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Technology in cars has become ubiquitous with models equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and integrating mobile phones into your car has never been easier via USB cables and Bluetooth. At we have a wide variety of mobile phone accessories that you can shop for online. Never be separated from your phones, even while driving along.

Bringing phone accessories into our car has never been easier, thanks to We live in a time where it is impossible to go even a single day without our mobile phones. Gone are the days when a phone was just used to make calls. Today we use navigation apps, play music, check emails and so much more on our smartphones. Having the right phone accessory in our car has become crucial for our work and entertainment.

Some of the products we have on offer:

    Mobile phone charger

    Modern cars are facilitated with at least one USB port to charge your smartphone or connect it to the infotainment system. But what do you do if the car doesn’t have more than one USB port or doesn’t have one at all?
    Well, you can use a car charger that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter / power outlet socket to charge your cell phone. There are many types to choose from ultra slim models to a hub of several ports to charge more than one device at a time. The mobile phone chargers also come with different power output options.
    Look for a car charger that suits you best to charge your smartphone or any other device.
  1. USB charging cable

    It would be impossible to charge your device without the correct charging cable. It makes sense to carry at least one extra charging cable in case the primary charging cable stops working.
    Furthermore, each mobile phone has their own proprietary charging cable, for example an iPhone uses a micro-USB cable and the latest android phones use a USB type-c charging cable. Even if you don’t use them, a friend with a dead battery will forever be thankful to you for carrying those cables in your car.
  2. Mobile phone holder

    Using Android Auto on your phone screen definitely warrants a clear view, especially if you are using apps like Google maps. Having the phone in your lap while navigating or changing a music playlist is not only inconvenient, it can be dangerous as you take your eyes off the road.
    To the rescue is a wide variety of mobile phone holder accessories to choose from. The phone holder accessory lets you keep your phone in view when you are driving and gives you access to GPS navigation apps, music playlists, etc.
    Mobile phone holders come in a number of mounting options like windshield/dash mounted, CD player mounted, or as air vent phone holders. The best part is they are inexpensive to purchase on online car accessory portals like
  3. Android capacitive touchscreen

    Android touchscreen displays can be connected to your mobile phone and operated at the touch of a finger. It is powered by the Android OS and supports Google Play store for seamless integration with all mobile phone apps including Google maps and YouTube. It supports Bluetooth, USB, SD, Aux and rear-view camera display. The Android touchscreen also has a mirror link and can be used as a regular Android phone when connected via Bluetooth or USB.
    Now you can enjoy watching movies and videos from your mobile phone directly on your car screen and navigate easily without taking your eyes off the road.
  4. Touch screen friendly mobile pouch

    When you go for long road trips on your bike, a touch screen friendly mobile pouch that you can attach on the fuel tank is a total life saver. It protects the phone from dirt, scratches and bumps and lets you navigate hands free which is essential when riding a bike.
    The mobile pouch has perforations on the back which helps in ventilation as smart phones do heat up when in use for a long period of time.

  5. Mobile phones are super essential commodities as we use them for navigation on GPS, entertainment, audio, video and most importantly keeping in touch with friends and family on calls. Hence, it is important to have the right mobile phone accessories in your car at all times to keep you well connected, entertained and on course.