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Maintain Scratch Free Paint With a High-quality Car Wash Bucket Grit Guard From Carorbis

Auto detailing is not as simple as using a wash bucket, sponge and soap to get your car to shine like new. The paint used on today’s cars requires special care and attention in order to stay clean and glossy.

We often just use one bucket of water and car shampoo to clean our cars. Repeated rinsing of the washcloth transfers dirt back onto the car and may cause scratches or swirl marks as you rub the sponge on the body panels. A grit guard is an important tool to prevent this from happening.

A car wash bucket grit guard is a mesh made from plastic or metal that sits at the bottom of your rinse bucket. Dirt and debris fall off every time you dip the washcloth in the rinse bucket, and get trapped beneath the grit guard. You are left with a dirt-free washcloth to wipe your car without any worries.

What is a Car Wash Bucket With Grit Guard?

A grit guard helps you trap dirt in your wash bucket. The design of an auto wash bucket with grit guard is an open grid mesh with vanes that allow dirt to pass through and settle at the bottom of the car wash bucket. When you dip the wash mitten into the rinse bucket, gently rub it against the grit guard to lift off loose dirt which falls to the bottom and is separated from the clean water.

The washcloth is now clean and can be dipped in the car shampoo bucket to continue washing the car. The car wash bucket with grit guard prevents dirt from being stirred around and transferred to the car body.

Use Two Buckets to Wash Your Car

There is an effective method to wash cars with two buckets, one car wash bucket only with shampoo and water while the other wash bucket with grit guard and only clear water. This method ensures your paint remains intact and free from scratches or blemishes.

First, dip a microfiber cloth, sponge mitt or car towels in the bucket filled with car shampoo/soap and water. Wash your car, as usual, using lots of suds and straight lines. Turn the washcloth over from time to time to get a clean surface. Clean one body panel at a time and when the sponge gets too dirty, move on to the next step.

Immerse the washcloth in the second bucket and gently agitate the surface against the grit guard. Dirt, grease and grime lift off the sponge and settle at the bottom of the rinse bucket below the grit guard. Squeeze out all the excess water, soap and fine particles and proceed to the first car wash bucket with soap or shampoo.

Grab some soapy suds and continue washing the car. Repeat the process until your car is completely clean. Finally, spray clean water from a garden hose all over the car to remove every last trace of shampoo.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Are grit guards necessary?

    Ans. Grid guards are necessary if you want to preserve the finish of your paint job for as long as possible. Basically, the grit guard allows dirt to settle down in the wash bucket and will not transfer to your washcloth and car body panels. Dirt can easily scratch and ruin the paint.

    Q 2. Which bucket does the grit guard go in?

    Ans. You should use two buckets to wash your car. One bucket contains the car shampoo and the other bucket is filled with clear water for rinsing and a grit guard insert. As you dip the washcloth in the rinsing bucket, all the dirt falls off and gets trapped in the grit guard so that it won’t transfer to the car.

    Q 3. How do you use a car wash grit guard bucket insert?

    Ans. The grit guard is mesh made of metal or plastic, fixed a couple of inches from the bottom of the rinse bucket. It allows dirt and grit to settle down below it so that grit is not reapplied to the car body panels when you wash the microfibre cloth.

    Q 4. How much does a car wash grit guard insert cost?

    Ans. A grit wash guard for rinse bucket can be purchased from an online car accessory store like Carorbis for around Rs.500. They are perfect for isolating dirt and debris, keeping the wash mitt or sponge free from contaminants. With a grit guard, there is less chance of swirl marks, scratches or spots forming on the car paintwork.