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It is already 80 years that WIX Filters has been supplying filters for passenger cars, and every variety of heavy machinery and equipment. Drawing on our many years of experience, with our expert staff, modern production lines, and laboratories, under constant quality control, the quality of our products excels. Maintaining the highest standards at every stage of filter design and the manufacturing process has also made us one of the most-popular brands in the world.

In the late 1930s, in North Carolina, Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw began making car filters. Soon they changed the entire industry. In 1954, they patented the “twist of the wrist” thread filter, which quickly became a standard in the automotive sector. Since then, subsequent WIX Filters solutions have proven to be successful in the filter industry.

History From the USA

Today, WIX Filters range includes over 16,000 separate automotive products. Our products are designed for passenger cars, trucks, buses and heavy machines and equipment. The WIX-Filters portfolio includes fuel, oil, air and cabin air filters, as well as air dryers, coolant, hydraulic oil and urea filters, all these promoted further with a host supplementary products. We have a huge selection of filters for heavy and industrial machinery, used, e.g., in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.