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There’s no better way to say this, car headlights are pretty damn important. After all, the lights lead your way in the dark, and during rainy, bad, and foggy weather.

Aside from paving a brighter and clearer way, a good car headlight ensures better road safety by alerting other people and animals on the road.

Don’t take your car headlights for granted. You have to be very careful to keep it running for years. If you are sick of your dim factory headlights, then we propose a better solution. Upgrade or change a poor headlight with a reliable and premium one.

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  1. Halogen Headlights -

    Halogen headlights are the most common and popular types of headlights used around the globe. It’s quite inexpensive, easy to replace, and provides adequate brightness to light up any dark road ahead.

    Halogen car headlights emit a warm white light, which is neither too bright nor white. This type of brightness is often well-suited for most drivers, even the drivers who often commute during the night and in unpleasant weather.

    Halogens lights are used universally for their durability and long-lasting service. Although this depends mostly on the type of model you buy, and how frequently you use your car headlights.

    If you install halogen car headlights on a moderately used car, then these prove to be long-lasting. However, not so much on heavily used vehicles. The only downside of using halogen headlights is the amount of heat the lights generate, often leading to high energy consumption.

  2. HID Headlights -

    HID or high-intensity discharge lights are gaining gradual popularity for their ultra-bright, white and luxurious light emission. HID headlights are also referred to as xenon headlights as they generate higher brightness than halogens.

    Emitting high brightness during the night is what makes drivers often select HID car headlights. These lights also have an extended lifespan than halogens, by using relatively less power.

    If you are looking for high brightness, then we recommend opting for HID headlights as it offers the brightest and the whitest lights of all headlights.

    The only con of HID headlights is producing an intense amount of glare towards oncoming cars. One of the reasons why HID headlights are illegal in some countries and states. It is also much more expensive than any other car headlights and comes a bit difficult to install.

  3. LED Headlights -

    LED headlights are also a common choice for many. If you want super-bright and white light without using too much electricity, LED headlights are the best choice. These types of headlights offer more brightness than halogen headlights, making them more expensive.

    LED headlights don’t offer extreme brightness to be harmful to other drivers, proving them optimal for safe use. These lights are a perfect choice for night drivers as they offer an on-the-spot and powerful beam to light up any dark road.

    LED headlights have a longer lifespan than any other headlights since it’s able to resist overheating and consume less electricity. However, it does require a lot more cooling to operate than halogen lights. LED headlights trigger heat in surrounding wiring, which also requires cooling to work properly.


Before you go ahead and get yourself a good car headlight, consider looking out for these crucial features -

  1. Headlight Size -

    It’s natural to look for the right size of headlights for your car. The top three most common sizes of car headlights are H1, H4, and H7. The size may vary with some brands. Consider getting the appropriate headlight size for your car. It’s mentioned on the metal part of the bulb you’ll be replacing.

    Check the size and get the same sized car headlights. The size isn’t just enough, check for the installation too. Even if you get the right-size car headlight, you need to check if it plugs well into the wiring or not. If the wiring is loose, then the car headlight is prone to premature burnout.

  2. Power -

    The size of the car headlight also determines the amount of power it’s going to consume. The brighter the car headlight is, the higher the power of the headlight you require to run the light properly.

    You also can’t provide high power as it can melt your car’s wiring. Thus, it’s important to get the right car headlights that are suitable for your car’s wiring. The power requirement for providing a high beam output for a headlight is often more than for a low beam output.

    The amount of power needed at low and high beam output is stated on the headlight like 60/55W. The first number denotes the high beam and the second number is for the low beam.

  3. Affordable Price -

    Price matters! It’s proven to find affordable Royal Enfield accessories online in India than at a store. Depending on the location, offline sellers are known to quote different prices for the same product.

    However, you get quality Royal Enfield accessories at a lower price online than anywhere else.

  4. Color Temperatur -

    If bright white light is in your checklist, then consider paying attention to the color temperature. The color temperature of your car headlights must be between 3000K to 5000K on the Kelvin chart.

    The 3000K and under color temperatures emit a slightly warm, and yellow-ish light. While 4000K and above provides the right amount of white light you need. The 5000K color temperature will produce a strong, bright white light which isn’t often required.

    Many car headlights don’t have a color temperature mentioned. Contact the manufacturers to get the exact numbers to use on your vehicle. However, if the color of the headlight suits you, then you can go ahead without checking the numbers.

  5. Weatherproofing -

    For a reliable and effective car headlight, you need to ensure it’s weatherproof. Even though car headlights are often shielded by headlight covers, contaminants like water, dust, and dirt still penetrate the lights.

    It makes the car headlights functional for an incredibly short period. Consider getting waterproof car headlights to keep them running in harsh weather conditions.

  6. DOT/ECE compliance -

    Don’t forget to check which type of car headlights are DOT/ECE compliant. Although most halogen headlights for cars conform to these rules, it’s always better to ensure if you are choosing also falls in the same category.

  7. Installation Feature -

    Most car headlights feature a “plug-and-play” mechanism that's quite simple to install. You just have to connect the plug into your car to make the headlight work. However, if your car headlights lack these features, they might require wiring and connection steps.


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Q 1. Where to buy car headlights?

Ans. Buy car headlights at Carorbis for the lowest price range. We offer top-quality automotive parts and accessories from recognized brands. If you are looking for FREE home delivery, high-quality and durable products, and hassle-free refunds, then we are the perfect place to shop at.

When you shop from Carorbis, you only get the best and 100% authentic products from the most trusted manufacturers in the country.

Q 2. How much do car headlights cost?

Ans. The cost of your car headlight depends on the model of the car and the type you are looking for, along with the installation fee. The average cost of a car headlight is between INR 5000 to 6000 but can go up to 40,000 to 50,000 for high-end cars.

Q 3. Which is better halogen or led headlights?

Ans. Both halogen and LED headlights produce strong lighting, LED headlights consume less power compared to halogen. We recommend going for LED car headlights for their high-performance and lower energy consumption. However, LED lights are also pretty expensive.

Q 4. Why are my car headlights not working?

Ans. The common cause of car headlight failure is mostly because of bad components like the fuse, module, or relay. Wiring issues can also stop both the car headlights from working. Consider replacing the worn-out headlight with a new, and durable one.

Q 5. How long do car headlights last?

Ans. LED headlights can burn as long as 40,000 hours, while halogen headlights can last for anywhere from 450 to 1,000 hours. HID headlights last for 2,000 hours up to 10,000 hours, depending on the model and design.

Q 6. Which is better: HID or LED headlights?

Ans. HID headlights provide brighter light than LED lights. However, HID lights also produce extreme glare which is almost harmful to the human eyes if not installed properly. Also, HID headlights are long-lasting compared to LED bulbs.

Q 7. Can car headlights be cleaned?

Ans.Yes, if the car headlight is slightly foggy, you can clean it using an abrasive like toothpaste and do a lot of scrubbing.

  1. Clean the headlight with soap and water.
  2. Use a soft cloth and a fingertip amount of headlight cleaner soap to clean the headlight clearly.

Q 8. When to replace car headlights?

Ans. If your car headlights are burnt-out, consider getting a replacement as soon as possible. An average car headlight lasts for 500 to 1,00 hours, but there are a lot of factors that can change the time period. As we mentioned above, some headlights also last over 30,000 hours. So based on what type of car headlight you own, consider checking its durability.

Q 9. How to turn on the headlights of a car?

Ans. If the high beam lights are turned on, a blue symbol similar to the headlight symbol will brightly be lit on the instrument panel to indicate you.

Q 10. . Is it worth getting LED headlights?

Ans. Yes, LED headlights are a great improvement from halogen headlights so its less power consumption and high brightness.

Q 11. Why do my car headlights burn out quickly?

Ans. Premature burn-out of car headlights is mostly by an overcharged alternator, dirtiness, or moisture found in the headlight capsule. Condensation is one of the biggest reasons why most headlights burn out quickly.

Water and electricity don’t work well together. Condensation in the car headlight causes a short circuit, leading to failure.

Q 12. Are car headlights connected in series or parallel?

Ans. Car headlights are connected in parallel. If the headlights were connected in series, it would result in getting a bulb fused, while the other will not glow. Thus, car headlights are connected in parallel for ensuring safety.