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Experience Unmatched Performance and Fuel Efficiency With Dieseltronic ECU

DieselTRONIC ECU is a line-up of engine control units designed to enhance the performance and fuel efficiency of common rail diesel engines. These piggyback ECUs improve power and torque gains, optimize fuel flow and minimize turbo lag. With advanced technology such as ADSL (Adaptive Self Learning) features and manufactured using automotive-grade electronics, drivers can switch between different driving modes on the fly. is your one-stop shop for genuine car accessories and car parts in India. When you are looking for automotive accessories online, high-performance engine upgrades, reliable car and bike products or car care accessories, Carorbis has a vast selection of items to select from.

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What is DieselTRONIC?

In terms of outright performance, diesel engines can sometimes be as quick as their petrol siblings. Oil burners have extremely torquey engines that need the right power management system to reach their full potential. DieselTRONIC ECU is a piggyback engine control unit that is able to extract more BHP and fuel efficiency from your diesel engine.

DieselTRONIC installation can be done by any mechanic in under 10 minutes as it is a plug-and-play product that requires no extra connectors or electrical wires. A notable feature of the DieselTRONIC ECU is the option to choose different driving modes from the driver’s seat using a small control panel. The maps available are stock, economy, P1 and P2.

The stock driving mode uses the same parameters as the original ECU while economy mode increases fuel efficiency by 40%. DieselTRONIC advantages include more linear power delivery and less pronounced turbo lag. Drivers will notice an improvement in acceleration times, smooth gear shifting and better cruising speeds.

P1 mode increases the horsepower and torque output by 15% with additional fuel economy. P2 mode is most suited for performance enthusiasts as it delivers a huge boost in power and acceleration, nearly 40% more than a stock ECU.

The only Dieseltronic disadvantages are that manufacturers do not always approve of chip tuning and it may void the warranty in certain cases. It is best to avoid using piggyback ECUs when the car is under warranty.

With DieselTRONIC ECU, you get the driving experience of 4 different cars with just the click of a button. Diesel TRONIC price starts from Rs.19,999 for the single channel ECU and Rs.26,000 for the dual channel ECU. Remember to check which ECU is compatible with your car model before purchasing. Single-channel DieselTRONIC ECU is used to optimize fuel flow to the engine, while dual-channel DieselTRONIC ECU provides enhancements to both fuel efficiency and power management (turbo, BHP and torque).

Now that you know what is DieselTRONIC tuning box, you can consider this product for your diesel car to ensure that the engine delivers optimum performance dynamically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How many ECU in car?

Ans. Modern cars have several ECUs working in tandem, with each unit controlling a specific vehicle function. Some of the common ECUs in a car include an engine control module which handles parameters such as ignition timing, valve timing, air-fuel mixture, fuel injection pressure, engine speed, etc. There can also be a transmission control module to shift gears at the right time, an ABS module to control the braking system and traction control, and a unit for interior features such as climate control, entertainment, etc.

Q 2. Where is ECU located in a car?

Ans. In some cars, the ECU can be found in the engine bay near the battery while in other cars, the ECU can be accessed from the passenger compartment. Some ECUs are located in the dashboard or under the seats. There can be more than one ECU for different systems of a vehicle such as the transmission, brakes or safety systems.