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Doesn’t your heart sink when you see the little scratch on your shining new car? Well, hold your heart! A scratch remover pen is a perfect remedy to all those annoying scratches.

Car scratches are a real pain, damaging the aesthetic of your vehicle. Luckily, removing pen for car helps to eliminate the scratch from the paintwork. Whether you have a new car or a bit older, a scratch can completely ruin its look and hurt its resale value.

Basically, a small scratch is worth a lot of damage.

Let’s be real, car scratches are simply an inevitable part of life for every car owner, no matter how careful you are always. Thus, it's important to keep a car scratch repair pen to get rid of those annoying marks.

Investing in an excellent scratch remover pen can quickly and effectively help you restore the damaged paintwork. Your car can get the fresh-new appearance back with a simple tool. Honestly, it is a lifesaver.

It’s quite common to accumulate little nicks, scratches, dings, and other kinds of paintwork imperfection even if you hate it. The longer you drive your car, minor problems like scratches will always intervene.

If your car has also acquired a few scratches and doesn't know what to do, invest in a scratch-removing pen for the car today. Carorbis offers a wide variety of scratch remover pens to discard paintwork defects.

Buy online scratch removing pen for car from Carorbis at the best price. Each scratch remover pen can remove years of damage in one use. Our versatile scratch remover pens are manufactured by leading brands. Designed to remove imperfections from all kinds of surfaces and applies to different paint colors.

Carorbis’s scratch removing pen for cars is composed of a powerful formula, excellent for eliminating scratches, scuff marks, swirls, and many more. It helps to restore shine and form a long-lasting coat for strong surface protection.

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There are three major types of car scratches that affect a car panel.

  1. Shallow or Surface Scratch -

    A scratch that occurs to the clear coat.

  2. Medium or Base Coat Scratch -

    A scratch piercing through the clear coat and into the basecoat.
  3. Deep Scratch -

    A scratch deep into the primer or to the metal of the car panel.

For people confused with terms like clear cost, primer, and others, you also need to know the layers that make up a car panel in most cars.

  1. Metal -

    It’s the deepest, lying beneath all the paint.

  2. Primer -

    Primers are the undercoats used when refinishing car bodies. It helps the paint to adhere to bare metal. Without a primer as a buffer, the shiny metal surface won’t bond with the metal.
  3. Base Coat -

    A scratch deep into the primer or to the metal of the car panel.

  4. Clear-Coat -

    As the name implies, a clear coat contains no pigment. It only acts as a protective layer to the undercoats.


You can easily spot a shallow or surface scratch by simply touching it. You can feel the scratch which is quite easy to fix compared to others. While shallow and medium scratches are hard to tell apart.

When in doubt, there’s an easy method to test a medium scratch. Pass your fingers over the mark. If your fingernails get stuck, then it is a medium scratch for sure. With deep scratches, you will notice a distinct line varying from the color of your car. The distinct line is the primer or the metal itself showing through.


Consider the type of scratch your vehicle has before using the scratch-removing pen for cars. After knowing the different layers, you might have got an idea of which type of car scratches can be fixed using a scratch remover pen.

Car scratch repair pens are designed to resolve lighter scratches, mostly the surface level. These pens can typically handle the scratch which affects the top layers of the paint. The scratch remover pen can restore the scratched resin. If the car has also lost color, then consider using a pigmented scratch remover pen.

Don’t buy a scratch-removing pen for a car to remove deep scratches that go beyond the top two layers of the pain. Your car scratch remover pen comes with limitations. Consider seeking professional attention for metal scratches on your car.


A car scratch remover pen is a quick-fix auto detailing product, designed to remove defects such as car paint scratches. Scratch removing pen for car is quick and effective to restore the car damaged paintwork and give it a brand-new shine.

It mostly contains clear coat resin to restore the scratched surface scratch. It’s the resin that forms the outer layer of the car paint. Car scratch repair pens are effective, easy to use and inexpensive remedies for all kinds of clear coat scratches.

If your car also has a paint color defect, then consider getting a pigmented car scratch remover. Car scratch remover pens are immensely effective, saving you a ton of money from expensive repair costs.


  1. Enhance Your Car Exterior -

    It’s quite given. You don’t want your car to look worn out or damaged. Using a car scratch remover pen helps to rescue the brand new shine. Scan all the scratches in your car, and remove them routinely to ensure proper maintenance of your vehicle.

  2. Cover Up The Scratch -

    Just before anyone sees it, get rid of them. We all make mistakes. But sometimes scratches can result in scolding/punishment from parents or older siblings.

    If you never want to let them know you made a mistake, scratch removing pen for car is of great help. It’s a quick fix and is quite affordable considering other alternatives.

  3. Avoid Repainting the Car -

    Repainting the car can definitely burn your wallet. You must be investing in high-quality car paint to prevent getting permanent scratches, costing you a ton of money.

    If you just want to get rid of the scratches, it can be done with a car scratch remover pen rather than repainting the whole time, saving you time and money.

  4. Increase the Car Value -

    If you wish to resell the car, then consider getting rid of the ugly scratches to attract buyers. A car scratch remover pen returns the brand-new aesthetic of the car, increasing its value and getting more buyers.


Car scratch fix pens are quite simple to use and fill in the hairline scratches with ease. Follow the steps to use a car scratch remover pen properly for the best results -

  1. Check the vehicle and uncover all the major marks and discoloration.

  2. Clean the surface properly with a clean cloth.

  3. Apply the car scratch remover pen. Shake it vigorously before so the liquid runs down to the tip of the pen.

  4. Applying the pen over scratches, leave it to dry for a few minutes before taking the car out for a ride.


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Q 1. Do car scratch removers pen work?

Ans. Yes, car scratch remover pens are designed to repair stubborn scratches from your car. If the scratch is done to the outer clear coat of the car’s paint. Not all types of scratches can be removed using a pen.

Q 2. How do I remove deep scratches from my car?

Ans. You can get rid of small scratches and swirls in quick seconds using a car scratch remover pen. However, deep scratches aren’t a piece of cake. Aside from sanding the area and repainting, go for a touch-up paint to hide the scratch. Removing deep scratches from your car usually requires the help of a professional.

Q 3. What scratches can be buffed out?

Ans. Surface-level scratches and swirls that don’t reach down can be easily buffed out. Deeper scratches, on the other hand, require touch-paint or a help from professional.

Q 4. How can you tell if a scratch is a clear coat?

Ans. It’s quite easy to tell if the car scratch is a clear coat or not by running your fingernail across the scratch. If notice a bump or roughness, then your car requires special attention. Deeper scratches different based on their shallowness.

Deeper scratches go deep past the clear coat and paint and require more effort to fix. Usually a professional can only restore deep scratches, while clear coat scratches are easy to fix with a simple pen.

Q 5. Why does clear coat scratch easily?

Ans. Clearcoat often gets scratches because it’s the only layer that explored and quite delicate compared to others. Scratches occur due to pressure on a small contact point, which occurs anything a substance gets graded across the surface. Clearcoat being the outer surface is prone to more scratches.

Q 6. Does toothpaste really remove scratches?

Ans. Yes, toothpaste can remove minor paint scratches from your car. Toothpaste has a minor grit that helps to buff out the scratches. You can only eliminate clear coat scratches using toothpaste.

Q 7. Why does toothpaste remove scratches?

Ans. By using toothpaste, you can fill in the gaps scratched by scratches for a slick and smooth surface. The toothpaste being sticky fits into any imperfect that exists in the car and softly sands them away. It makes the uneven surface structure quite smooth along with giving it a clean polish.

Q 8. Can I spray paint scratches on my car?

Ans. You can spray paint scratches on your car but it’s not as effective as filling in the spaces. The scratch can always be felt and seen when looked at closely. We recommend treating the scratched layer then applying paint over the car’s surface.