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The value a tool roll can bring to your life is immense. Tool rolls were made so that bikers could carry their entire tool set on their motorcycles in a compact, sleek holder.

Tool rolls are typically made of leather or waxed canvas. The best kind of tool rolls are sturdy enough to hold all your tools at the same time they are flexible enough to be rolled in a compact cylinder.


Traditional tools that you can carry in a tool roll are:

· Screwdrivers

· Wrenches

· Spanners

· Pliers

· Hammers

The real advantage of tool rolls is that you can carry a wide variety of tools and an assortment of different items. The tool roll can be used to carry any necessity you may need while riding your bike

· Extra wires

· Insulation tape

· Fusesv

· Nuts and bolts

· Precision tools

What materials are used to make tool rolls. They are usually made of suede leather, waxed canvas, or extremely heavy-duty woven fabric. The weight of the toll rolls will be between 350 -450 grams.

The toll rolls should be sturdy enough to hold the tools yet allowed to be freely rolled. It should also be water resistant to a certain extent and be protected from dirt and moisture build-up.


Good tool rolls should come with at least 10 pockets or compartments and internal flaps to protect and store your tools. Carrying a tool roll on your bike makes life easier out on the open road where you may not find a garage or mechanic for miles.

When rolled up, the toll roll should be compact and be easily stored when space is limited.

Tool rolls can be easily mounted on a bike which eliminates the need to carry your tools in a bag. If the tool roll is made up of suede leather it will have a certain amount of weather resistance especially from the rain.

In addition to slots for spanners and wrenches, the tool roll will have compartments for Allen keys, pliers, screwdrivers and zip pockets for any other small items.

Tool rolls are the ultimate item for everyday carrying of tools on your bike. If the tool roll is hand crafted from pure 100% suede leather, it is durable enough for everyday use, yet it looks elegant and rugged for transporting your tools.


How does carrying a tool roll on your bike benefit you?

Organisation: Roomy pockets, zip tool bags, and pouches make an excellent tool organiser

Easy access: The tool pouches and easy opening of the tool roll gives good access easily and quickly when you need them the most

Rugged and heavy duty: The materials the tool roll is made up of are well padded, chunky and durable for everyday use.

Comfortable: It can be rolled up when not in use and hung up on a strap when required

Versatile and multi-functional: It can be used as a tool roll, tool bag, electrician tool pouch, or a maintenance tool bag.

The light weight tool roll keeps you organised and ready at a moment’s notice. The interior is spacious enough for all your tools and to keep your gear neat and in order. It has large compartments for paperwork, and other accessories. The tool roll has handles that can be used to carry it around.

Light weight: If you have a shortage of space on your bike, then a tool roll is ideal because it is compact and can be easily stowed away. Tool rolls are heavy duty and do a great job of protecting your tools. Whether they are made from leather, canvas or synthetic material, they are sure to protect your tools.

Storage options: a tool roll will come with several compartments to hold all your tools. They can then be carried along with you when you ride. Some toll rolls can also wrap around your waist attached to your belt.

Customization options: With a tool roll you can be a bit more versatile. An extension cord for your power tools can be attached to the tool roll. Your tool roll may come with a waist band or shoulder strap which will provide you with more convenience when you are working on your bike.

Better protection for small items: Tool rolls are ideal for storing small items that may get lost in a tool box or elsewhere. Items like nuts and bolts, nails, Allen keys can be easily stowed away and be ready for use when you want them. These things can easily be clipped onto a tool roll.

Portability: tool rolls are essentially more portable than other methods to store your tolls. When working in tight spaces, for example on your bike which does not necessarily provide access to all its parts, a toll roll can provide easy and instant access. If you have to move around while doing repairs, the tool roll is very portable, light and compact.


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