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A sunglasses case is used to protect your eyewear from dust, dirt and scratches. It also gives your sunglasses a bit of style when they are stashed away because leather sunglasses cases make sure that your taste isn't lost on the ordinary.

Sunglasses cases made from heavy-duty harness leather ensure your glasses are safe and sound while being raw, rugged and authentic.

Sunglasses cases usually are made from hand cut, hand dyed and hand stitched leather that is made to perfection. 100% leather means 0% compromise as no cheap liners made from plastic, rubber or cloth are used. The sunglasses cases are highly functional and the heavy-duty harness leather ensures a lasting product that never lets you down.

Sunglasses from the Trip Machine Company are hand crafted from the finest materials that are meticulously put together. The case features hand cut, hand dyed and hand stitched heavy harness leather. Your eyewear is safely protected when you are out and about or just lounging at home.

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Sunglasses cases exist in many forms, shapes, sizes and colours, but their main job is to keep your sunglasses safe from bumps, dust, dirt and water during times when you are not wearing them.

This has probably happened to you. You left your sunglasses somewhere and they fell on the floor, someone sat on them or they just got lost.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a pair of sunglasses case:

Case size

Usually, your sunglasses come with a case that fits them perfectly well. This is a good option because, with the original case the sunglasses will be held firmly in place in their case. If you have to get a new case for the sunglasses, make sure –

The case is not too big: the sunglasses inside cannot move a lot, so they are protected from breaking or bending

The case is not too small: the sunglasses will not fir properly in a case that is too small. You might find it hard to close the case, and the frame may bend due to continuous pressure.


· Do not keep anything in the case other than a microfiber cloth

· When buying a case, take your sunglasses along with you. It is rare to find the right sunglasses case without trying to fit them in the case

· If you are forgetful or lose your case often, buy a bright coloured case so that you can see it well and can be easily found


Depending on your lifestyle, the sunglasses case will come in various materials

  1. Hard cases

    Made from a light and hard material, these sunglasses cases won’t break easily.

    They can be made of aluminium, plastic, metal, wood, Gold or Silver. Some cases have a soft textile on the outside, and a velvet lining on the inside to protect your sunglasses.

    If you participate in extreme sports, you will need a hard case for your sunglasses to protect them from dust, dirt and they should be waterproof while not taking up much space in your luggage.
  2. Soft cases

    There are various materials for soft cases to keep your sunglasses safe

    Microfiber: a soft material that is synthetically made that has cleaning properties and used commonly for sunglasses

    Leather – natural or synthetic, it will protect your sunglasses
  3. Textile materials

    If you work in an office environment, then a soft case is perfect because it blends well with the rest of your look. You can put it in the breast pocket of your shirt or in your jacket.

    When buying a case, match the colour and texture with your bag or clothes for a nice look,


Sunglasses are used by virtually everyone today. And with sunglasses come taking care of them when they are not being used.

The best way to keep your sunglasses safe is to use a sunglasses case to protect them.

Sunglasses come in different shapes and sizes, so sunglasses cases also have varying designs to store them.

Some emphasise form over function, and others are just plain impractical. Whichever sunglasses case you choose, make sure that it works for you.

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  1. Hard and large sunglasses case

    If you want to save your expensive sunglasses from breaking, then a large, hard sunglass case will be ideal for you. Many types of the cases have a hard exterior shell, but a soft lining on the inside to protect your sunglasses.

    The best part about hard cases is that your sunglasses won’t break if you sit on them or they fall on the floor. Your sunglasses are protected from shocks and scratches.
  2. Slim and tough sunglasses case

    These types of sunglasses cases can withstand anything and give your sunglasses total protection. They are sleek and slim enough to fit almost anywhere.

    The only disadvantage of these kinds of sunglasses cases is that they won’t fit bulkier types of glasses.
  3. Sunglasses cases with clip enclosures

    These type of sunglasses cases are great to carry around. It is more suited to women because it looks exactly like a purse or clutch. It is convenient to move around with and can be carried to parties or other such occasions.
  4. Rectangular sunglasses cases

    Rectangular cases are box-like cases that sleek and give a sophisticated look. Even large types of sunglasses will fit in these sorts of cases. The exterior of the case is hard and will offer good protection to your sunglasses.
  5. Overlap cases

    Overlap cases are very unique and practical in their design. They are also very stylish and extremely functional. It has an overlap cover that makes access to your sunglasses easy and convenient.

    There are plenty of sunglass cases to choose from. Some offer more functionality and practicality. Others offer more style and colours. Whichever sunglasses case you choose, make sure it blends well with your style and personality. And also, that it serves the purpose of keeping your sunglasses safe.


The way you store your sunglasses when you are not wearing them determines how well the lens and frames of the sunglasses hold up over time.

· Use a hard case for your sunglasses. It should be the right size for the sunglasses. Use the case every time you take your sunglasses off.

· Get a backup sunglasses case in case the primary one gets lost or damaged.

· Place your sunglasses in the case with the lens pointing upwards. If the lens is placed downward, they may get scratched.

· Avoid leaving your sunglasses in their case in a hot area like the dashboard of a closed car. The heat may warp the frame permanently.

· Don’t place your sunglasses near areas where they might get wet. The water may cause corrosive damage to the lens and frames.

· Avoid placing the sunglasses in a backpack without the case. They might get crushed there.

Use your common sense to decide how you will store your sunglasses. If an option means that your sunglasses are in danger of being scratched or damaged, then avoid that choice.

Follow good habits for wearing and storing your sunglasses. If you use your sunglasses all the time during the day, a good habit will mean that your glasses last a long time without scratches or getting warped.

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