LED lights can be used as emergency or warning lights. In fact, they should be the preferred option because of the benefits they provide. LED lights are brighter, provide more illumination, and last longer than regular halogen bulbs.

It's not too difficult to replace your tail lights with emergency warning lights. You just have to find the right one that fits your vehicle.

LED bulbs can be used for this purpose, although some types of lighting require additional components to be added.


The question is why go through all the effort to replace your lights with LED emergency lights. Let’s get through all the benefits.

First on the list is brightness. LED lights are much brighter than regular bulbs. This makes your driving a lot safer. You will be seen more easily during dangerous driving conditions such as in rain or fog.

Although LED emergency lights are bright, they won’t blind the motorists behind. You don’t have to worry about causing an accident. LED emergency lights help you get seen.

LED emergency and warning lights also illuminate faster than regular halogen bulbs. The time difference is about 0.2 seconds; however, this quick response is safer if you suddenly brake and you are worried about other drivers crashing into the rear of your vehicle.

0.2 seconds may not seem a lot but when you are travelling at 90 km/h, this gives you around 18 feet of stopping distance which is safe enough to avoid a rear end collision.

LED emergency lights also use less power than regular lights. So, when you are caught in traffic with the emergency lights on, you don’t have to panic that your battery is getting drained. You can continue to drive safely even when the rest of the car is demanding electricity.

LED emergency lights last a lot longer than regular incandescent bulbs. An incandescent bulb will last anywhere between 500 and 5000 hours, but an LED light will last from 25,000 to 50,000 hours. You won’t have to pay for replacements that quickly.


Modern cars come equipped with many sensors that check that everything in your car is working as it should. If something is wrong, they will signal an error light on your dashboard telling you something's not quite right.

One of the systems in cars is the CAN bus system (Controller Area Network Bus). It will tell you if there is any problem in your car.

If you have a car that doesn't have LED emergency lights, and you add them at a later stage, you may encounter a problem. LED lights use less power than regular lights, and therefore there will be a lot more resistance in the circuit.

This will inform the CAN bus system that there is a problem. The CAN bus system will then cut power to that circuit and the LED emergency light won’t work when it should.

You may need to install additional components to make sure that your LED emergency lights work in this situation. Along with standard LED warning lights, you would have to install a CAN bus decoder with resistors, which can help with the extra resistance and load in the circuit.

Another option here is to buy CAN bus compatible bulbs which have a decoder built into the system. In this way you can use LED emergency and warning lights without any worries.


Avoid using emergency lights during these situations

In bad weather: with turning on emergency lights when visibility is low during heavy rain or fog, other motorists on the road may not know which lane you are planning to move into. Instead of using emergency lights, turn on your headlights and tail lights. This will keep you visible to other motorists and won’t confuse anyone.

If the weather is so bad that you feel emergency lights are a necessity, then pull over to a safe spot and wait till the weather clears up.

In heavy traffic: Although emergency lights will make you more visible, it can make life difficult for other drivers as they anticipate which way you are heading. Using the turn signals won’t be of much help because the emergency lights are so bright, that would be all other motorists see.

Parking illegally: Parking in an illegal spot is not the best idea, but turning on your emergency lights won’t make that parking spot legal. Keep looking for a good parking spot that won’t block any other motorists.


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