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Discover the Magic of Waterless Car Wash

Waterless car wash products are convenient and eco-friendly way to clean your vehicle without the need for water. Dry wash for cars contain advanced compounds that remove dust, dirt and grease from the car’s surface. The best waterless car wash keeps your car looking it’s good while protecting the enviroment by saving water.

What is Waterless Car Wash Detailing?

A car is a prized possession for most of us. So, we always want our car to be shiny and new. There is no second thought about the fact that a clean car gives a positive aura about the owner than a dusty and dirty car.

You may have heard about waterless car wash detailing or dry car wash and may not have any idea what that is. Well, dry wash is immensely popular among dresses but it is wonderful among cars as well. Let us discuss that in detail and also answer some of the most asked questions about dry car wash products.

Car Wash Without Water

Groundwater levels are decreasing day by day and we must optimize our usage of water. Car wash uses a high amount of water. Why should we waste water, if we can get better results without using water? High-pressure car washes use approximately 100 litres of water per car while dry wash car washing liquid doesn’t use even a single drop of water

For this treatment, there are certain prerequisites. They are- dry car washing liquid, microfiber towel, spray containers with spray head and some tap water.

Some of the best car dry cleaners available in the market are from 3M and Michelin. They are renowned for various automobile parts etc.

  1. Wavex Waterless Car Wash

    Wavex dry wash liquid for car effortlessly removes dirt and grime with just a wipe with a microfibre cloth. No need to dilute with water. This dry car wash contains high-lubricating compounds that bind to dust particles so that they can be easily removed with rinsing.
  2. 3M Dry Wash

    3M Dry Wash is a dry car washing liquid which comes with a spray head. So, you don’t need to find a spray bottle. You can purchase this waterless car wash liquid and directly use it on your vehicle. 3M uses water based chemicals which specializes in cleaning even bird droppings without the use of water. Besides this, dirt and mud is no big deal for these cleaners.
  3. Michelin Shampoo and Wax

    Michelin Shampoo and Wax is good for removing dirt and grit from the car body and the wax also leaves a coating protection. This shampoo restores the original paint’s look. It is biodegradable and is not harmful for both your car and environment. Besides these three, you can explore the extravagant stock of dry car washing liquid on our site.

How Can You Easily Clean Your Car With Dry Car Wash Liquid at Home

If your car washing liquid doesn’t come with a spray head then take a spray bottle and pour the required amount of car shampoo or the cleaner in the bottle. Then add some water. The quantity of liquid which should be mixed with water will be specified on the dry car washing liquid bottle. Read carefully.

For better detailing use shampoo combined with wax.

Now after preparing the mixture, start with cleaning the bonnet of the car. Spray the mixture on the bonet a few times and for bird droppings removal, use a soft brush. It will get removed very easily. Now wipe the bonnet with the microfiber towel and will make your car look new. These were the easy steps to get your car clean without water. You can buy a Waterless Car Wash Kit that comes with a microfibre cloth and empty spray bottles.

Waterless Car Wash Vs Water

Waterless car wash has been trending recently. Water wash is the traditional method of washing a car. High pressure water pumps are used and water is ejected at a high pressure which forces dirt out from the body of the car. The problem with this method is that a lot of water is wasted. Generally, this water goes to the sewage hence, no chance of reusing it.

So, now let’s talk about some pros of using waterless car wash. This minimizes the use of water by around 99%. We all know the water demand has been increasing because of shortage. We should conserve water. Also, a big plus point of using waterless car wash treatments is that they give a shine and polish to the car. Wax is present in car shampoos which protects the paint layer from acidic matters like bird droppings or even acid rain.

All in all, waterless car wash is better than traditional water car wash.

Since, not many people have shifted to this form of washing the car so there are a lot of questions that many people have. Let us discuss about the top trending questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is waterless car wash better?

Ans. Yes, definitely waterless car wash is better as it saves water and also gives an additional shine to your car. Buy a waterless car wash kit which comes with microfibre cloths and spray bottles.

Q 2. Disadvantages of waterless car wash

Ans. There aren't any major disadvantages of it. But some waterless cleaners include silicone and if left uncleaned properly then may pave the way to rusting of parts. Next is if non microfiber towel is used with waterless car wash at home then the car may develop scratches.

Q 3. Is waterless car wash safe?

Ans. Yes, they are absolutely safe for the car as well as the environment as biodegradable materials are present. They don’t contain harmful elements.

Q 4. Does waterless car wash damage paint?

Ans. Absolutely not! Instead waterless car wash liquids help to protect the paint by giving an additional layer of wax.

Q 5. Can you use a waterless wash on a dirty car?

Ans. Yes you can spray waterless car wash liquid directly onto a dirty car and wipe it off.

Q 6. Does waterless wash and wax scratch your car?

Ans. No! A waterless wash and wax doesn’t have any ability to do so. But using a non microfiber towel for wiping may induce scratches on your car

Q 7. How often should you wash your car?

Ans. You should wash your car when it gets dirty or bird droppings get accumulated.

Hope we could clear all your doubts regarding waterless car wash and provide you enough knowledge to get started with it. Shift to this modern way of washing and help to save the environment.